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        WOW just got back from Xmen and it was awesome!! I really just loved it and by far the best non Marvel superhero movie ever done, by far. This movie just hit all the notes, incredible action, moments of poignancy, some good humor especially with Pietro, and an excellent plot. While Wolverine does play a large role it is nowhere near as Jackman centric as the other X Men movies giving many more X-Men plenty of chance to shine. Even if you have not liked the other movies this one is worth seeing in the theater. What a great year for superhero movies with this Cap in the tank, just fantastic.


        I am going to go into more detail below so Nova and I can wax rhapsodic so beware the spoiler alert.



        IF you somehow have gotten below spoiler tags be warned again spoilers ahead so for those of you who have not seen the movie what is below is verbotten, kinjuru or in english, forbidden

        Nova loved this movie as it hit pretty much every beat. The future stuff was fantastic, the Sentinels were completely bad ass, most of the futuristic X-men were given a chance to show their powers and to watch them get taken apart by the sentinels was hard to watch. Singer did a great job of setting up their sense of desperation and the awful odds they were facing become so clear when the sentinels attacked.

        The blast back to the past was funny and man did I love Quicksilver in this! His rescue of Magneto was one of the best action sequences of the movie as well as the funniest, in the full theater I was at everybody was laughing during the slo mo scene. When he takes out those agents in the kitchen saving Magneto, Charles, Hank and Wolvie that was incredible. His costume in the movie didn't bother me at all and he was played with this teenage naivete and wonder that was really quite remarkable.


        Mystique was great in every scene she was in and her martial arts sequences were all top notch. They really set the mood well for her and you could understand her absolute drive and commitment to kill Trask.

        Watching Magneto at his top power level was really, really cool and again Michael Fassbender does a superlative job making Magneto just jump off of the screen.

        The weight of a lot of the emotion of the movie falls on Mcavoy's shoulders and he carries it well. He does a marvelous of job of showing his pain and the raw emotion that Charles is feeling, young Charles and he Fassbender play very well off of each other.


        The fact that Wolverine was not over used in this movie really helped as well. He plays a large role but does not dominate the film in anyway and probably has the least amount of action scenes of any character.


        I also like the fact that even though this is a pretty grim movie at times, the future stuff especially, there is a sense of hope in it that gets its full light to shine at the end.


        I could go on but will let you guy or guys get a word in edgewise. Felling great at the sheer awesomeness of the movie.   

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          Wow, Iron was certainly impressed.  Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie so much!  Looks like it took in quite a bit of money at the box office too.  So much for no one knows who the X-Men are, haha.

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            So, I saw Days of Future Past yesterday too.  It was pretty cool, even if I'm not as super amazed as SBN and Iron here.  I think it might be the best of the X-Men movies so far, though, just a bit better than the first couple were.  It was kinda the usual case of Singer's movies where it was a pretty good movie, if not the best X-Men story because it didn't feel very comic-accurate. 


            Days of Future Past Spoilers!


            So, I definitely liked their job with Prof X and Magneto, as always.  Singer consistently does awesome stuff with those two, and McAvoy and Fassbender did awesome again.  It was so totally interesting to see them working together when they had to but never be comfortable with each other anymore.  You could tell they were still friends but didn't trust each other anymore because of how different their views were.  And Magneto made totally legitimate points about how Prof X abandoned them.  Not to mention that they never did make it clear whether he killed or tried to save JFK in their movie history.  But then Prof X figured things out and was awesome and inspiring like he's supposed to be. 


            I was glad they didn't overuse Wolverine.  He really probably did have less action here than just about anyone else, but he was pretty cool trying to bring everyone together and figure out how to stop the Sentinels.  Yeah, I wish it could've been Kitty transported into the past like in the comics instead of Wolverine, but we all knew that would never happen.  That's just my Kitty Pryde fan-ness speaking. 


            Though it would've been nice to have a little more time in the future with characters like Kitty, Iceman, Colossus, and all of them.  They had some pretty awesome fight scenes (especially Blink!  Blink was awesome!), but it would've been cool if they would've had a little more setup time to show just how bad the future was with the team there before they sent Wolverine into the past.  I definitely got that it was pretty bad there, but more setup time would've still been nice, since we didn't have much time in the future.  It'd probably be a 4 hour movie if I was planning it out, though, so I guess something had to get cut. 


