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        @Hawk: And you only bought one copy of it?  I'm ashamed of you, Hawk!  You should've bought enough to plaster your walls with them and make it your wallpaper!  A true Hawkeye and Mockingbird fan would do that! 


        Ah, the days when the Avengers and X-Men were actually separate teams that didn't have half their rosters overlapping.  I miss that...  Clearly, Clint's solution is the only logical one.  If people freak out about the clothes you're wearing, clearly the answer is to take off your clothes.  Why would he possibly switch to something else that doesn't freak people out?  That wouldn't make any sense at all..


        Well, I haven't really been blowing through any games recently, since I spent the last week or so blowing through my Avatar: The Last Airbender DVDs I got for Christmas.  Once I got into season 2 and 3, it was just too awesome to stop watching it to play video games instead.  Totally glad I finally got around to watching it. 


        @Iron: I actually meant to watch it but didn't.  I haven't been paying as much attention to college football this year for some reason, though.  Mostly just watched my Gophers and not too many other games this year.  I would've rather had Auburn win, though.  They had a crazy season, and it would've been cool to see them win the title, especially since I'm not a fan of Florida State.  They breezed through a weak conference to get to the title game, which is pretty lame. 

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          So, did you guys see the announcement of the new event?  I can't say I'm very interested.  I guess it could be a cool story, I like murder mysteries, but the summary didn't really grab me and it'd just be nice to skip out on an event.  I really hope this doesn't interrupt the Avenger books since we just had the big Infinity event and I wanna see things settle down for more than six months.  The previews of the upcoming Hickman stories look fun with Super Adaptoid coming back!


          @Rogue - But then it won't see as special at the center of my shrine!  I'd wanna use a bunch of different pictures to plaster my walls!


          I've never seen Last Airbender, but I've heard it's really popular and well done.  And I think you've mentioned watching the Legend of Korra which is supposed to be like a sequel to it, yeah?


          @Iron - I don't watch college, it's only NFL for me.

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            @Hawk: I didn't hear about it before, but I checked a little stuff about it now, and it doesn't sound that interesting.  I skip most event comics, though, so I guess it shouldn't be a big issue for me.  They really need to tone down all the event stuff, I think.  They have way too many of them. 


            I thought your Hawkeye and Mockingbird action figures were the center of your shrine.  You can't have two centers of your shrine!  Geometry said so!


            Yeah, I guess I watched them backward, since I watched Legend of Korra first, but I think the original might be even better.  It's probably a good thing my apartment building is almost empty because it's winter break at the school here, since I ended up bursting out laughing pretty often watching that show.  The fights are pretty cool and appropriately epic sometimes, but it's really a hilarious show. 

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              Oh, yeah, did any of you guys catch SHIELD tonight?  I was watching the Flyers game and completely forgot.  The Flyers won though!


              @Rogue - Sometimes its hard to skip em when they take over half of Marvel's books, haha.


              The poster is behind the figures, of course!


              Haha, it's great that you're enjoying em so much!  Did you finish watching em all or do ya still have more to go?

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                Have Shield in the DVR so will watch tomorrow.


                Rogue you are alive, yay.


                Hawk I don't watch a lot of college ball, used to love it when I was a kid was a big USC fan, but now just watch the Rose Bowl and maybe the championship game if it piques my interest.


                I did read about the new event and I am about evented out, lol. Would prefer if they focus on driving really good stories in their respective comics and not be so event driven. It must really generate extra sales for them to do them so often. However it is generally one extra comic a month to buy so I typically follow it, good or bad. Unfortunately they are generally below average although they sometimes have some cool moments like Thor throwing his hammer around the the alien sun to come back and rip the bad Alien's heart out that was pretty sweet, lol. Outside of that it is hard to get a great story with so many characters involved.

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                  @Hawk: Watched it and wasn't impressed by it.  A pretty lame way to start the second half of the season, sadly.  I'll post about it in the thread.


