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        Hawk thanks for the heads up I will have to check my DVR to make sure I record it. Will be fun to see where everybody is at.


        Just rewatched the Super Bowl and enjoyed almost as much as the first time, lol. Man the Hawks D just pounded the Broncos and Russell Wilson's game gets a little overshadowed because of it, 122 passer rating, 70% completion rate, no interceptions and two TD's, plus he converted a ton of 3rd downs.

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          Haha, Jad might not need quite so many vivid descriptions of the Super Bowl game.  Though I'm glad you're enjoying such a big win for your team!

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            I liked Steve Young's analogy that Denver was a boat leaving the harbor but before it could get out of the harbor a bigger, faster boat rammed and sunk it, that would be Seattle, lol. Well the Hawks are young and deep but you never know just getting to the Super Bowl is hard let alone winning it so you don't know when it might happen again. So I think it is allowed for me to gloat for a week or two about it, lol. Playing in the NFC West the next few years is going to be brutal with four of the best defenses in all of the NFL right there. Something tells me that for the next few years the NFL championship game is going to run through an NFC West city, hopefully Seattle.

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              Wow, you're really excited about that win, huh, Iron?  You're still gonna be talking about it until the Super Bowl next year, I bet! haha, but I guess I can understand how it's gotta be exciting.  I haven't had a Minnesota team win a title since the year before I was born, so I still haven't seen a sports championship in Minnesota.


              The new episode of SHIELD this week was good (except for Skye, but that goes without saying), so you should totally watch it, Hawk.  It's kinda lame how they keep taking weeks off.  It really kills momentum, but hopefully they just finish the whole season after the Olympics.  That reminds me that I should type up a thing on the SHIELD thread, but then I'd have to go find it since it fell off the front page... I think I've learned the art of laziness and procrastination too well.


              EDIT: Turns out it's still on the front page, just in the last spot on the page.  Now I have no excuse...

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                I think Iron went to the Richard Sherman school of celebrations.


                @Rogue - Awesome!  I heard the last bunch of episodes have had a pretty consistent quality, which is good they've found a bit of a groove.  I've just been pretty terrible at watching shows lately since I started into AC4.  I have a hard time putting the game and I just downloaded Outlast yesterday which isn't gonna help me catch up on my TV watching.  You can never learn it too well!  Unless you get too lazy to feed yourself..that could be bad.

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                  "Yo, that Jad and his Broncos are mediocre!" Iron wanted me to pass that message along for him. 


                  Yeah, they've picked up a bit the last couple episodes.  It seems like they're clearing up a lot of the mysteries, which is a good thing.  Sounds like the PS4's getting plenty of use then!  I'm about to be starting on a crazy run of cool RPGs being released soon, actually.  Bravely Default comes out Friday, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles later this month, and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD is in March.  I'm not even gonna have time to play the new FFXIII game, Lightning Returns, right away so I'm waiting to get that one until I've played the others.  I've never had the problem of having too many fun RPGs to play at once.  I think I need that picture of a cookie that's too big to fit in the glass of milk. 

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                    No, no, you have to wait until someone asks an unrelated question then stare at em with the crazy eyes till everyone awkwardly shuffles away from you.  That's the proper celebration!


                    Are May and Simmons still the best part of the show?  it sucks that Skye is still annoying, but at least the others have improved.  Wow, you are gonna be busy for about a week.  That's about how long it'll take you beat those games, right?  Haha, you must be pretty excited!  Do you your money all saved up and ready to buy em on the release day?  A cookie too big to fit in a glass of milk?  That just sounds like torture.

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                      I'm sure it won't take me a year to get off of the topic, lol.


                      Have not watched the Shield episode yet as I have a lot of shows recorded because I have been watching everything about the Super Bowl, lol. So have to get through all the shows I really like before I watch Shield but should see it sometime this week.

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                        I can't read this thread anymore!  It just brings back too many painful memories.   It's bad enough I read all the posts in my e-mail!


                        Ok now that I've got that out of my system......I remember when the Broncos won back to back Super Bowls so I can imagine Iron's excitement. The victory parade in Seattle was apparently pretty huge.  It was reported that around 700,000 people where there (which according to whatever number Google gave me is higher than the population of Seattle itself!)  Man I wish the Broncos would have picked a regular season game to have their worst game of the year, but nooooo, they had to save their worst for the Super Bowl.  Oh well.  Football season is over, how 'bout them Avs?


                        I think I am still a couple episodes back on SHIELD so the break will give me some time to catch up again.

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                          I'm sorry Jad, not, lol. The Broncos were not sharp but I think the Hawk D had a lot to do with it after all they had not faced a D of that quality all year or even close to that quality in the wimpy AFC. Seattle's metro population is around 600,000 but from Tacoma to Everett there are over 3.5 million people, Tacoma is 30 miles south of Seattle and Everett is 20 miles North but it like one big city.