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        @Rogue - Haha, the flashbacks are so hard to suss out.  They're done in a way where Bobbi acts enough like herself that you can't immediately call it a fake out, but there is something off about em and the conversation with Forson in the present.  And MODOK said that Forson only had the nanobots for a year before SHIELD and there's no way Bobbi was running with Ka-zar a year ago.  It's hard for me to figure out what is my wishful thinking that the memories are fake or if we're supposed to take it as truth.  Also, because this whole big story has been about memories getting altered and erased we don't know if we can really trust anything.  And there's always the possibility that Bobbi had been uncover to spy on the cult of Entrophy at some point, though I think that's more of a dark horse option or the real Bobbi would've said something about it.  Instead she was saying don't listen to him which is something you say when something is feeding full blown lies, or what real Bobbi believes are full blown lies anyway.  Bobbi bringing up "the person they found on the island" and Forson's pause is really interesting though.  He definitely didn't expect her to mention that, but is that cause the memory is fake or cause there's some truth to it that he maybe didn't expect her to know.


        It's weird, but sometimes writers will do really crazy stuff to try to stamp their name on something.  I haven't read much of Spencer's stuff so I don't know what his style is when it comes to such things. Also, I'm not sure how much of this arc is Spencer's idea and what is Ales Kot, who's taking over for Secret Avengers now that Nick is promoted to Avengers World.  Clearly, a lot of it is Spencer since this volume of Secret Avengers is just one big story about AIM, but Kot will have some input too.  I haven't read anything of Kot either, outside this arc.  Taking risks with established lore worked out well for Brubaker though, he turned Bucky from just Cap's kid sidekick into a brainwashed assassin, which is why I'm hesitate to say no one would try to turn Bobbi into a brainwashed cultist.


        Yeah, it could be a recent change from hanging around evil people so long.  I'm hoping he might be a sleeper agent for SHIELD though, if it means he dies instead of Bobbi, haha.  I could see Fury Jr maybe doing it since he doesn't have any attachments to her and he did shoot Clint so he could be tortured by the bad guys.  I know he felt guilty over it, but I think he's capable of shooting Bobbi if he thinks she's too big of a threat.  Natasha is a maybe.  I know she's willing to get her hands dirty, but she and Bobbi are friendly and maybe more than that Natasha is close friends with Clint and she would know how much it'd hurt him for her to kill Bobbi.  Unless Bobbi was gonna do something VERY dangerous, I don't think Natasha would be willing to kill her. 

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          So watched a bit of media day and it was pretty funny. Marshwan Lynch has really no interest in talking with the media so he participated in media day for about 6 minutes but then Deion tracked him down and had a short interview with him. Lynch is definitely a man of few words, "I let my actions speak for me", "talking never won me nothing", "are you excited about the game," "hell yeah", " do you think if they stop you they will win the game", "they will have to stop all of us, do you feel me", it was pretty funny but also very genuine. The NFL rule that all players have to talk to the media is ridiculous, some guys love it like Sherman who was quite eloquent and positive today. He pretty much rattled off the stats of a lot of his defensive teammates from the NFC championship game saying they deserved the cameras and the Legion of Boom was a team effort. He went on to compliment just about all 53 guys on the team, lol. Wilson was super positive and excited, as always, and Carroll was great. There were a couple of kids who were asking questions and he went and hugged one of them, pretty cool. But back to my point some guys just don't like to talk to the media or draw attention to themselves and if that is the case they should be able to just say no, as there will always be guys on the team who want to talk.

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            One of my co-workers sent me this yesterday.  I thought it was funny.  Most of the customers I am responsible for are actually in the pacific northwest area so it has been an interesting week or so.  If the Seahawks win I'll be hearing about it A LOT.  Of course I'll dish some out too if the Broncos win

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              I saw that on NFL network pretty funny, Blitz looks intimidating Jad and your bronco mascot looks scared, kinda like Peyton is scared of the LOB, lol.

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                The trash talk between the two of you is so disappointing.  You guys gotta step it up, this is the Super Bowl!


                Haha, but to bring a subject that isn't about Bobbi (I know, you could listen to me talk about her all day), did you guys see the magazine covers for the new X-Men movie?  Poor Quicksilver, what an awful job they did to him.  Fox just set a bar that Joss could walk over to give us a better looking Pietro.  His hair doesn't even look bright silver, it's a dark gray and those silly goggles and the jacket.  I thought they couldn't get any worse but the black alien Sentinel is pretty disappointing too.  Marvel is by no means perfect, but when you see what Fox is doing, it sure makes me thankful the Avengers aint in their hands.  Though I still want Clint in a more classic purple Hawkeye costume.  Embrace the purple, dammit, haha.


