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        I've discovered I can post from my tablet, yay, haha.


        Mostly from stubbornness. Started off as just a stiff back, annoying but nothing too bad, but I didn't take care of it as well as I probably should have.  Did a little stretching, but could a rested it better. I was feeling well enough to go to the movies Saturday afternoon but when I was making dinner it just gave out on me. Been resting ever since, not that my back is giving me much choice. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon, but it is giving me lots of time to play Watch Dogs at least.


        I hope ya have a great time! Are they still in class right now or did they finish? Yeah, not to mention Maleficent doing really well too. I hope you guys have fun though! The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer before the movie looked great too and may just change your opinion on it.


        Speaking of Marvel movies, it's great Ant-Man finally has a director again and man, what a wild rumor about Avengers 2. Not gonna spoil it here, its an interesting choice to go in. I'm kinda glad because of how it relates to Clint, but not something I would a guessed they'd do.

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          Haven't been posting as much since I keep getting scheduled for late shifts at work right now, so I don't have any time at night after I get back.  Still enjoying the awesome Wii U, and I got a meeting with my professor about the story tomorrow, so that'll be interesting. 


          Also, E3 has been pretty cool so far!  Smash Bros and Xenoblade Chronicles X look awesome on the Wii U for next year, and Arkham Knight looks pretty awesome on the PS4 too.  Also, they're finally bringing Final Fantasy Type-0 to the US!  I've been hoping for that for years now.  The Wii U even has a new Star Fox game coming!  The only downside to this E3 is that it seems like all the coolest games there are 2015 releases.  Smash Bros is about the only thing this year that looks that interesting.  Maybe that Hyrule Warriors game, too.  What have you all gotten excited about this E3?


          @Hawk: It's so tough to resist making an old man joke right now.  Back injuries are no fun, though.  You can't really do anything with a bad back (except play Watch Dogs, I guess). 


          That Collector's Edition could be pretty interesting.  Have they said what kinda price they're looking at for it?  I don't totally like when they do unnecessary exclusives like this, but at least it won't affect me since I'll be getting the PS4 eventually. 


          It's weird that so many people turned down the Ant-Man movie, but hopefully they can get things moving forward again.  I think I'll just try to avoid hearing about this rumor.  I don't want the movie getting spoiled for me this far out! 


          @Iron: Have fun in Seattle!  It's too bad they aren't going up to Alaska this year, but I guess they're getting older and all that.  Isn't one of them going to college next year?  Also, Hawk's right about the Guardians trailer.  It was pretty awesome, and I'm totally psyched for the movie now. 

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            @Hawk - sorry about your back.  I know how horrible it is to have back pain!  Hope you have a quick recovery. 

            I'm glad to hear Edge of Tomorrow was good.  I really want to see it (and about 4 other movies this summer).  It's a shame it isn't doing better at the box office since I have heard nothing but good things about it.

            @Iron - have fun in Seattle with your daughters!


            I didn't get that job.  The interview wasn't really much of an interview either.  They basically said I wouldn't be set up for success with how much I have to learn.  I didn't really even get a chance to discuss anything, but I understand where they were coming from.  Unfortunately it seems like I got the interview just because the regional manager told my uncle he would meet with me.  I had my hopes up so it was pretty disappointing.  I'm over it now though.  Oh well.  I may take some classes to give me some more related knowledge, but I'm not 100% sure that is the direction I want to go.

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              Jad sorry about the job that can be really frustrating.


              Hawk nice to have video games to play while you are out, lol.


              I will have to look up this wild rumor on Avengers and see what is up.


              So still playing Marvel Heroes not as much, but still fun in small doses. But there is also a new Avengers facebook game, by the same people do Avengers Alliance. It is very similar in some ways but the much more tactical and the fights are bit more interesting. Just trying it out but if you get little nudges from me on Facebook I want stuff for the game, lol.


              Thanks to all of you for wishing me a good time with my daughters. My oldest, Tori, just finished her first year in college. My youngest is a senior in HS next fall.

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                Thanks for the well wishes, guys! My back was feeling well today and may be back to normal tomorrow. No more lazing around for me, haha.


                @Rogue - You gotta tell them you have important things to discuss on the forum! Like what you thought of the new Rainbow Road! Haha, that's cool news about your book! Hopefully your Proffesor will have lots of positive things to say about! I may have a new story out too, except no one has gotta pay for mine, haha. But you'll have to let us know how that meeting goes!


