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        I'm crying tears of sadness here about it.  So, that would just be the regular kind of tears. 


        Yeah, it could be cool for trying out games, though I'm not sure I'd end up doing that since there's usually plenty of games I do want to try anyway without taking a shot in the dark at random stuff.  I guess it's something for backwards compatibility, though I plan on keeping my PS3 with all my games.  It's nice for people who skipped the PS3, though, like you.


        That could be said for almost every character in the show, honestly.  Everyone but Fitz and Simmons has some mysterious past even though we're halfway through the first season.  It's no coincidence that those two are probably my favorite characters in the show. 


        Oh, we were below zero for about the whole week before this crazy weather even came anyway.  It's been a crazy cold winter in Minnesota so far this year.  They said your skin could freeze in about 5 minutes outside, so I don't think people were really supposed to go outside.  I sure didn't! haha.  I'm almost done with Project X Zone, I think, though I've been playing it less the last week or so.  I've barely played Pokemon X, though, and I haven't even checked to see if Mario Kart 7 works yet.  I think I got too many cool gifts for Christmas, though that's not really something to complain about. 

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          Just save some tears for the tears of happiness you'll be shedding when I do get my poster!  I know how emotional you get over these things.


          Yeah, there's plenty of old games I wanna replay and some newer PS3 games I wanna try too.  I really hope ya can use the Marvel DLC for Little Big Planet.  I want that Hawkeye sackboy.


          May is giving you a stern glare right now....I think, anyway.  It's hard to tell since she's always giving a stern glare.


          Damn, how much snow have ya gotten this year?  I think I saw something about these guys from Minnesota making a giant snow shark on their front lawn.  It musta been a good 10 year tall and looked so awesome.  Haha, have ya done any writing while you've been stuck inside all this time?

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            So emotional.  I might have to cry tears of general emotion for how emotional I get about it. 

            I'm shocked that you want the Hawkeye costume.  I assumed you wanted the Thing one.  What PS3 games are there that you wanna try, besides LittleBigPlanet?


            Haha, well she better stop having a mysterious past then!  Let's go super crazy flashback like the Final Fantasy VIII orphanage scene where everyone's mysterious pasts are revealed at once!  Okay, that probably isn't a good idea, but at least it'd get the show past these mysteries. 


            It's tough to tell how much snow we have, since I live in Minneapolis where there's sidewalks and buildings everywhere.  There might be a foot or something on the ground?  I'm just pulling numbers outta thin air, though, so that's probably not true.  I've been doing a crazy amount of writing recently.  I got the first 5 chapters of my story done, and I'm about halfway through the 6th chapter already.  You been doing any writing?

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              So, the new Secret Avengers comic comes out next and they released a couple preview pages as they always do and....Bobbi is a crazy cultist that wants to bring about the end of the world based on a psychic vision...I wish I was kidding.  After the bombshell ending of the last issue, the previews pick right up where it left off and Forson is talking to a disoriented Bobbi after she shot Taskmaster.  He tells her she joined his crazy cult years ago and coaxes her to remember volunteering to help bring about the end after seeing it in a psychic vision, which they show in a flashback.  I really, really hope this is fake out or brainwashing, cause it is so F'ing stupid.  I think in one of Bobbi's very earliest appearances it might've been mentioned she was psychic but it's been long forgotten and to turn her into a crazy cultist.  Just ridiculous.  This better be some brainwashing crap.  As if it aint bad enough she's a strong contender to be killed, they pull this outta the hat.


              @Rogue - I know!  Thing is my favorite, after all....I wanna try the Uncharted series and Last of Us, for sure.  Journey too, maybe Toyko Jungle.  There's probably a few others, but can't think of em off the top of my head.


              Awesome!  Is it the story you started for school about a rebellion, I think it was.  A little bit, but I might end up doing a lot more given the crazy cultist Bobbi stuff.  It can be good for cheering myself up when Marvel does something stupid, ya know.  Bit of a palate cleanser, haha.  I think I need to rewatch some EMH while I'm at it.

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                Wow, that's pretty awful.  I thought they were hinting that Bobbi was somehow brainwashed into being a deep cover agent for AIM like SHIELD did with Taskmaster.  All the signs pointed to that in the last issue, and it could've been pretty interesting. Aside from the fact that I generally hate brainwashing because it means that a character isn't responsible for any of their actions.  It would've been interesting to see how Clint and the rest of the team react to it and stuff, though.  This... is not interesting.  It's just dumb.  Now, they really better not kill her off because it'd be a pretty awful note to get rid of her on.  If they do kill her off, it'd really mean the Curse of Rogue is getting kinda ridiculous.  I might have to drop the subscription to the Black Widow comic just to keep Tasha from dying in it.  I know it's a solo series, so they don't have a story to tell without her, but they could find a way.  Just look at Spidey. 


                Nice!  I played Journey, and it's pretty awesome.  I've only played it the one time, and it's really short, but I can see why it got all kinds of awards.  It's a pretty cool game that's totally different from anything out there.  You might like inFamous.  It's pretty cool as a different type of superhero story, and the open-world setting is pretty cool.


                Yeah, that's the one.  At the pace I've been going, I might be done with all the chapters around this summer or something.  Then, it'll be time for some more big revision stuff before I try to do something with the story, but it's pretty cool so far.  Haha, it's a chance to write better Bobbi stories than Marvel does, you mean?  Like you need an excuse to watch some EMH! 

