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        It is pretty interesting that after Sherman's rant, Sherman will get the bleachers for press day like he is a QB or something. He might get some endorsements as well beyond the headphone thing, which actually aired about week before the championship game but now seems very apropos. But it was a bit like the WWE, lol. Hopefully he can refrain from those types of displays off the field or while being interviewed.

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          @Iron - For not defending the guy you sure defended him a whole lot, haha.  It's unfortunate that the two of them got into some kind of scuffle at a charity event, but if there's bad blood between the two it just makes the whole situation look even worse for Sherman.  You don't slap the ass of a guy that hates you and tell him good game seconds after a game ending play unless you're trying to be a jerk.  That has nothing to do with playing with aggression and at this point it's hard to say he plays with "controlled" rage when this isn't the first time Sherman has stirred up trouble.  There's a lot of players that play with aggression and don't get into these incidents that Sherman finds himself in.  I don't mind trash talk during the game and it's natural for some guys to genuinely hate each other when you have a hundred people in intense competition, but when you do antics like Sherman did you just make yourself look silly.


          Haha, I remember Allen saying in like the first or second episode that people should stay in pairs for safety, but we never see anyone actually do that.  I'm not sure she purposely screwed up the test, since we learned at the end that the test didn't work.  All the vials stopped glowing and the ex-wife spat up the black stuff despite the test saying she was clean.  It'll be interesting to see where it goes.


          @Rogue - Haha, good to see you outsmarted that evil bouncer.


          I hope you're right, but I wonder how much control they have when it comes to the fake memories.  Like does Forson implant a detailed memory or does he just put in something vague with Bobbi's imagination filling in the details.  Cause if Forson was the one that implanted a detail memory wouldn't he have had Bobbi be more receptive to his crush rather than shutting him down completely.  But if Forson does just put in vague suggestions, would Bobbi know about Forson getting rejected by girls.  I might be thinking in circles now...


          Speaking of Bobbi, I got my comic the other day with her very first appearance where they got this whole "psychic" thing from.  Bobbi is only in it for like five panels where it shows her running up to Ka-Zar's mansion in England and says she must speak with him about a matter of the fate of the worlds.  The servants let her inside and she explains "Lord Kevin and I have never met yet I feel like I know him.  You see I can 'feel' people in my mind!  And I know unless I speak with him Lord Kevin will die!"  They don't show her having psychic powers or anything, just a line that could be seen as a lie to get information.  So it would really suck if Bobbi is made crazy cause of that.  She did actually fight a guy named Victorius that was part of the Entrophy cult back in her Ka-zar days though.  So Forson wasn't lying about that.  Interestingly, she also had a run in with AIM and her SHIELD partner at the time turned out to be an AIM agent though he dies and she and Ka-zar destroy the AIM base.


          But I was wondering what do you make of Mentallo?  I kinda get the feeling he might be another undercover agent for SHIELD.  He's shown to be really disinterested in what AIM is doing and he's a telepath, but never sensed his buddy Taskmaster was a double agent.  And he said he didn't know it was Bobbi giving the speech to the AIM heads.  I know that the nanobots prevent telepaths from reading the erased memories, as we saw in the first issue when Clint was being tortured, but Bobbi believed herself to be Bobbi and was trying to BS her way through the meeting.  The nanobots can't make them completely immune to telepathy because SHIELD used telepathy to discover Quake's secret assassination plot.  Maybe Mentallo is just incompetent and doesn't care about AIM, but he keeps getting face time which makes me think he's gonna be important, ya know?

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            Hey, I am alive!  Thanks for the tips on getting into the site.  Maybe they are doing some additions with the new Spider-Man movie tie-in game coming up and forgot to double check a few things.


            I'm excited for the Super Bowl.  Should be a pretty good game!  I just hope the weather doesn't affect the outcome too much.  It should be the play of the teams that determine the winner, but since both have to play in it I guess it evens it out a little bit.


            You guys probably heard about the security breach at Target where they stole a bunch of credit card numbers......well I think my wife's card was in there and someone decided to go on a little spending spree in Texas.  Our bank called us yesterday and said there was some suspicious activity and sure enough there were a bunch of charges from Ft. Worth.  We cancelled the card immediately of course and luckily there was only about $140 in charges that they had made, which we won't be responsible for.  Still, it is a hassle and kind of makes me sick to my stomach. I'm glad they didn't clean us out or anything.

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              Jad sorry to hear about that and unfortunately I don't think this is the last breach we will hear about in regards to a major retailer. As far as the weather goes there are two schools of thought, one is the one you are talking about where weather should not be a deciding factor in any game, the other one is that the weather or elements have always been a part of the game and therefore add to the drama of the game. I'm not sure which camp I fall in as I see the merits of both sides. Maybe this means they will have a game at century link in Seattle that would be fantastic. Pretty great super bowl match up with the #1 offense against the #1 defense. Very excited to see the game.


              Now Hawk I did say I wish Sherman would have kept his cool and that he was being a jerk and an ass. So I had agreed with you on that point. I was just giving you guys some perspective on the feud. The media and twitter have blown this thing completely out of proportion considering all Sherman said was Crabtree is mediocre and I'm the best, ala Ali. When you think of all the guys who still play in the league who have done truly horrible things off the field what Sherman did while jerky was pretty harmless in comparison.


              Have not yet read the new SA, but will soon.

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                I'm kinda excited to see a Super Bowl game played outside in the cold.  Constantly playing it in warm weather areas or domes can get a bit boring.  I can understand wanting the best possible conditions so you don't see some kind of flukey game, but the rest of the playoffs happen in the cold and sometimes bad weather.