            Quicksilver really was pretty cool.  Maybe not totally like he is in the comics, but he was downright entertaining with his super speed.  The kitchen scene is obvious, but I also liked the moments at his house where he talks about how he already checked their rental agreement and stuff like that when it seems like he's been in the room the whole time. 


            Not a huge fan of what they did with Beast, though.  They made him into like a poor man's Hulk, where he transformed back and forth.  I'd rather have the super smart and blue at the same time version of Beast, but maybe that'll come later on in the next movie? 


            Mystique is the perfect example of how this was a good movie but maybe not a great X-Men story, though.  It totally made sense in this movie universe to have Mystique kinda caught in the middle between the two sides and needing to make a decision, and it was pretty cool seeing how she took out Magneto in the end.  She's absolutely nothing like the comic version aside from her powers, though.  The comic version is pretty much an awful person all-around with no redeeming qualities (aside from caring about Rogue as her daughter a bit), so this was pretty different.  Of course, she was played by Jennifer Lawrence, so it was kinda obvious she was gonna play a big role in the movie.  I'd rather not have the actor being a star decide who gets the spotlight in a movie, though.  It was also a little disappointing how almost the entire First Class cast sounds like it got killed off between movies, too.  It's not the biggest thing ever, but I don't like wasting characters that can be really cool. 


            I'm pretty excited about the fact that they can kinda start over with a new team with characters like Cyclops, Jean, and Storm from now on.  That's where it looks like they're going, based on how Wolverine tells Prof X to go find the X-Men and train them, since we're supposed to be sticking with the First Class timeline now, I think. 


            End Days of Future Past Spoilers!


            @SBN: I don't know, the girl they had cast for MJ kinda gave off an Ultimate Mary Jane vibe, and the movies feel more like the Ultimate universe than anything.  I'd prefer more of a 616 MJ, though.  I'd kinda like for them to not have Peter go and date MJ right away, though.  It'd be super fun if they had a movie where he's teaming up with Black Cat, actually.  It'd give him a chance to stop wallowing in despair or whatever and have some fun before being able to totally move on from Gwen, you know?  Plus, Black Cat and Spidey team-ups are just fun.


            Yeah, it was a pretty awesome show.  It basically updated all the old classic Spidey stories in a way no one's ever done before.  Even the Ultimate comics didn't really directly tackle those old stories and make them relevant again like Spectacular.  I don't think that many movie-goers really know about Kingpin, though, so I don't see any reason why a Tombstone who acts like Kingpin couldn't work like it did there.  After all, if people have no problem with the Mystique we get in the new X-Men movies, why would they care about this?  Oh, right.  We might have to get Jennifer Lawrence to play Tombstone for them to accept it. 


            Yeah, I know there's no gray area here.  Marvel has the rights, but it's just kinda too bad that Kingpin is considered a DD villain solely when he has so much history as a Spidey villain. 


            The other game is just Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.  I got it with the system for free, and it wasn't really that good.  The first one was way better. 


            I still need to see what's up with the new series.  I haven't really been keeping up as closely since the Superior Spidey stuff started. 


            Go write stuff!  Now! 


            I think they are?  Nah, there's no way.  They have no similarities except the same powers and a streak of white hair.  I wouldn't expect to see Rogue for a while since they made her younger, but it'd be cool if she eventually shows up and is actually done right.  And, oh, I've already seen.  I saw the movie yesterday, as my big rant above says.


            Go watch Avatar: The Last Airbender!  It's my absolute favorite show of all-time.  Seriously, why are you even reading what I'm typing right now.  Go watch it now!  You better not be reading these words here, since you should be in front of a TV and watching Avatar.  It's awesome. 


            @Hawk: Yeah, that would've been a lot smarter than to ramble incoherently like that.  It's especially funny that he says this, since the X-Men were way more popular than the Avengers until the Marvel movies.  The Marvel movies really made the Avengers more popular, not the other way around. 