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                  Yeah, it's pretty awful.  It was a fun story up until the brought this out and now it just kinda ruins it, ya know?  I just can't see Bobbi as some crazy cultist with doom bringing psychic visions.  It doesn't fit the type of person she is.  And it really sucks for Bobbi that keeps getting this weird stuff thrown at her.  "Quick, make her a super soldier!  No, let's make her a cultist!  A psychic cultist!"  Whatever happened to just telling a cool story?  Did you get the first issue of the Black Widow series yet?  Your curse might strike in a different way, her series could get cancelled.


                  Yeah, I heard Journey is short, but really good.  I also get Prototype and Infamous mixed up.  Which one is Infamous?


                  How big is it?  15-20 chapters?  Exactly, haha.  Not to sound arrogant, but I think I can do a little better than crazy cultist Bobbi.  True, EMH is awesome.  There's really never a bad time to watch it.

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                    Yeah, she's a scientific, logical thinker, and all of sudden she's a psychic cultist.  It's gotta be some kinda brainwashing... right?  I feel like Marvel doesn't really know what to do with Bobbi, so they just throw crazy stuff out there since they figure there aren't as many big Mockingbird fans as there are fans of Spidey or Wolverine or whoever.  The gimmicks like that are really lame, though.  I haven't gotten it yet.  It usually takes a week or so after an issue releases for me to get it, so I'll probably get it next week.  Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised to see it get cancelled.  I don't think a Widow series has made it too much longer than a year or two before, right? 


                    Yeah, it's totally worth playing, even though it's short, in my opinion.  inFamous is the one where you get lightning powers and can choose to go good or evil and stuff like that.  Also, the main character's voice is ridiculously gravelly for no apparent reason. 


                    20 chapters is the plan right now, so I'm moving along pretty quickly.  Already over 1/4 of the way done.  I don't know, I thought Letter of Marque was totally going in the psychic cultist direction.  It's the only logical conclusion for that story.  Exactly.  EMH is pretty much the perfect Marvel cartoon.  It's funny, got good action, brings in a wide variety of characters from all over the comics and adapts stories from the comics instead of just making up its own stuff.  We need more Marvel cartoons like EMH, though that probably won't happen for a long time. 

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                      I wouldn't say it's just Bobbi though.  We did just get a story about Tony being adopted and some alien robot genetically manipulating Howard Stark's real son.  Plus, the whole Doc Ock/Spidey situation, the clone saga, One More Day, Jan being turned into a human sized Wasp thing, Tony becoming a teenager.  What I'm saying there's a lot of bad stories, haha, but at least the more popular characters have plenty of good stories to even it out.  She's has some mini-series which weren't meant to be longer than like six issues, but yeah, her last solo run didn't last very long.  That was before the Avengers movie though.


                      That doesn't really help, haha.  Isn't that both games?


                      Crazy psychic cultist bringing about the end of the world!  The end of the world part is very important.  Yup, it was so good!  Did you hear they might make another Spidey cartoon and a possible Guardians cartoon?

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                        That's totally true.  It's the one big problem comics have had for a while now.  It seems like they feel like they've run out of stories to tell with the characters they got.  One of the tricky things about comics is that the same characters appear for decades, and their stories never really end, so they try to do these gimmicky things like this to replace actual character development sometimes, I think.  Yeah, Widow's always been one of those characters that can't seem to get a solid solo run going for too long.  Hopefully, the movies will help her series be a little more popular. 


                        I haven't played Prototype, so I'm not really sure.  I think inFamous is the only one with the lightning powers, and Prototype has different powers.  Could be wrong, though.  Also have no idea what Prototype's character sounds like, but the inFamous one always stands out to me because the character's like 18 years old or something, but he sounds like Christian Bale's Batman. 


                        I apologize.  That is clearly completely different!  Yeah, I heard about that.  It sounded like it was either the Spidey cartoon or the Guardians one, but I get the feeling neither one will be good, if they're the same style as the current cartoons.  I got no idea why they'd try to make a second Spidey cartoon, though.  You really don't need two cartoons for one character, even one as awesome as Spidey.  Where's the X-Men cartoon?!  Actually, scratch that.  I don't want them making a bad X-Men cartoon...

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                          Yeah I was not happy when Bobbi pulls the trigger, not at all. Brainwashed isn't enough you had her off planet for what years as a Skrull captive, now she is a psychic cultist, wow that is really lame.


                          Tony is adopted or so it seems and with a brother to boot who is an iron lung, lol. Doesn't really bother me too much although  you thought Tony got his smarts from his parents but I guess somehow the Stark's adopted a genius, I'm sure that happens all the time. But don't mind the brother and the storyline right now is pretty cool. It seems since the Mandarin's rings are sentient, something that came about years ago when the dragons who originally had the rings, it was their ship that crash landed on earth that was powered by the rings, came back to take the rings back from the Mandarin. Anyway now that the Mandarin is dead the rings are looking for new people to wield them but they are not all going to one person instead they are going to different people and the first ring has found a left wing journalist. The ring talks in her mind and asks if she will stop Tony Stark and when she says yes it bonds with her and then when they are having a press conference there is an attack from another ring. So Tony goes to the Helicarrier to where the rings were supposed to be under lock and key and it turns out the only real ring there was the ring of illusion so the other nine rings are out there and the other seven that are free are looking for suitable human hosts. So I am happy as heck with this storyline.