                And in some pretty cool news, the rumor is going around that Sony will add a PS1/PS2 emulator for the PS4 so it's capable of playing all those awesome games on the PSN.  I really hope that happens so I get all those sweet, sweet games on my PS4.

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                  @Hawk: Yeah, there's something going on with that part where Bobbi talks about the microscope, and she throws Forson off, but it's tough to tell what exactly is happening.  Something's going on, though.  I guess we're officially obsessive fans, poring over every last panel and comparing them to 40-year-old comics to figure out what's going on. 


                  You mean like how Slott had to stamp his name on Spidey by killing him?  I guess he couldn't do it by writing good stories, in my opinion.  Never was a fan of Slott's Spidey.  Hopefully, they don't end up messing with Bobbi, but it's true that you never know what a writer's gonna pull.  Yeah, the Bucky situation worked out, but it's not exactly the same for them to turn an Avenger into a psychic cultist.  Bucky was dead, and it was a way to bring him back.  Bobbi already got her resurrection! haha, but I really hope they don't stick with the psychic cultist thing...


                  Anything to keep Bobbi alive, huh?  I guess it's pretty tough when you got the Curse of Rogue to deal with, since I'm reading the book.  Yeah, I definitely think Fury's more likely to kill Bobbi than Tasha, but I think she'd do it if she thought she absolutely had to.  She definitely wouldn't want to do it, though.  I really hope they don't try to force Clint into doing it, after the talk about his no-kill policy earlier on.  They could've been trying to setup a situation where he has to break his rule with Bobbi.  I sure hope not, though. 


                  @Iron: I liked the interview with Marshawn Lynch and Michael Robinson today, where Robinson talked for him and called everyone "boss."  That was pretty fun stuff. I don't have a problem with Lynch not wanting to talk to the media, honestly.  Some people are scared of public speaking, after all.  Besides, it's not like he's gonna say much that no one else can say.  There's 52 other players they can talk to who want to be all over the camera.  I can't agree with you on the Sherman thing, though.  He went on some thing about how people have compared him to Muhammad Ali for his trash talking, but he tried to relate it to racist stuff that Ali dealt with and how Sherman thinks he's being treated the same way.  And this is after he compared himself to Martin Luther King last week.  It was the most hilarious and stupid thing I've ever heard anyone say. 

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                    @Rogue - Well, in two weeks I guess we'll find out.  Or nine days if the preview spoils anything.  I'm caught between whether to prepare myself for the worst and thinking they wouldn't do something stupid as to make her a cultist.  I'm gonna end up a wreck the day the issue comes out.  I might end up having someone else read it for me first to warn me, haha.  Oh, it became official for me a long time ago, but welcome to the neurotic club!  The closet is full of cookies to gorge on as the release day approaches.  It doesn't make the stress any lower, but they taste good...


                    Haha, yeah, I heard Slott's Spidey wasn't great even when Peter was alive.  A shame, since I remember liking his run on Mighty Avengers.  True, Bucky was dead but turning him from Cap's trusty young sidekick to a brainwashed assassin trying to murder him is a pretty big change for a character.  At least the way this has been done so far it wouldn't make it terrible hard to retcon the whole into being faked by Forson by the next writer after Kot.  Whenever that will be for Bobbi.


                    Let's just say you wouldn't wanna stand next to me if a bad guy had his gun trained on Bobbi.  You might end up with a few new holes....That would be the absolute worst for me.  With all of Clint's trick arrows you would think he wouldn't have to kill her, should the need arise, but you never know what a writer will try to force something, ya know?  Like how none of the Avengers realized something is wrong with Peter till a few issues ago.  Do you think we could see Quake or Bucky pop up?  It'd be kinda odd for them to show her tracking down Bucky in that issue a while a back and not follow it up, but I don't know if Spencer knew he would get promoted to Avengers World or if the SA would get a "reboot" after the Maim storyline.  Thematically, I could see Quake pay the price for instituting the nanobots and sending Bobbi and the team off on the illegal assassination plot.  Just getting kicked out as Director is a pretty weak slap on the wrist, especially considering she wasn't really liking the job and all the politics getting in the way of fun adventure.  But she hasn't show up inna while and we don't know what she's up to.  Maybe trying to regain her memories, with the help of Bucky, after Maria Hill erased some of em, but not sure how she'd die from that.  Though this might be me trying to convince myself they wouldn't kill Bobbi, haha.


                    Sherman really compared himself to MLK and Ali?  Wow.  That sure is a thing...

