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        Well, there was a GotG team way back when, granted I don't know when your comics prime was of course., but they were completely different in every aspect other than name.

        But that makes sense why you haven't bothered reading them, I didn't care about them either until I saw the recent issue 1 and figured why not.

        It is something geared more for the younger generation, since this team didn't even form until the same month the first Iron Man movie was released. But that shouldn't stop you in the older generation from liking it ;D

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          Well, today certainly was a busy day for those involved in comic book movies firmly putting their feet in their mouths.  First, Goyer making those ugly, ignorant sex shaming comments about She-Hulk and I'm reading those kinda mind boggling comments from Singer on the X-Men vs Avengers film debates where he acts like the X-Men are some poor, unwanted and unknown franchise.  Singer should be thankful that Goyer's comments came out the same day to overshadow his, haha.


          @Iron - It's okay, Iron, this is a safe place.  You can admit your one true love for Howard the Duck.  We all know about that tattoo of him on your back.  I won't laugh for too long.


          @Nova - I have to think that they went into the show knowing that they'd focus it around the Cap 2 events, so they had to tread water in the first third of the season to wait until TWS came out.  I wonder if they always planned to have Ward turn into a bad guy though or if they made that decision based on the negative reaction to him.  I think Fitz definitely got sidelined because of the lukewarm reception to the science twins and whether he comes back next season will be based on people's reactions.  Finally, someone else around here likes Dr Who, haha.  Which doctor and companion are your favorites!


          Aw, but sweat pants Iron Man is the best Iron Man!  It's the next big seller at Halloween, I tell ya.  Haha, but yeah, they say Ultron goes through several different forms as he upgrades himself so hopefully we get the classic Ultron for his true, final form.


          It turns out that she didn't die, she just got transported to the microverse and she was able to send a message so the other Avengers could come and get her.  Marvel Adventures was a separate continuity kids line so it was a lot more light hearted and there wasn't any huge storylines or events.  It had kind of a New Avengers-y line up with Wolverine, Spidey, and Storm being core members (along with Cap and IM), but it also had Jan, except instead of being Wasp she primarily used the growth powers as Giant Girl.  I'm not sure why they went that route, I've only read a few of the comics.  EMH was fantastic, it seems like every couple of weeks Rogue and I mourn it's far too really passing.  I really wish they woulda at least let Yost complete the second season without meddling from Loeb and his writing crew.


          I'm really not sure how long the current Secret Avengers will last, to be honest.  It's numbers aren't very good.  I have a feeling if they cancel it the Secret Avengers brand won't get another instant relaunch though.  They already have Avengers, New, Mighty, World, and Uncanny as ongoing books and most of the cast can be found in other books.  Plus, Mighty fills the hole as a more light-hearted Avengers team book, so I don't think they'd be losing much to axe SA at this point.  It's a shame that they didn't try to stick with the style that Spencer had set, I really loved his run, but sales were sagging then too.  Yeah, the current Thunderbolts is kinda odd to me.  It just aint Thunderbolts without Songbird or Moonstone around.  Maybe Marvel didn't feel like thinking up a new team name, haha.

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            Nova you like Supernatural, awesome, love that show. What did you think of the season finale? I like the set up with Dean and Crowley howling at the moon, I will wait to see what you say in case you have not seen the finale yet, but love this show especially how it makes fun of itself at times.


            So the latest issue of IM was awesome, he got his Iron suit and just kicked the crap out of the Dark Elves, who hate Iron as it burns them, and also but a beat down on Malkeith recovering three of the four rings Malkieth had stolen, but then just when Malkieth thought he was about to escape the people who had the other rings showed up to kick his butt because he had tracked down other ring holders and cut their hands off so they figured they would get to him first. Hilarious that they revealed one of the ring holders is the Mole Man.

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              So XMen now has 116 reviews in and only 9 negative for 92% those are IM1 and DNR numbers, wow. Numbers this high typically a pretty darn good movie. I have been somewhat interested in going to this but this movie seems to be clicking on all cylinders so I am going to see it this weekend for sure.

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                I'm totally seeing Days of Future Past on Saturday, so that's gonna be cool. I'm not going in with as high of expectations as I had for Cap 2 or ASM2, but it should at least have some cool fights between the X-Men and all kinds of Sentinels, so it should be worth seeing once. 


