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        The heroclix figures are pretty tiny, yeah?  8 bucks is about what you pay for a regular figure and I think the Heroclix are about half that size.


        I didn't get to see, but I heard about it!  Pretty crazy, like ya said, and pretty nasty, haha.  I'm rooting for US for obvious reasons, but also the Dutch since I have a good friend that's Dutch.  I would also be rooting for Ireland, but they didn't make it this year.  I've been watching a lot of different teams play, but those are the ones I cheer for the hardest.


        It's about this group of women that are genetically identical clones, but they were all raised completely separately and weren't aware of what they were.  So, they're all completely different like one of them is a soccer mom, another is a hippie scientist, another is a British punk, etc.  And the show is about them trying to figure who created them and why.  I really like it and the lead actress is amazing playing so many vastly different clones, making them feel unique, and also interacting with each other.


        Yeah, I've gotten a lot of cool stuff from em and I still have my X-Box Gold account so I've picked up some cool stuff from there too.  I got Dark Souls too and I've been having fun with it, though I've been alternating between playing that and Watch Dogs.  I think I'm level 20 now and I have to fight the Capra Demon, which has been a pain.  I'm slowly getting closer to killing him though, so hopefully I'll get past him soon.

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          @Hawk: Yeah, that match was crazy.  I saw the second half, and it totally looked like they had it until that crazy goal at the end.  You could kinda see that goal coming, too, as soon as Ronaldo got the ball.  Can still get into the next round with a win or draw, or even get lucky by having Portugal beat Ghana.  




          I don't think Monopoly money is accepted at most major retailers, for some strange reason.  Yeah, the chain of car passing is awesome because I got a crazy deal out of it!  I guess I don't know what I'll do in the winter, since I gotta see where I'm working then.  I'm actually getting my substitute teaching license, too, so I might be doing that, which could mean some driving around in the winter.  It sounds too evil for even Mephisto.  It must be... Jeph Loeb!  Haha, that episode of Friends is awesome.  You don't count Mississippi, Ross.  Friends was a pretty awesome show overall, of course. 


          It wasn't?!  Someone needs to report it to them!  This has to be their lead story!


          Clint didn't do too much, since he was the last one they used, but he looked pretty cool.  Sadly, Widow barely got any time in the video, either.  She never even got to fight anything before they switched to Clint.  They really haven't announced much about who can cross over, I think.  They've only said Iron Man and Nova can so far, not even Spidey!  I bet Spidey can, though.  He's just too popular not to have him cross over.  Fury would be cool in the Avengers one, too.  He might be talking to himself in the story, though.  Yeah, I don't know how many extra playsets I'll end up getting, either.  It depends on how much I like the starter pack, I guess.  I'll probably get the Spidey one at some point, though, since it's Spidey.  Maybe an X-Men one (especially if there's Rogue in it).  It'd be awesome if they got some new writers in there!  Especially if he got Yost and some of the EMH writers back...  Spidey's on the Avengers in there now?  I had no idea. 


          @SBN: Awesome!  I wish I had 4 day weekends, though! haha


          I don't got any crazy plans for the summer.  Keep writing and hopefully get my revisions done by the end of the summer, so I can start looking for a publisher.  Besides that, I'll end up working a lot and find some time for some video games.  Re-playing The Last Story right now, a totally awesome and hilarious RPG on the Wii.  What kinda summer plans do you have?


          So, you're starting to write the story?  Awesome!  You'll have to let me know how it's going.  Appearances are pretty much always the last thing I work out for my characters, honestly.  After all, it's nice to have their appearance reflect something in how they are as a person, you know?  And I just kinda think of their appearance as the least important detail to work out about them, since you need to know their personality and backstory first.  But you definitely need to know it before you start writing, so it's good you got it worked out! 

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            Woah, last night me and two friends went out to a Marvel/DC movie trivia night at Applebees and managed to get second place by one point! And the first place winners was a team of people who work at the comic shop, so I think that's pretty impressive for us! And the second place prize? A metal-case special edition blu-ray of X-Men First Class. I'm so happy.