            What?!  Dr. Strange could walk through walls, but they didn't put Kitty Pryde in the game!?  I'm seriously annoyed now.  Why go through the work to make walking through walls work but not include Kitty?  Or Vision, for that matter. 


            I think it's on Netflix, so I might check it out eventually when I get a Netflix account again.  Doesn't sound like there's any need to rush to watch it, though.


            Yeah, playing with people you know is pretty much always more fun than playing with random people on the internet.  That's why games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart with good local co-op are still totally fun to play, since half the fun is in playing with your friends in-person for those games.  Yeah, it took a ton of time fighting people, practicing special moves, and trying different teams until I found the right team and got good enough with them to win fairly consistently.  And I was nowhere near the high rankings, where people would probably just destroy me without me getting a hit in. 

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              Well we have two the movie was awesome and one the movie was really good, lol. Good start that is for sure.


              So does anyone else want to see Lucy in August the Scarlet movie, that looks pretty amazing to me. What about Edge of Tomorrow that also looks really good.

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                Haha, while you all were watching X-Men I went to see Godzilla in IMAX!  It was pretty fun to see Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson ahead of, though neither of them got much to work with in terms of characters.  Elizabeth was pretty good, but her character wasn't in the movie much.  Aaron was the main character of the movie, but he got saddled with an emotionally stunted character.  When he got to act normal Aaron was fine, but whenever he had to be exasperated, sad, or scared it's all the same blank face.  None of the human character really had much going on, aside from Cranston though.  But I still really liked the movie.  It reminded me of a disaster movie with the humans being completely useless against Godzilla and the monsters and all they can do is try to survive.  The movie is really cool visually and the scale of the monsters is great, like seeing the ships getting tossed around from Godzilla swimming beneath it and entire mountains getting demolished.  Despite the flaws, I had a great time watching it.


                @iron - There are a lot of movies coming out that have got my interested.  I'm very interested to see Lucy, being that I really like many of Luc Besson's movies.  Edge of Tomorrow looks interesting too, gonna try to catch that.  I also wanna check out Maleficent coming out Friday.  Jolie looks pretty awesome in it.  And even though I usually don't like Seth McFarlane stuff I'll probably see A Million Ways to Die in the West and it's entirely cause I wanna see Charlize Theron being a cool gunslinger, haha.  I saw trailers for Interstellar and Jupiter Ascending when I went to see Godzilla and both of those movies caught my interest too.  There really is a lot of sci fi movies out this summer.  And I'll definitely check out Guardians of the Galaxy.


                @Rogue - Yup, though I can only remember doing it in the Dr Strange level.  It's been a while since I played though, there might've been more spots you can use it.  Don't you know, they had to make room for Howard the Duck!  He's very important to Marvel, people woulda rioted without him!


                Did your Netflix sub run out?

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                  @Hawk: Bad Hawk!  You're not allowed to watch non-Marvel movies!  I actually saw the original Japanese version of Godzilla in a class last fall, now that I think of it.  I'm pretty sure this version is a lot better than that one.  It was awful, especially since there were only poorly translated subtitles to tell you what people were saying.  One character had a super cool eyepatch, though, so at least it had something going for it.  Which brings up the crucial question... Did anyone have an eyepatch in this version?


                  Of course  Howard the Duck is just such a key part of the Marvel Universe, after all.  Bryan Singer would have no trouble getting people to watch his X-Men movies if he could include Howard the Duck instead of Kitty Pryde, you know.  That was the missing element they had, clearly. 


                  I just did the one free 30-day trial.  I could obviously easily afford the $8 a month, but I just haven't felt like spending money on it right now since I've been rewatching Avatar and reading some Star Wars books and stuff.  I figured I probably wouldn't use it much right now. 

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                    Hawk I saw Godzilla the previous weekend and really enjoyed it. They did a pretty good job of putting a human face on it, but should have stayed with Cranston the whole time. The monsters were awesome and yeah us poor pitiful humans were pretty ineffective against them. It was a fun movie since I didn't expect some super deep film it was a lot of fun.