                @SBN: More ASM2 spoilers, I guess?


                Yeah, she'd probably be an awesome fit for Mary Jane anyway.  They'd never do that, of course, but she would've been an awesome choice to play her if she wasn't already cast as Gwen.  Then again, Emma Stone is an awesome choice for just about any role. 


                Yeah, Spectacular Spider-Man is one of the best shows I've ever seen, and it's totally my favorite version of Spidey ever.  Goblin was really awesome in it, too, throwing out quips to match Spidey and having some awesome fights up the air with all the traps he keeps setting for Spidey.  It would've been so cool to see what happens when he would've come back in the third season, too.


                I wish they had the same kinda deal as they do for Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, where Kingpin could be in both.  He's such an important villain for both Spidey and DareDevil.  Spidey just has more options for villains than DareDevil does, so it's not as noticeable without him.  They could always go the Spectacular route and make Tombstone into basically Kingpin if they really wanted to.  It worked awesome for that show.


                Spoilers over.


                It's part of my favorite video game series, the Tales series, and I was running out of games to play from the series on consoles I had, so I decided I had to borrow my brother's 360 and play it. 

                Definitely no gold account, since I seriously only own two games for it and one has been borrowed to my brother for a long time.  There's a couple other games I want to try out eventually, but getting a gold account would be a pretty big waste for me. 


                Yeah, that was a pretty bad idea.  Peter was growing plenty, and they just got rid of all that growth.  There was so much more room for cool stories, too.


                Grocery stores can be pretty regional, so it might just be more of a western thing.  Not many people actually get stuff from Rainbow food here anyway.  It's all Target or Cub around here.


                Thanks!  I haven't heard anything back yet, but it was just the end of the school year, so she probably had tons of papers to grade and stuff.  Hopefully, I get a chance to meet with her to talk about it soon to help me really get my revisions pointed in a good directions.


                Nothing to be scared about!  It's just fun writing.  The worst that can happen is you can realize you didn't like some decisions you made in writing it and learn from them for the future anyway. 


                Rogue was in the X-Men movies?  I never saw her in them.  I just saw some girl named Anna who couldn't fight, had self-esteem issues constantly, and was obsessed with Iceman.  I didn't see any Rogue in those movies. 


                There might be some shows that stay great after 5 seasons, but there's a lot that definitely start going downhill.  Even outside of cartoons, you can look at How I Met Your Mother or The Office as big shows that felt like they kinda ran out of things to do in later seasons.  They were still okay later on, but not great like in the first 5 or so seasons.  It can work to go past 5 seasons, but a show usually ends up being better by having more of a planned beginning, middle and end, in my opinion.  This calls for a reference to my favorite show ever!  Avatar: The Last Airbender totally nails it by having 3 seasons like it does.  Even though the show is so awesome, I still wouldn't want there to be anymore seasons since it's setup so perfectly in its 3 seasons.  They wrap up everything so perfectly (except I still want to know what happened to Zuko's mom!  But that's not the point...) that the show just feels like it's done right there.  The story's totally complete. 


                @Hawk: Yeah, Goyer's comments were pretty awful. I haven't heard Singer's, actually.  What did he say, besides just whining about the X-Men being supposedly overlooked (which wouldn't happen at all if the movies were as good as Marvel's movies)?  Goyer's comments were just terrible, though.  The worst part, I thought, was how he then went to the crowd at whatever show this was and basically called them a bunch of nerds who could never get a girl (that's a terrible way of phrasing it, but I'm trying to keep it G-rated).  It's so bad because this is right after his She-Hulk comments, so he's really just endorsing the idea of women being treated like objects just like he was saying was the case with She-Hulk (inaccurately, at that). 


                Yeah, I wouldn't expect either of them to ever get into Infinity, but Rogue definitely has the better chance as part of some kind of X-Men pack.  I'd expect Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, and a few others before her, though. 


                Yeah, that's the problem with Iron Man's popularity now.  He's just everywhere and gets the spotlight all the time.  It'd be nice to spread it around to some other characters some more.  A WCA movie would be pretty cool, and we get some more obscure characters in the movies, so you never know.  I've thought about seeing that Widow and Punisher movie eventually.  Is it any good?