            BUT HEY. So this last quarter I've been in a film class, working on a film (I hope that would be obvious), and our editor just finished up putting the final touches on it and posted it on YouTube! Apparently we're one of the first (if not THE first) group were the entire group got an A on their project, and the amount of individuals who get an A in the class is pretty low, so us all getting one? Pretty awesome. Anyways, it's a great film and I'd love to post the link here, but the stupid site and their stupid link rules are going to make me not want to post it in the post. So would y'all want me to PM it to y'all? It's pretty great!


            @Hawk: Well yes, they're only about an inch tall, but they aren't pieces just for looking at like an action figure, they're pieces for a strategy game. They're not good lookers, but if you play the game it's well worth it.


            Ah, yeah I figured you'd be team USA, which makes a lot of sense. I only know a few who aren't! It is a shame Ireland isn't in it, I would've been cheering for them so much more than anyone else!


            Wow, that actually sounds pretty interesting! It also sounds like it would something that would be a little hard to pull off, so that's nice to hear they've done it well. I can see a show with a concept like that just not working, all depends on the actress for something like that.


            You have an Xbox? With Live? Wow, and here I was believing you were a firm Playstation only guy. I'm actually quite surprised.

            Ah, I've heard Watch Dogs is a lot of fun, in many odd ways. That's definitely a game I need to check out, I'm a sucker for open world games.


            @Rogue: 4 day weekends were nice at first, but eventually it just got boring. I had nothing to do! Going to school just felt awkward and so did having nothing on so many consecutive days. A thorned rose. Of course in the fall I'm going to be missing this when I get back to 5 days of school... Especially with both English and Calculus... Not going to be fun...


            Ah, the ever exciting story of your story! I hope you're able to finish editing and find a publisher easily! I'm quite excited to read it! Well that sounds like a pretty productive way to spend it. I guess that's what happens when you grow up, you spend your summers productively.

            I have quite the plan this summer! A three week long vacation to San Antonio TX, Pittsburgh and Gettysburg PA, and Virginia Beach, all back to back! I'm really quite excited! I also get to go and pick up one of my best friends who's is the Navy now from the airport on my birthday! This Friday! That is going to be one good day


            Yes I am, or at least I'm still starting to flesh out what's going to happen, the writing itself has not started yet. I've tried writing when I didn't know what I was going to do all together and it... just.. yeah, it didn't work. So right now I'm deciding all of what's going to happen so I can write properly.

            The appearance was the last part of the characters themselves that I created. I made personalities, what they're going to do, all that stuff first, and then started how they would look. But at least for the four main characters I had to know what they looked like first, because I'm extremely visual and not being able to envision them would have thrown me off pretty badly. But now, I know what they're going to look like and I like it.

            The villain was really hard to do, because I wanted something that could be very memorable, and he wound up very much inspired by the Heath Ledger Joker, but not to point where he's not his own character. I can guarantee you they're very different, but I wanted a similar feel to him. In the end I think I got something that could be really good if I'm able to write him well.

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              @Rogue - Looks like we now have to thank Portugal for beating Ghana to move the US into the next round!  I wish I coulda watched the games, but they aired em in the middle of the afternoon.  The US-Belgium game isn't at a much better time, but hopefully I can catch a replay before I get spoiled!


              Are you sure about that?  I'm pretty sure everyone accepts Monopoly money.  It's pretty universal.  I think you might just work at some weird Target that doesn't accept monopoly money.  That's true, once your first million comes in for your huge book franchise you won't need to worry about working so much.  Oh, that's cool!  What type of stuff do you need to do to get your substitute teaching license?  Do they make you practice turning movies on and off?  Haha, Friends was pretty good.  They show it a ton of TV too, which is a fun way to kill a little time.


              Someone better get fired over this mistake!  How can you not report on this!


              I watched that Co-op video about Marvel Disney Infinity and man, does it look sweet!  There's even a skycycle!  Though it doesn't look quite like Clint's and it's boring black.  And it was fun seeing Clint doing all the flips on the motorcycle.  I guess they want both of em to be kinda generic black and not tie em into specific characters.  Maybe there's some unlockable reskins or something we haven't seen.  They mentioned we should get some character alts at the very least, which is always fun!  Fingers crossed for Classic Clint!  And possibly even more interesting there will be more than 20 characters at launch!  Right now we have 11 revealed with the six Avengers and five from the Spidey set, who do you think will be the others?  Guardians of the Galaxy set?  They have to do X-Men, no way we won't get Wolverine and Storm.  Probably also Magneto and Phoenix.  I guess it makes sense since wasn't Spidey a part of SHIELD in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon?  I can't remember if the Avengers was part of SHIELD in that show, but wouldn't be shocked.


