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        I will need therapy if the Hawks lose, lol.

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          SPOILER WARNING for Secret Avengers 14!



          I bought my monthly comics today, including the new Secret Avengers.  Since I'm written this you can correctly assume it didn't stop my heart, haha.  It didn't really offer any concrete confirmation that Bobbi was a crazy cultist but it didn't really deny it either.  The real Bobbi is shown fighting to get back to the surface, mumbling not to listen to Forson, and she briefly does and threatens Forson, but there's a clear struggle.  There's several flashback scenes in the issue, but they seem kinda off to me.  In one of them where Bobbi is wearing goggles, it looks like Forson uses a caddle prod on something (doesn't look like her) right before she gets dizzy and seems to have a vision.  I wanna think that he's using the nanites in her bloodstream to alter her memories and brainwash, kinda similar to how they used the nanites to make Clint think it was a bad guy that shot him in the first issue rather than Fury Jr.  It almost feels like Bobbi may have known Forson when she was younger and that he had a crush on her.  Wouldn't be the first time a guy had the hots for Bobbi that she wasn't interested in, they could form a club at this point, haha.  So, it looks like we need to wait another month before we will find out the truth since it's unclear whether the flasbacks are real or not.  I think Clint will have a key role in the next issue, though I'm still very worried what will become of Bobbi.  Will the Bobbi part of her mind kill herself to stop from hurting Clint and co?  We still have that death looming and she's the odds on favorite now.  Will Quake and Bucky ever show up again?  Will we ever find out what Coulson told Natasha and Clint to convince em to join the team?  Lots of questions and only two issues left.



          Anyway, I also picked up Black Widow 1, Avengers 24, and Avengers World, but haven't had a chance to look at em yet.  And did I mention that my Hawkeye poster came on Monday!  Cause it did and I got it framed on my wall and words can't express how damn cool it is.  The poster is really good quality and with the nice frame it looks like proper art.  It doesn't look like some crappy kids poster.  The picture they choose and the cool distress look they gave it really comes together nicely.  That it has my two favorites makes it extra awesome, haha.


          @Rogue - Wikipedia doesn't have anything about ratings so I don't know.  They usually care more about toy sales though, yeah?


          @Iron - Have you seen either Intelligence or Helix?  They both started recently and I've enjoy em both.  I really liked, it has this The Thing meets Resident Evil vibe which is a lot of fun and its got some good production to back it up.  Intelligence is that new spy show starring Josh Holloway.  Sawyer was the best part of Lost, for me, so it's fun to see more Josh play the smartass, pain in the ass again in the spy setting.  It reminds me a bit of Almost Human, with the wife subplot and the reluctant partner, but I've enjoyed this more.

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            I have watched Intelligence and both Amy and I really like it. It got off to a good start and it has a lot of potential to grow as a show. What channel is Helix on?


            I don't know if you watch Person of Interest but the show, which I have always enjoyed, has really taken off this year in its third season. I enjoyed the concept from the start but it was pretty episodic but this year they have added a couple more characters who were introduced last year and the concept has really grown into a pretty awesome show.

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              I had to like that post Iron because I saw you talking about Person of Interest. My favorite show on TV and probably one of my top 10 favorite shows of all time. Can't believe there's no more new episodes until February

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                CK that is great! I really feel that the show went to another level this year with Shaw and Root. When Root first came on the show I really disliked her but this season she has been the most interesting character on the show every time she is on the screen the show is just better. I love how the machine is sentient and doing its own thing. The show went from good to fantastic this season.

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                  What do you think <spoiler> Decima is going to do with the second machine "Samaritan"? and what do you think Elias is going to do now? Retake control of the criminal underworld?</spoiler>

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                    I just spent several hours rereading the current Secret Avengers run and looking back at Bobbi's past during her Ka-Zar days.  I think I might be a wee bit obsessed.  I'm sure you're all shocked, haha.  I'm not sure I'm any closer to figuring out whether the memories are fake or not.  Bobbi did fight Victorius with Ka-Zar, as Forson says in the issue, but he could be lying when he says that she was assisting him at the time as some kinda sleeper agent.  Another interesting question is that if Bobbi was some crazy cultist, why would they erase her memory of it and left to go on to become an Avenger.  This is gonna be torturing me for days, haha.


                    @Iron - It's on Syfy, created by Ronald Moore, the showerunner of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, so the budget is pretty good.

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                      @Hawk: Days?  More like it'll be torturing you for the next month until you get the next issue! haha, but it sounds like the issue doesn't answer any questions at all.  If anything, it just raises more questions and makes it more annoying that there's only two issues left! 


                      I haven't gotten my issue of Secret Avengers or Black Widow yet, but hopefully they'll come soon.  I'll have to read this issue for myself to see just what's going on with Bobbi in it. 


                      I know Cartoon Network's shows focus on that a lot, but I'm not sure if Disney's the same with that.  Cartoon Network's crazy with the way it cancels good shows.  It never even lets 'em get past season two, it seems like. 

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                        @Rogue - Haha, true, but I hope it won't be on my mind as much.  It was seriously on my mind when I went to bed, when I woke up, and probably 80% of the day.  But it's not like I have a problem or anything.  I can quit any time I want!  Haha, but yeah, in rereading it we've had several instances where memories have been altered and Forson has had a year longer than SHIELD to perfect the nanobot memory implants.  It's also not clear how long Bobbi was in custody before Taskmaster was given the greenlight to bust her out.  I'm actually glad it's double shipped in February so there's less of a wait between issues.  Maybe it'll just give me one big hart attack instead of two of em..


                        Hopefully ya get it sooner rather than later.  When did you get the last issue?  And speaking of comics, ya see the big return of Peter as Spidey?


                        EMH has been the only Disney cartoon I've watched so not sure what their decisions are like either.  EMH never had any merchandise, outside of DVDs, and I think it was largely cancelled cause Loeb wanted a different style show with his own team.

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                          Not a problem at all.  That's totally healthy and normal!  Good to hear that it sounds like the memories were altered, so it's a brainwashing instead of being true.  Unless, of course, they're doing some lame retconning stuff to change what actually happened in those old issues...


                          I got the last issue about a week or two after it was released, I think.  Not totally sure, though.  Yeah, I saw that!  I knew it was coming eventually, but I didn't realize it'd be in just a few months.  It's good to hear he's coming back, but the rumor is that he's coming back without his memories, which I just hope doesn't turn out as another lame way to keep Spidey from progressing.  It's cool to see that Fialkov is writing some of the stuff when Peter comes back, but it's lame to see that Slott's still going to be the main Spidey writer.  I haven't been a fan of his, even when Peter's been alive.  I wanna see Yost write Spidey!


                          By a "different style," you mean a much worse and totally lame style, right? haha, Loeb's decisions with Marvel animation are... disappointing.