                What do you think of Pac-man in Smash Bros?  2015 looks like it could be a pretty crazy year for games! I'm excited for the next Tomb Raider with Lara trying to adjust from the crazy experience of the last game and learning to embrace being an adventure. I wish she was using the dual pistols in the cinematic though. Those are her trademark weapons and she finally got em at the end of Tomb Raider. I hope they add in a lot more puzzles into the gameplay, that was the big thing missing from the reboot. The little side tombs were just way too easy and short. Still a fun game though. I'm also looking forward to the Guardian of Light sequel too! It was awesome to get a tiny tease about Mass Effect 4, though I was a little sad no news on a trilogy port for PS4. Oh well, still lots of other cool games coming out this fall!


                No price yet, as far as I've seen. I did see that if you pre-order from GameStop you get an additional figure for free though! That's for the standard starter pack though. Not sure if the collector's edition will get that bonus. Hulk is gonna end up on all consoles, Sony just gets him first so it ain't too major of an exclusive. Did ya see the new character announcements? Spidey, Venom, Nova, Fury, and Iron Fist! Sadly, it looks like the Spidey campaign is heavily influenced by the Ultimate Spider-man show though.


                @Jad - sorry to hear the job didn't pan out. Kinda annoying ya only got an interview cause of your uncle, though it was nice of him to go to bat for ya. What direction would ya ideally wanna go in?


                @Iron - I played a little of that and it seems fun! Are you gonna get the new Dragon Age this October and if so, what system? They're saying its a huge game that could fit the first two games inside it! Lots of hidden stuff to discover too.


                I'll post about the rumor in the Avengers movie thread so I won't spoil anyone in here!

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                  Hawk I have my old 360 so will just play on that and of course I am getting DA3 as it will be awesome, cannot wait for that game to come out.

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                    @Jad: That's too bad.  It's pretty lame that they'd even waste your time by bringing you in for an interview when they have no intention of considering hiring you. 


                    @Iron: Cool.  It's gotta seem weird to have two kids that are right around 18, but it also must be pretty cool to see how much they've grown up over the years.  Sounds like a lot of stuff is changing. 


                    @Hawk: Doesn't Target know that Hero HQ comes before work?!  She had some pretty useful feedback, mostly about adding some details to some parts that I was kinda thinking needed to be expanded on a bit.  It's mostly just about getting some more details about some backstory stuff and those kinds of things.  It sounded like she liked my characters and the whole premise and conflict of the story, which are kinda important to get down, since you can add details easily but you can't change those things so easily.  She said that it looks like it should be good enough to publish by the time I'm done and that the story I'm writing deals with some important issues that she's surprised no one has written a good young adult book about yet.  So, what's the new story?! 


                    My first reaction was to be disappointed that Lloyd Irving (main character of Tales of Symphonia) didn't sneak into the game as a character from Namco, with Symphonia being the most popular Tales game and being mostly on Nintendo systems.  I never really thought it'd happen, though, so I think it's pretty cool to have Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man all in one game together.  That's some classic video game stuff right there.  Yeah, 2015 looks awesome!  I'm already psyched for Tales of Zestiria, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Arkham Knight, and I'm sure there will be even more awesome stuff announced later.  I read somewhere that there's supposed to be more actual tombs in the new Tomb Raider game, so you might get your wish there. What?  You're excited about Mass Effect?  But you're never excited about Mass Effect!?  haha, how far out is ME4 supposed to be from now?


                    That's a pretty cool pre-order bonus.  Is it supposed to be a certain figure, or do you choose which one you want?  I'm gonna have to see some gameplay of it before I decide if I'm gonna get it, but it does look like it could be pretty cool.  Of course, then I have to decide what console to get it for, too... So many decisions.  Yeah, it's cool that Spidey's gonna be there right away (if not surprising), but it's a little disappointing to have the Ultimate Spider-Man stuff going on like that.  I hope he doesn't act too much like the cartoon version in the game...

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                      @Iron - Have you thought about getting it for PC?  I'm not sure how much ya care about the prettiness, but your PC might have a bit more power to it than your 360.


                      @Rogue - I know!  You need to go march up to your boss and inform him/her of this mistake!  That's awesome!  You should be done pretty quickly I imagine.  I'm sure you already have the backstories figured out so it'd just be a matter of adding in a couple paragraphs here and there.  Where are you hoping to get published?  As an ebook on Amazon or gonna ship it around to book publishers and agents?  Important issues like which brand of cola to put your loyalty behind, right?  I look forward to reading it myself, though!  It's a short spy story about Bobbi on a train trying to find a smugger.  The Serpent Crown makes an appearance along with Batroc the Leaper and things get a bit complicated.  I finished an in-depth outline, did all the research on trains and train routes, and even got a nice start on the actual writing before my back went out.  So, after that delay I got back into writing yesterday.