                @Jad - Welcome back!  Looks like the gang is all here again, though I noticed there was some weird stuff going on with the forum again last night and today.  Maybe you're right and they're doing some changes for the new Spidey game.


                It seems like you're having one bad string of luck.  It wasn't that long ago someone broke into your car.  Lucky you caught it before they spent too much money, but still pretty unfortunate that some ass was charging stuff to your card.  I heard other stores got hit too, but they aint saying anything.


                @Iron - True enough, haha.

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                  @Jad: That's pretty lame.  It's good that it wasn't too much money and they're able to fix it pretty easily, but you never want to deal with that.  I actually got a Target card a few days after all the craziness happened.  Glad I didn't make it a few days earlier and had to deal with that mess too much. 


                  @Hawk: Maybe Forson's been rejected so many times that even he doesn't think the memory would seem plausible if she was receptive to his advances?  Bobbi would know it's fake then! haha, though it's also possible that the memory is more a vague suggestion like you said, since Bobbi has to fit it in with her real memories, too, and he probably couldn't get enough details to make it all fit on his own. 


                  Is that the only time psychic stuff was ever mentioned with Bobbi back in those days?  Or did she do anything else with her supposed psychic powers in the Ka-Zar days?  It seems so weird that Bobbi started out like that when you consider how different she is now. 


                  I wasn't thinking that Mentallo was undercover for SHIELD, though that reasoning totally makes sense.  I was thinking a little simpler in that maybe this would be his big chance to shine by betraying AIM and helping SHIELD take them down somehow.  There was all that stuff in the early issues with AIM promising Mentallo a chance to finally shine or be more important than some Y-list villain (I reserve Z-list for Paste Pot Pete).  So, I was thinking that maybe Mentallo's going to do that in a totally different way than AIM was planning on, especially since they had Bobbi kill Taskmaster, and he's probably not too happy about that. 

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                    Hawk I am with you about the game but that might be because I think the Hawks would have advantage if it gets windy, lol. Jad might not agree with that. Still pretty cool to play the game in NY and a great match up for sure. I have been watching a lot of coverage of the games since my team is in it and am enjoying the fun of having my team in the big game. Way too much analysis but still fun to watch for me. Heck I even enjoyed the footage of the Hawk plane arriving in NY and the players getting off the plane, Lynch was the first guy off, he had gold headphones, lol.


                    Will go to the comic store at the end of this week to get caught up.

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                      I'm so close to getting Venom in Avengers Alliance, but I don't think it'll happen . Still, top 3% is impressive, right?

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                        @Rogue - I don't know, the way that Forson carries himself with a bit of arrogance makes me think he's the type that would rather invent a memory about Bobbi falling in love with him and him rejecting her rather than the other way around.  Bobbi's in a pretty vulnerable position mentally and I don't think there's much of a difference between convincing Bobbi she's a crazy evil cultist and convincing her she has the hots for Forson, ya know?  Though it could also just be the writers not wanting to retread the Phantom Rider brainwashing Bobbi to think she was in love with him as what happened in the old WCA story so they purposely put in the panel with Bobbi shooting down Forson.  What did you make of that panel where it looks like Forson is holding a cattle prod right before Bobbi has that dizzy spell in the first lab flashback.


                        Yeah, it was the only time she ever mentioned psychic powers.  She also has brown hair in the comic and all appearances following it she is blond.  A lot of characters don't have much in common with their first appearance though and that they're bringing up the psychic thing is kinda weird.  I do get the feeling that Nick Spencer knows the characters' history well enough since he's bringing up stuff like Bobbi fighting Victorius, the Red Room for Natasha, and Clint's no kill policy, but to bring up something so obscure like the psychic bit and make it a big plot point is kinda odd.  But then again, a lot of odd stuff happens in comics, haha.


                        Maybe, though he's sure been disinterested since Rhodey took back the Iron Patriots.  The AIM guy gave him the controls to the Shang Chi bot so he could have a go beating up Clint and his reaction to it was more of "this is stupid" rather than taking joy in beating up an Avenger like the AIM guy was.  Do you think he would go after AIM for Taskmaster dying?  Taskmaster was only killed cause he was a traitor. I could see him maybe trying to kill Bobbi cause she did pull the trigger.  I'm not sure Forson would be the one to kill Bobbi, if she does die.  He's already done so much to her that I don't know if he'd also kill her on top of that.

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                          I was mostly joking about that first part, since you're right that Forson's really arrogant.  Though maybe it is more plausible for Bobbi to be a crazy evil cultist than it is for her to fall for Forson! haha, but that part was weird.  I don't know what was up with the thing Forson was holding, but I get the feeling the scene has something to do with the memories not matching up with Bobbi's real memories.  That's why it throws Forson off for a second before he brings up Victorius, I think.  At least, that's my theory on it.


                          That's weird that they'd take one line and make it into its own huge storyline.  If they made Bobbi not be brainwashed and actually secretly be a psychic cultist, they'd pretty much be eliminating everything Bobbi has ever done besides her first line in comic history, which would be the most disappointing and awful thing in comic history, I think.  So I really don't think that'll be happening.  I think Spencer's just using her early years to try to throw some doubt in readers' minds here.  Like you said, he seems to know the characters, so I don't think he'd change Bobbi like that. 


                          You could say that he doesn't see the villainous stuff as being fun anymore because he's turning over a new leaf or something?  But it's also possible that he's going to go after Bobbi like you said, since Forson probably wouldn't do that.  If anyone's going to kill Bobbi, I could totally see it being Mentallo.  Unless one of the heroes like Widow or Fury ends up having to do it...