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        Rogue sounds like you are the go to tech expert for the family, nice job. It is fun to go help people buy tech the only unfortunate side effect is that you then what newer tech, lol.


        Less than six hours away from the GAME. Quite excited and anxious for this game to start! The practices are over, the hype is done now it is time to play the game. Very cool to have my team in the Super Bowl only happened once before so not taking anything for granted.

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          Congrats on your Seahawks win, Iron!  From the outsider's perspective, it wasn't the most exciting game to watch, but I'm sure you musta had a good time.


          Jad, sorry to see your Broncos play such a bad game.  I don't know what it was, but it just really wasn't your day.  At least you made it to the Super Bowl, which is more than most can say,  You still have Manning too, so maybe ya can win it all next year.

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            Ouch.  Well that didn't go well starting at the very first snap.  Denver just didn't show up for the game at all.  Seattle was definitely the better team this time.  Congrats, Iron.  I guess there's next year to look forward to. 

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              So not the most exciting Super Bowl ever, but it looks like Iron has plenty of trash talk material to use against Jad now!  It's gotta be awesome to have your team win the Super Bowl, though it's also gotta be the opposite of awesome to have your team lose, though.  Just remember it could be much worse.  Your team could be the Vikings... Or the Eagles. 

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                Guys I have been reveling in the moment. I'm a pretty steady guy, even tempered, try not to get too high or too low. But there are a few things I am passionate about, my two daughters, my partner Amy, singing to God and Seahawk football!! So to say I was screaming my lungs out when Smith pulled off the pick 6 and Harvin had the KO return would be an understatement. To watch the Hawk D come out and just dominate from the moment the game started I mean who defers when you win the toss and gives the ball to Peyton, the Hawks because Carroll has that much confidence in his D. The first play was a fluke, but in the countless hours of post game I have been watching I guess it was so loud, because a ton of Hawks fans made it to the game, that Peyton said the offense couldn't hear him on that opening play. Anyway it was the next offensive series for Denver where Kam lowered the boom on Thomas that set the tone for the physical and mental domination of the Hawks. Every yard that Denver got was contested, they pounded them and you could tell in the 2nd quarter and the 2nd half that the Denver receivers did not want to run across the middle of that field. The Hawk D pulled a historic defensive effort to hold the #1 scoring offense in the history of the NFL to 8 points, wow!!


                The Hawks O was pretty efficient all game long, Wilson looked great converting 3rd down after 3rd down and the Hawks receivers made nice catches and Kearse's run where he broke like five tackles was amazing. Let's not forget about Harvin everytime he touched the ball I thought he might break it and at the start of the third quarter I was very excited to see him return the kick but wow he just blew by everybody.


                All in all utter domination in all phases of the game, yes, yes, yes!! As you can tell I am fired up!!

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                  @Rogue - Hey, now, that''s...yeah, I can't argue, haha.  At least it looks like the Eagles have a good coach and some good players in place, though I don't wanna jump the gun after one year.


                  @Iron - You forgot to add CWO to that list!  And somewhere RDJ is crying cause you didn't name Iron Man.

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                    Hawk you are right I was pretty passionate about CWO and IM knows I love em no matter what, lol.


                    Been watching more ESPN and NFL network shows today and just enjoying all the adjectives, dominated, embarrasses, humiliated, crushed, stole their will, imposed their will, greatest super bowl defensive effort ever, all of it just overwhelmingly awesome!! The Hawks just out hit, out ran, out everything the Broncos at every level, whooooo Hawks!!!

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                      Tony needs more than empty words, Iron!  He needs actions.  When was the last time you hugged your life size Iron Man cardboard standee or ate dinner with your Iron Man action figures!  I fear you're drifting apart.

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                        Yep Tony has been feeling pretty neglected since I have been giving all my love to the Hawks. He is just going to have to be patient, I will come back to him once they glow of this victory wears off, lol.

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                          So, the winter Olympics is right around the corner, any of you guys plan to watch and what sports do you plan to see?  I'm mostly gonna watch the hockey, mostly mens, but I wanna try to catch some of the women too.  I also wanna check out the curling which is pretty entertaining.  I'm not really planning to watch anything else but since football is over and the NHL will be on an Olympic Break I'm sure I'll end up watching other stuff too.


                          Speaking of the Olympics, SHIELD is going on a month long hiatus because of the Olympics after just returning from a two week break and a Christmas break before that.  Ouch.  Such an erratic schedule isn't great for building interest, though not much ya can really do with the Olympics starting up.  At least it gives me a month to catch up, which I still haven't done yet.  I blame Assassin's Creed 4.


                          @Iron - You excited for Walking Dead to come back on Sunday!  It's been quite a while since the mid-season finale, it's gonna be great to finally see what happened to everyone after the prison was attacked.  I heard we'll be getting more on Michonne's backstory too, which should be great fun.