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                      Wow, I just looked at those Days of Future Past pictures and... they're pretty awful.  Quicksilver just looks terrible with the... everything.  I like goggles, but he's just not a goggles person, and his hair looks totally weird for Quicksilver.  Both Sentinels looked pretty lame.  The Future one looked just totally generic, and the other one looked pregnant.  Do sentinels have babies, and I just never knew about it?  To be fair, the first images never look as good as the movie does in motion, but those pictures aren't impressive. 


                      Yeah, I heard about the PS1/PS2 stuff on the PS4.  That'd be pretty cool, though I guess it wouldn't affect me too much because I plan on keeping my PS3 anyway, and I have an old backwards compatible one.  You should finally get a chance to go back and play some awesome PS1 games again, though.  Like Legend of Dragoon! 


                      I guess you'll end up spoiling the issue for me, since I'm sure you'll get it before me.  That works, though, because I wanna know what's gonna happen!  I can't wait an extra two weeks! haha, what kinda cookies?  I hope they're not the exploding kind...


                      Well, yeah, the Winter Soldier thing was kinda weird and made no sense at first, though it's worked out to be pretty interesting.  It's a very comic book-y thing that would never happen anywhere else.  I draw the line at psychic cultist, though.  It'd be an easy fix for another writer, though, like you said.


                      Yeah, I feel like Clint wouldn't ever have to kill her because he could just pull out a weird trick arrow that would just knock her out or something, but you never know what a writer might wanna do, especially since the fad right now is to mess with Clint's life as much as possible like the Fraction series does.  It was totally weird that Quake and Bucky just showed up and haven't done anything.  I don't really feel like there's any room for them in the series right now, though I guess something has to happen with MODOK and all that.  MODOK needs his ice cream, you know.  I would think they'd show up on that end, if anything.  It's tough to tell how much of Quake and Bucky's absence has been planned and how much of it is because the book's getting rebooted, though, which makes it all tricky. 


                      Yeah, it was pretty bad. I'm surprised ESPN hasn't been all over that, but I guess they might just not wanna touch that nonsense with a 20-foot stick. 

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                        There's two Sentinels?  I only saw the future one.  Does the other Sentinel look more like the classic Sentinel look?  But, yeah, while magazine covers don't always look great, some of those X-Men ones are just particularly bad.  Like poor, poor Quicksilver.  You would think that since Pietro is appearing in Avengers they would really wanna do an awesome job to put the pressure on Joss and Marvel.  Maybe there's some rights issues at play which prevents them from using the classic Quicksilver look, but since he was rumored to only be in one scene, why not cut him?  If they need for Magneto to have a kid for whatever reason there's Polaris.


                        Haha, I can only imagine how excited you'll be when I eventually buy it off PSN.  It might even compete with me and my obsession over Hawkeye and Mockingbird!


                        You're assuming I'll be able to type any words without getting overcome with angry/grief and smashing my face against the keyboard, haha.  I'll be sure to keep the microwave far, far away.


                        It is pretty packed, but they have to tie up the loose end with Quake, right?  They can't just dedicate an entire issue about her then not have that lead into anything.   We've already had Taskmaster die and Bobbi lose her mind as repercussions of Quake's reckless behavior after the Senator was killed.  It feels like Quake has yet either make up for her mistakes or pay for them.  I don't think they'll just have her pop up in the last issue either.  I think her and Bucky might find a way to disable the nanobots and giving back everyone their memories.  She basically name-drops Natasha as the reason why he's helping so, what else could they be doing other than finding a way to disable the nanobots.  I don't think she'd go to him if all they're gonna do is pop up on AIM island and shoot people.  But I don't know, there's still a good chance Bobbi will die.

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                          Rogue I have watched most of the coverage and watched all of Sherman's interview on Tuesday and seen countless clips about Sherman but nowhere does it say he compared himself to MLK nor did I see that. If you have a specific link or article I would be interested in that but I think you are incorrect. I did see a couple articles where reporters compared Sherman to MLK as both being very bright but that MLK would have shown more class and been a better example but nowhere could I find a reference to Sherman comparing himself to MLK and I just checked google and you better believe that if he had said that there would be a link.


                          Now he did talk about Ali because many reporters compared him to Ali for saying he was the best and denigrating an opponent. Sherman talked about how many of the negative tweets he received after his rant where very racist and you can see them as well on twitter some were pretty bad. What Sherman said about Ali is that he had to deal with racism too, but Sherman pointed out that what he was dealing with in no way compared to what Ali had to deal with. Almost all of the analysts have praised Sherman for his positive and engaging style and how he has been very focused on giving his teammates credit. He said that what he did was not right that he should have not trashed Crabtree or made it about himself and he regrets it. While there is no doubt his rant was really stupid what he is doing now is not. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and while I hope he is still fired up on the field of play that he will compose himself with the class and dignity he is know showing off of the field.