                I probably should have!  Everyone should own a collection of Tales games!  Yeah, I remember you saying the Cap game was pretty good, so I should totally check into it eventually.  I actually saw that Chris Evans happened to say in an interview that he liked it a lot, too, but he might be a bit biased.  I was probably a little better, but we were both pretty awesome at it.  I played Smash Bros. with some people in college sometimes who played all the time and did all kinds of crazy training stuff for it, and I think both of us were better than most of those people.  It was hilarious playing with them sometimes with their rules about no items and playing on the boring stages.  Then there was all the whining about how I was winning with a "low-tier" character (I still have no idea who was ranked where).  Good times.  I have no idea what he did to his 360s.  I think he doesn't take as good of care of them as you should, but he probably just had some bad luck, too.  It's been a while since one broke, so I can't remember what happened too well.  Yeah, the thumbsticks especially break down quicker than most things, I think, but even a button can get stuck if you use it too much. 

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                  @Iron - Looks like Iron Man is getting a new writer soon.  Gillen said he's leaving the book later this summer and will be working on a different title.


                  @Rogue - Singer's comments were a bit crazy.  At one point he he said the Avengers was a success cause it starred extremely famous characters and had a supporting cast of extremely famous characters.  But then he also says how some of the "extremely famous" characters don't have solo movies cause no one would be interested in them.  Which contradicts his previous point.  Then he talks about how his mom knows who Captain America is, but she doesn't know who Gambit is (as "proof" of how unknown the X-Men are), but then also says his mom doesn't know who Hulk is either.  And at another point he insinuates that the only realize Marvel is praised so much cause they have RDJ and if he had RDJ he'd get the same kind of praise.  The whole thing just comes off really defensive and resentful and bad.  Not anywhere close to Goyer bad, but he could've handled it so much better.


                  Your comment about Anna in the X-Men movies just cracked me up, haha.  Yeah, I think you can bet on Cyclops, Jean, Storm, and Wolverine being the first four.  Magneto is pretty likely too, I think.  I'm not entirely sure after that.  Nightcrawler, Gambit, Rogue, Psylocke, Emma Frost, Colossus, and Kitty are probably fighting it out after that.


                  I didn't really like it.  A lot of it is focused on Natasha's really whiney ex-boyfriend who looks like Red Guardian and dated her like Red Guardian, but he has Egghead's name and is a scientist like Egghead.  He spends all movie saying how he made himself into a super soldier for her and how he didn't feel worthy to date her.  Maybe it would be okay if that was just one scene, but then they have a huge fight at the end that just rehashes it again and I was just begging for Widow to kill him already.  Amadeus Cho has some really cringe worthy scenes too with him having the hots for Widow and gaping at her.  The Punisher is the Punisher.  He scowls and goes into rage mode slaughtering guys.  The Avengers have a brief cameo in the end that's actually pretty cool, though most of em don't talk.  Hawkeye gets in a little quip though!


                  Haha, the fighting game community can be harsh at times, it seems.  I guess if that's what they're into, props to them, but it doesn't sound terribly fun to me.  Though I'm not much for fighting games.  I guess low tier would mean a character that aint supposed to be good?  Or maybe someone that's super easy to use so the experts think its a cop out.  Seems kinda weak to complain if it's just a few people hanging out though.

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                    @Hawk: That sounds more like random ranting and raving, since he keeps contradicting himself.  He should probably just give up and admit that he should just make better movies instead of trying to prove to people that his movies should be liked.  People will like them if you make good ones.  Seems pretty simple to me.


                    Haha, yeah, that Anna in the X-Men movies is so lame.  I wish they had a cool character like Rogue in the movies instead.  I'd maybe add Iceman to that list of possible characters, and Kitty's probably more of a long shot than anything, sadly.  If this game got both Rogue and Kitty in it, I'd pretty much be forced to buy it! 


                    Yeah, that doesn't sound very good.  It sounds like a much worse version of the story about Red Guardian in Widowmaker by making him into a whiny scientist.  That seems like a pretty accurate way to describe Punisher, based on what I know about him.  Rage mode and scowling sums it all up. 