              @Nova - Congrats on the win!  That musta been pretty fun and it sounds like you got a nice prize out of it.


              Sweet!  You should be able to post the actual video into the thread if you click on the little camera button above where ya write your post.


              It's a shame Ireland isn't very good, but that also makes it extra fun when they do accomplish something since ya aint expecting it, haha.


              Yeah, it could go wrong pretty fast, but they've got a pretty awesome cast.  Not just the lead, but everyone does their part really well.


              It was quite the opposite.  I only had a 360 for the last gen and was very happy with it.  I was sure I was gonna continue with the X-Box brand until last year's E3 when Microsoft announced they wanted a DRM machine, forced Kinect, and $500 price.  So, shortly after that I pre-ordered a PS4 and I've had it since launch.  The X-Box One has definitely gotten more attractive since dropping the Kinect, the price, and DRM though.  I might consider getting it in the future, but I'm not sure I need two systems.  Right now, the PS4 is the one that's getting extra content I want like the collector's edition of Disney Infinity and cool indie games (mostly for free from PS Plus!).  I was never into Halo and most of the 360 exclusives I liked have since gone multi-platform, like Mass Effect, so I'm not missing much, at the moment.


              Watch Dogs is pretty good, though not quite great game.  The hacking part of the game is a lot of fun and I like using it to go as stealth as possible, especially since you're pretty fragile and can die fast in a fire fight.  I really like the reputation system too, where you can just help random people on the street like vigilantes do.  The story isn't that great though.  Pearce is such a boring blank slate and he doesn't change or get anymore interesting through the course of the game, which I think was done on purpose by the devs since it's referenced in a news report, but doesn't make him anymore fun to be.  The reporting cast is more interesting, but it felt like they weren't in the game enough.  If you haven't played it yet, you should check out Assassin's Creed 4 for an awesome open world game!  Great main character, story, and the pirate gameplay is so much fun.

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                @SBN: Applebees has Marvel and DC trivia?  I wish my Applebees had that!  I'd actually go there sometimes, then! haha, nice job on the second place, though, and that's not a bad prize for second place. What was the first place prize, anyway?


                I'd definitely be interested in watching it.  I don't know what link rules you're talking about, though.  I've always been able to post random links of Tales of Vesperia awesomeness or hilarious Leverage moments without issue. 


                I could never get tired of having tons of time off.  I could just write and play lots of video games... Awesome.  Calculus is no fun, but what's wrong with English?!  English classes are the best kind!


                I'd rather spend my summer unproductively, if working a boring job is considered productive.  More time for writing and more time for video games and all that stuff would be awesome.  Oh well, the story's coming along really well, though.  I've really been able to add some awesome details and add some extra depth to a few backstory-type things that are making it even better, I think.  It's totally turning out better than I expected when I started out.

                Awesome!  Sounds like quite the trip.  Any particular reason you're going to those places?  Also, happy birthday (yesterday)!  You do anything cool for it?


                So, are you doing an outline then?  I know Hawk and I are both outline people, though I know lots of people don't like to do such detailed outlines.  Lots of people in my college creative writing classes liked to just jump right into the story instead, which I totally can't stand doing. 

                Yeah, that's pretty much what I do, figuring out the personality and backstory of someone before adding appearance in last.  It's the least important thing, in my opinion, but you totally need it to really imagine your story playing out in your head.

                Cool!  I think every character is inspired by some characters here and there.  After all, it's not like DC has a monopoly on crazy villains who think their crimes are funny.  There's plenty of examples of villains like that, which doesn't mean they're ripped off or anything, you know?  Sounds like you're excited about it, though, which is the most important part.  You can't write something well if you aren't excited to write it.