                  Yeah, the thing I really hate is when they do tie-ins to the events.  It just throws off the regular series, especially since the tie-ins usually aren't very good. 


                  One might say the figures are in front of the poster... from a certain point of view. 


                  Yeah, I finished them all yesterday, actually.  I watched all of season 3 in like 2 days, staying out of the -50 degree windchills or whatever we've had outside the last couple of days.  And now that I finished watching those, I decided to re-watch season 1 of Legend of Korra, since I got that on Blu-Ray.  It's kinda cool to see all the things that carry over from one series to the other like that. 


                  @Iron: Who told you that?  Are you sure I'm not a ghost?  You never know...


                  But, I generally don't like events because of the big casts.  Like you said, it's tough to tell a good story with so many characters.  It's a lot easier with a smaller cast and a more narrow focus than the big event comics can do.  They bring in the big bucks, though...

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                    So, I might to bring this up yesterday, but I forgot, haha.  Did you guys hear about the PS Now announcement?  It sounds kinda like Netflix/Redbox for video games, which is pretty cool.  The only thing I hope they add is the ability to buy a license so you can stream any game you want.  There's a number of games on PSN I'd like to own and I'm not sure yet whether I'll get the sub (depends on the price).  It's too bad my computer is too weak even for PS1 games and I have pretty limited options for upgrading or I would buy em on Steam.  We're a good six months away from it's official debut so plenty of time for Sony to add in a buy option.  What do you guys think?  Would you get a subscription to play a big catalog of games?


                    @Iron - I've seen some interviews and the Marvel bigwigs have said that they know some people have complained of event fatigue, but intend to keep doing em as long as the sales are good.  So, I think it could be a while before things change, which sucks.  There's been so many of em they aren't special anymore.


                    @Rogue - The Flyers played again (and they won again!) so I still haven't seen it, haha.  It's too bad you didn't like it much though.  I heard that the big reveal of Coulson's revival was underwhelming.


                    Damn, I knew you musta have had it bad in Minnesota, but that is ridiculously cold.  You're making my weather sounds warm!  You must be happy not to have a job or school right now so ya can just stay warm inside and watch cartoons all day!  But what will you do when you finish Korra!

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                      Hawk it is all about the dollars, if they make a ton of money off of the events then they will continue to do them, no doubt.

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                        @Hawk: Yeah, I saw some of the PS Now stuff.  It looks kinda interesting, though I guess it'll depend on the price and how big a selection of games it offers.  I generally prefer to buy my games and to not need an internet connection to play, so I'm not so sure I'll end up getting it, but that could change if the selection of games and the price are right.


                        Yeah, I'm not sure you could even call it a reveal.  I won't spoil it or anything, but I'm not sure they really answered any questions (in typical Agents of SHIELD fashion). 


                        How cold did it get where you live?  But, it was just crazy cold here. It apparently hit -65 on Monday early in the morning.  Needless to say, I stayed inside where it's nice and warm, and I had Avatar cartoons to watch.  But I already have to figure out what to do now, since I finished Korra! haha, it's only 12 episodes long, anyway. I might watch that season 5 DVD of Leverage that I got for Christmas of something. 

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                          So, I bought my frame for the Hawkeye poster today!  I'll be able to put it on my wall as soon as it comes, though that probably won't be till next week.  I know you all are as sad as I am on the wait.


                          @Rogue - It would be a good way to try out different games that ya might not otherwise play or want to spend the money on.  I would prefer to own games too, but since backwards compatibility isn't gonna happen for next gen, it's a good way to still offer the games.


                          Yeah, that's what I heard.  It probably would've been best to just address it right away since dragging it out gives people too much time to think up cool scenarios it has to live up to.


                          I think it got down to single degrees, like around 7, I think?  Not counting windchill, though it still pales in comparison to -65.  Are people supposed to leave the house when it's that cold?  It's pretty crazy!  You could get frostbite within minutes, I imagine.  Haha, still not playing any of those games ya got for Christmas?