                    Yeah, that's why I don't like playing with people like that too much.  It's way too stiff and limiting.  I prefer the wacky fun of using all kinds random items and stuff in Smash Bros, since it's supposed to be a wacky and fun game.  I don't play too many fighting games either, though they can be pretty fun.  I think about all I have are Smash Bros, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and 3, and Super Street Fighter 4 for the 3DS.  It takes way too much of a time commitment to get good at them and stay good.  I actually got pretty good at MvC3 for a bit (after weeks of being terrible, of course), stopped playing for a couple weeks, and was pretty bad when I came back.  It's crazy how quickly you lose fighting game skills.  But, yeah, low tier is a character that isn't supposed to be good.  I guess they were annoyed they were losing to a bad character?  I don't know.  I don't pretend to understand super intense fighting game stuff. 

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                      Quoting Rogue, "The problem with IM being popular" what how can that be a problem I protest. He should be front and center in every movie, game and so forth until the end of time, lol.


                      The thing about Anna (Rogue) is that is what Rogue was like at first before she absorbed Ms. Marvel's strength and flight powers, she was also a bad guy at first being a member of the Evil Brotherhood. They made Anna very vulnerable and while I didn't mind it at first it would have been cool if by the end of the movie she was taking the bad guys powers and using them against them. So she was really under utilized for sure.


                      Singer is a strange guy he starts out his career with the awesome movie "Usual Suspects" and I certainly enjoyed the first two X Men movies as they clearly were the best superhero movies for that time. Then he just tanked with The Return of Superman, that was awful. Not sure why he is ******** about the Avengers since it is clearly better than any superhero movie he has made. He can say Marvel got lucky but that would be untrue. They saw the potential in RDJ and IM1 is a really good movie to boot so it was a lot of skill as well. Now Marvel has pretty much achieved total dominance when it comes to making the best superhero movies and that is just the facts so he needs to shut up.


                      Hawk I will be sorry to see the writer of IM go he really made the comic fun again in a big way. Much better than Fraction with more of an emphasis Tony being in the armor kicking ass as IM and less Tony being out of the armor ruminating and whining.

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                        GUYS. X-Men. Was. Great.

                        Those great ratings they've been getting were not off. That movie was amazing! Since it doesn't look like any of y'all have seen it yet, I'll hold off on spoilers, but as a long time X-Men fan (they were to me as Spider-Man was to most people my age) I just have to say that was the movie I've been waiting for.

                        And I'm sure ya'll've heard this already, but Quicksilver was actually a highlight of the film. His awkward sense of style was totally un-noticable due to how great he was done.


                        @Iron: I like Supernatural, but I've only just recently started liking it, I'm still trying to catch up on Netflix right now! Though thanks to some "rude" people, I have heard (over and over) about what happened, and... poor Dean...


                        Wait, what did Singer say about Avengers? I mean, he did just make a pretty uncanny new X-Men movie, but is he saying X-Men could be beat Avengers in like movie terms, or like in an AvX type of deal?


                        @Hawk: Oh yeah, I'm pretty certain they've said they knew about Cap's events from the start. I can't tell if they planned on Ward being evil or not, but whether that was an original idea from the start or a last minute one, I'm glad they made that decision, he was so much better as a villain. Wait, FitzSimmons wasn't by all? Completely serious, I've heard nothing but love for them from the people I've talked to. Though I must admit Fitz did become a little annoying towards the end, but I still loved the kid. But speaking of Marvel TV, is Daredevil due to come out this fall? Or is it next fall?


                        Woah, you mean to say no-one else on here likes Doctor Who? That's actually kind of surprising. Favorite Doctor.. that's hard.. Probably Tennant, then Eccleston, then Smith. Favorite companion would have to be the Ponds. Though I'm sure once as I finish season 7 (or whichever the last one was), Clara might take that spot. I've seen the 50th and Christmas specials already (bad choice in hindsight, but those were what got me to watch the rest of the show), and I loved her there! Can't wait to see her and Capaldi in the fall!


                        Sweat pants Iron Man should be the only Iron Man. Really, he has different form? Well I guess that makes sense, let him go from Stark's robot to the Real Ultron. I actually think it'd be kind of cool if his final form was something close to his Annihilation Conquest one, that form looked pretty menacing.


                        Well that's an intersting way of dying. None of these heroes ever seem to really die. Cap got frozen in time (because they couldn't think of anything other than a futuristic version of his original death), Thor got stuck arguing with his alter ego in nowhere, Jan got this? Oh Avengers. Ah, it's a kids line, that explains why I haven't heard of it. But Storm as a member? That's interesting. She never really was an Avenger was she though?