                      I bet you must be pretty excited to play with Mega Man even if Lloyd aint there!  And I imagine it would be some pretty silly fun to have Pac Man beating up people.  Tombs in a Tomb Raider game?  What madness is this!  I know, shocking, right?  I never play Mass Effect!  Haha, but they haven't said very much at all.  No estimated release date, no clue who you play as (aside from it not being Shepard), and Mass Effect 4 is probably just a placeholder name.  There's been little teases of concept art, but I'd wager it's probably be a 2016 release.  It's great that they're taking their time though with one of the biggest complains about ME3 (aside from the ending) was how rushed it seemed in many places.


                      It's any individual figure.  Unfortunately, Spidey only comes in a two pack, but you can get Hawkeye or Cap!  I imagine they won't make him quite so goofy as the cartoon.  Deadpool is a sure lock and I can't see them have Spidey do the fourth wall breaking when he's gonna be around.  It'd probably be the usual fair of video game superhero writing, which tends to be serviceable though not all that exciting.

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                        @Hawk: Clearly!  They would totally not fire me for that.  In fact, I bet they'd give me a big raise because I have my priorities straight!  Yeah, it's mostly just going through and expanding on some spots and giving more details about certain parts.  I got some other things I'm looking at with adding in a few things that lead into my ideas about the second book better, along with some things about my dialogue tags.  I think I should be done by the end of the summer, at least, and it seems like I'm always done way earlier than I say I will.  After all, I said I was gonna get the story written by the end of the summer, and it's been done for a month now.  I'm looking to find an agent probably, though going right to a publisher is an option, too.  It'd just be real cool to have my book out on actual store shelves instead of getting lost in the sea of ebooks on Amazon.  And Iron can even sell it at Barnes and Noble! haha, sounds like a cool story.  I'm just shocked that things get complicated, though.  I assumed Bobbi would just find the smuggler on page 2, and it'd be over!  Sounds like you got it all planned pretty well, though, even looking at train routes.  That's a nice touch.  Now, get back to writing it!


                        Yeah, I grew up playing Mega Man games (well, mostly the X series, but it's close enough), so it'll be awesome to have him be in Smash Bros.  A Tales character would just be the most awesome thing ever, but I kinda figured it wouldn't happen.  I know, I'd expect a Tomb Raider game to have lots of skyscrapers and no tombs at all.  Ah, so ME4 is a long ways away.  2016 isn't too bad, though, especially with how much cool stuff looks to be coming in 2015.  I'd always rather have them take their time on a game instead of trying to rush it out, so I'm cool with how many games are getting pushed back right now.  I always think of Knights of the Old Republic 2 when I hear about rushed games.  It still turned out to be a pretty cool game, but they had some crazy awesome plans until LucasArts forced them to release it for the holidays. 


                        I've been looking at some videos of gameplay from E3, and it looks pretty cool!  I might have to go ahead and get the Wii U version here.  And a free Hawkeye figure would be a pretty nice bonus, especially since you already get Widow in the starter pack.  I assume you're going for the collector's edition on PS4?

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                          Did anyone else catch the Ghana-USA game today?  Man, that was pretty tense!  I was sweating there with Ghana pouring on the offense and finally tying it up, but then US comes back to win the game.  I was fist pumping pretty hard when the final seconds ticked off.


                          @Rogue - Of course!  I know I would give you a huge raise!  Haha, watch you have it finished by the end of the month  It's great it's coming together so well and quickly for ya!  It probably helps that ya got most of your writing done before you started working two jobs and a shiney new Wii U and Mario Kart to tempt you away from the computer, haha.  So, what you're saying is you just want Iron to pimp out your book for you at his store.  Put up a giant cardboard stand of the lead characters which he totally wouldn't draw mustaches on out of spite...I'm sure it'd be pretty to actually hold a physical copy of a book with your name on it and all that too.  Though I imagine seeing it in any store, online or physical, would still be pretty fun!  I'm shocked too!  I was expecting it to be a two paragraph story and yet it's gotten so much bigger!  Six, maybe even ten paragraphs!  I'm starting to think I'm in a little over my head..


                          Never say never with the Smash series.  I mean, they are including the Wii fitness avatar in it.  I don't think a Tales character would be that much of a stretch.  Yeah, maybe it could be late 2015, but I think 2016 is the safe bet given how little they showed.  Yeah, it's always particularly sad when it's clear there's a good game in there, but a couple of issues hold it back.


                          Awesome!  And ya can't go wrong with Hawkeye, I say with my completely unbiased opinion.  Yup!  I'm thinking it'd probably be around 100 bucks since the starter pack is 75 and throw in the rest of the Avengers for a slight discount.  Maybe I'll get a couple other goodies, but I'd be happy with just the Avengers.  Hopefully it gets listed on Gamestop soon, I can't wait to reserve it!