                    Malficient does look good not sure if I will see it in the theater, but I am very intrigued. In my mind she is the most potent and scary Disney villain of them all and Jolie looks great. The western comedy looks really hoky so will definitely wait until DVD for that one. Hard to not go and see Interstellar since C. Nolan is directing.

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                      There are plenty of movies I want to see this summer.  Whether or not I actually get time to go to the theater and see them is another question.  My top priorities for movies right now are X-men, Edge of Tomorrow, How to Train Your Dragon 2 (gotta have something in there for the kids too ya know!), GOTG and maaaaaybe Transformers 4.  If I can get to the theater for those I will be pretty happy.  There are some others that I will potentially check out like Lucy, Godzilla, Interstellar, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, but I'll probably be ok if those have to wait for home release (subject to change depending on reviews!)


                      I may be getting a new job soon.  It is with a company that manufactures medical devices.  It would be a nice upgrade in pay and some good perks as well (company car, phone, laptop, etc)  I have a second interview next Wednesday then if I get selected I'll go to Indiana for the final interview.  The hardest part if I get the job will be a 12 week training where I'll be in Indiana all week then fly home on weekends.  I have a bit of a disadvantage since I don't have the medical background, but that can be learned.  I'm really hoping I get it!  My uncle actually works for the company and he has really enjoyed it so far.

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                        @Rogue- Haha, no eyepatches, but one person has a watch!  Which is the eyepatch for the hand.


                        Oh, yeah, no one is a fan of Kitty Pride of Ellen Page.  But put a guy in a badly made giant duck costume and you'll pack the theater!


                        Ah, did you use it much?  I remember ya talked about watching a couple of cartoons on it.  Nice!  I just zipped through a book this weekend, I didn't wanna put it down, haha.  What sorta Star Wars stuff ya reading?


                        @Iron - Yeah, Cranston had the meatiest role.  I guess they wanted a soldier to have the main role though cause it'd be easier to move him from action scene to action scene.  Which part was your favorite?  I really like the halo jump and the scenes on Hawaii.


                        @Jad - I would strongly suggest trying to catch Godzilla in the theater!  The scale and sound is gonna be way more impression in a theater than just your TV at home.  Not the best movie for kids though, as ya can probably guess.


                        Ouch, I already feel bad for your wife taking care of 3 kids on her own for 12 weeks.  I hope your family can give plenty of help or she's gonna lose her mind.  It sounds like a great opportunity for you though and maybe this job will let ya visit the forum during the day, haha.  Good luck with the interview!

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                          So, tomorrow is Wii U Day!  It's finally time for the Mario Kart 8 bundle to be released, so I'm going to pick one up in the morning.  I got all day off, so it'll be a day of lots of Wii U action. 


                          @Jad: Wow, that 12 weeks of training in Indiana doesn't sound like fun, but it sounds like a nice upgrade from your current job.  Gotta be able to afford to buy Marvel stuff for the kids, after all! haha, good luck with the interview process. 


                          @Hawk: It better be a big, fancy watch then.  A regular old watch just can't match an eyepatch.  It has to be one of those big watches you can't even put on your wrist.  You gotta carry it around in your jacket pocket and pull the watch out occasionally to check the time with your fancy monacle.  That's the only type of watch worth having.  Monacle sold separately.


                          Exactly!  His first movie did so well, after all.  Who wouldn't want a sequel?


                          I watched season 6 of Star Wars: Clone Wars (which was Netflix-exclusive), and I watched the Justice League cartoon before my free 30 days ran out.  There was a lot of cool stuff on there, so I'll totally have to get a subscription eventually, especially with the Marvel shows coming on it later.  What kind of book was it?  I'm reading the Thrawn Trilogy right now, near the end of the second book.  It's set a few years after Return of the Jedi, with the New Republic trying to get their government established.  The Empire has a Grand Admiral named Thrawn in charge who's this super brilliant battle strategist, though, and is always 3 steps ahead of them.  Also, there's a crazy clone of a Jedi master trying to kidnap Leia's kids, and Luke has a former secret agent of the Emperor trying to kill him.  So, yeah, a lot's going on.