                        Well you can add me to that mourning, I miss that great show. Though that does explain why the last part of it didn't feel the same as the rest of it.


                        It isn't doing too good on sales? Well honestly with art like it does I'm not surprised. And out of all of those, now that AI is over, Secret is probably my least favorite out of those titles, despite the fact the original Cap led team I loved. Have you been reading Mighty Avengers?

                        These new Thunderbolts are just so.. eh. I mean... As you can tell, I love Thunderbolts, especially one particular member, and this just isn't right what they're doing now. It honestly just looks like them wanting a new reason to both have Deadpool and extra violence and, like you said, weren't feeling too original. But I mean, the least they could do would be to put Songbird, Mach V, Moonstone, and everyone else into somewhere. I've heard Mach V is actually in Superior Spider-Foes, but that's not enough!


                        And on your Infinity talk, I wouldn't be surprised if Mystique and Beast made their way into it. Maybe not immediately, but after DoFP I'd be surprised if they didn't make it before most others.



                        Do these still count as ASM2 spoilers? No, they don't we're hardly even talking about the movie. Spoilers done.

                        Gwen Stacy died.


                        Hey, her being Gwen should never hold her back from playing MJ! Well whoever they get to be MJ, I just hope it isn't the girl they cut from ASM2


                        It.. Probably is my favorite version of him too. Especially being as that show actually made me like Spidey as much as most people did. No, when I was a kid I only enjoyed him mildly. I was all about the X-Men and Iron Man and even Nova and the Thunderbolts. But this show made me see why others like him, it is forever a shame it was cancelled, season 3 sounded like it could've been so good, just like EMH. But I can't see them going with Tombstone in the movies like they did here, I don't think people would appreciate it as much.


                        I think the grey area wouldn't work here since the DD rights were originally with Fox, and I doubt Sony and Fox would've allowed the possibility of grey areas, and now that the rights reverted I don't think it would've changed. Besides, I'm sure Marvel wants all the rights they can get. I wonder if Feige stays up all night in bed thinking about the fact Fox, Sony, and Universal still own rights to various characters.


                        Ah, that explains a lot. It made no sense for you to be owning a 360, now all makes sense. Haha, didn't expect you to have a gold, but I figured it was worth and ask! What other game do you have for it?


                        At least they've now done something good to make new stories about him! The new Amazing series looks to be pretty interesting.


                        Mm, true, fair point. Well hopefully with my big ball of nothing to do over the summer, I'll be able to put a lot into making it into a great story!


                        Wait, are you implying Anna and Rogue were supposed to be... connected in some way? Well whatever the case, whichever characters were done poorly in the past DoFP minor spoiler we'll get to see them done better in the future! At least with the older characters, the younger ones, unless we see them as very young, not quite as likely. Oh, you'll see


                        Well I haven't watched the Office and I'm still early in to How I Met Your Mother, but I suppose that's a fair point, as well with Avatar, which I haven't seen but I've heard it was perfectly done (I really need to watch it). I guess it just depends. It's like movies I suppose, do too many and they just wear out. Just in the case of X-Men, do too many, wear out, make one terrible and one decent spin-off, then a few years after the main series, start up again and do astonishing.


                        It took me way to many times to try to spell astonishing.

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                          @Iron - I think he said he'll leave after the Iron Man vs Hulk story, so you have that to look forward to!


                          @Rogue - Haha, yeah, he coulda just did the diplomatic thing and say Marvel makes great movies and he hopes people will like the new X-Men just as much.


                          Iceman has cool powers, but he's usually not as high up there in popularity as others.  I could still see him making the cut though, he tends to make it into many games.  Kitty's powers are as flashy as others, but I think she might have a better chance in this than something like MUA where it's said her powers are too game breaking.  The Disney Infinity games don't look like they're supposed to be terribly hard or complex.  Was Kitty in Lego Marvel?  I can't actually remember.  I know that Dr Strange had the power to walk through walls though.


                          Haha, it still might be worth it to watch it on Netflix if you can, since you're a Widow fan, but I wouldn't go running out to the store to buy it.


                          Playing with friends can be tons of fun, especially if you're all on the same page.  It can be pretty awesome having a group of people all working together toward a common goal and accomplishing it.  But it can also be tons of fun just to goof off and act silly.  It's a bit harder to coordinate that with random strangers, but sometimes it happens.  The ME3 multiplayer community tended to be pretty good at it.  Haha, yeah, I remember playing UMvC3 and it took a while of playing through the story again and again till I mastered a difficulty well enough that I felt comfortable enough to try a harder level.  I can only imagine how much people must practice to do the online stuff.  I usually got slaughtered.


                          @Nova - Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie!  As far as Singer's comments, he was talking about in turns of praise and box office.  He suggests that the reason why Marvel gets so much love and big box office success is because all the characters are "extremely popular" and Marvel has RDJ whereas he calls the X-Men the "b*stard stepchild" and that no one knows who the X-Men are.


                          Yeah, Fitz Simmons had a lot of haters really on in the season.  I think that everyone that wasn't Coulson and May got a fair bit of hate at the start.  I think it took around five or six episodes for people to start to warm up to the cast a bit.  I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's the coming fall.  TV usually comes together a lot quicker than movies so I don't think we'll see a long wait.


                          Nice!  I would probably give it to Tennant for my favorite too, but I really liked Eccelston.  I think he had the best single series with the Bad Wolf storyline.  Every episode feels like it serves a purpose whether it be advancing the characters or the mystery of the Bad Wolf.  The Rose we meet in the first episode wouldn't have destroyed the Daleks without the character growth from watching the Earth die or realizing she can't save her father.  She had to experience those losses to be able to kill the Daleks, even though she had shown great sympathy toward them.  Even Mickey and Jackie showed character growth and Jack learned self-sacrifice to give the Doctor time.  Also, Empty Child/Doctor Dances is such good episodes,  I thought Dalek was the perfection re-introduction too, it really set them as an enemy to be reckoned with,  I have a real soft spot for the Unquiet Dead too. Tennant had some really amazing episode too, just not all in a single season.  Man, the first time you see Blink the Weeping Angels are straight up nightmare fuel.  I really like the Family of Blood as far as creepy episodes go too.  The Impossible Planet/Satan's Pit two parter is another favorite of mine too.  Partners in Crime is my favorite of the funny episodes, I think, especially the moment when Donna and the Doctor finally see each other and the hilarious miming that ensues.  New Earth is great too with the Cassandra and Rose doing the mind swap and then the Doctor gets in on it.  I'd feel remiss not to mention The Girl in the Fireplace as a favorite, though that ending was rough.  Journey's End takes the cake though.  Donna has been my favorite companion and the way her arc ended had me pretty bummed out for like a week.  Her character had such development from when we met her in the Runaway Bride and it was so sad for her to lose it.  I haven't been as hooked on the Moffat era as I am with the Davies era though.  He's introduced some fun characters, but on a whole it hasn't clicked with me as much.  I'm very interested to see if Capaldi will change that.


                          I don't think I'm familiar with that one.  What did he look like?


                          I guess it's just easier to bring them back that way, haha.  I believe Storm did join the Avengers very briefly for like a couple issues, but then AvX hit and obviously she was team X-Men.  Yeah, I believe Yost and his team wrote up to the Secret Invasion two-parter then most of what came after was the Man of Action guys, aside from the finale and i think the Vision episode.  It's disappointing how some of the subplots got forgotten, particularly for the romantic relationships.  Jane Foster just up and broke up with Thor, they teased the Clint and Bobbi relationship but she never appeared after the SI story (though not sure how much Loeb was involved, they planned for her return in the New Avengers ep but didn't have money for her VA), and I don't think Hank ever returned to normal.  I wonder if it's just a coincidence or if someone wanted to keep the episodes more aimed at punching bad guys,


                          I've only saw the sales for the first issue, but it only sold about 34K.  And that's the big jumping on point, sales will only go down from there.  It's still higher than the 20K it was selling before the relaunch, but not great numbers for an Avengers book.  I'm curious now what the current sales look like, I'll have to try to remember to look into it tomorrow.  I haven't been reading Mighty Avengers, but I've heard a lot of good things!  I haven't read Thunderbolts, so I'm not sure of its quality, but as you said the roster is kinda frustrating from an old school T-Bolts point of view.  A lot of the characters in it have their own books too, whereas Songbird and crew just gotta stand on the sidelines.