                @Hawk: I saw a decent bit of that Germany game (though I was distracted by video games and skipped some of it, of course).  They played pretty defensively, and it wasn't the most exciting game.  You didn't really miss much. 


                That must be it.  After all, it's a currency whose value hasn't changed at all over time!  Haha, the first million of many!  To get the license, you basically just need to send in your college transcripts, get fingerprinted for a background check, and get a district to sign off on a form, saying they have a need for more subs.  The form is the biggest problem, since the districts just don't have a good way to contact them for it, even though tons of them need more subs.  It's kinda a mess of a bureaucracy.  I'm actually about to start this online training program for one district, though, since some of the districts have requirements like that to work there, besides having the license.  I'll let you know if movie turning on and off is in the program, since that sounds pretty difficult.  I might need to ask you for some advice on that.  Yeah, Friends was probably my favorite sitcom of that 90's to early 2000's time period, and it seems like it's always on TBS or some local channel, since they have so many episodes to show as reruns. 


                I know!  It's clearly the most important piece of news in the history... of history. 


                Yeah, it looked really cool!  Each of the characters looked to play pretty different, and the world looked pretty big and fun to explore.  Cap looked really cool with all his shield throws, too, not to mention how quickly he was bouncing between enemies.  A Guardians of the Galaxy set was actually leaked a while back, I guess.  All 5 movie characters are supposed to be in it, with Star-Lord and Gamora as the two in the playset and the others as individual figures.  I would think an X-Men one would have to be the other one, with 5 or 6 characters.  Wolverine and Storm would have to be in it, and you'd think Cyclops should be there, too.  Jean and Magneto totally make sense, unless they keep Magneto as a villain.  I could see Iceman, Beast, or Colossus being in it, too.  And I'm still holding out hope for Rogue, of course.  Yeah, Spidey works for SHIELD and is training with them in the show, I think.  So I guess he could have been training to be ready to be made an Avenger, if they're affiliated with SHIELD there. 

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                  Hawk I did see Edge of Tomorrow and thought it was really good! Smart, fun, engaging and thought Emily Blunt was terrific. Kinda cool to see Cruise playing a coward at the beginning and doing a bit more of a subdued role. Certainly one worth watching in the theater. However all that being said I took the girls to X-Men, as one of them hadn't seen it, and found it just as awesome the second time around. So far this is the movie of the year and gives me great hope for the next movie. Really just hit every beat for me and every action sequence was so well done and dramatic and the movie scene of the year for me is the Quicksilver breaking into the pentagon, just so amazing, funny and cool. I could easily go again and not feel like I am wasting my money it was that good. Feel pretty grateful with the great Cap movie out this year, X-Men and Edge all super fun movies to see.

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                    Happy belated birthday, Nova!


                    @Iron - Awesome, glad ya enjoyed it!  Emily and Cruise were both great in it.  I've heard that DC wants to woo Emily for one of their movies, but I wouldn't mind her in the MCU.  Do you got any fun plans to do while you're visiting?


                    @Rogue - So, tomorrow is US vs Belgium!  Who will win, who will lose, who will eat delicious waffles for breakfast?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Belgium is supposed to be no slouch though.  I think I heard their current goaltender has been undefeated?  Not exactly good news for US, but who knows, the streak has gotta end sometime.


                    I know and you can buy Boardwalk for only like five hundred bucks in Monopoly money!  Though I suppose that would be a lot more in American dollars.  So, I guess that makes me a millionaire!  Maybe even billionaire.  I need to buy Marvel and start pumping out Hawkeye movies!  Does any of your past classes in teaching account for anything when getting your sub license or can like anyone apply, assuming they aren't a felon?  Not counting the online stuff you're doing to teach in that other district, I mean.  I am an expert in the field.  First make sure the TV is plugged in before you try to press on.  It's a big rookie mistake.  They try to turn the TV on and when nothing happens they're driven into a fury and smash the TV with their fists..It may or may not have been the Hulk.  I think 3rd Rock from the Sun would be my favorite late 90's to early 2000's sitcom.  They don't show it too much on TV anymore though, maybe on TV Land.  I love Seinfeld, but that's more of late 80's to late 90's.


                    The little furniture pieces we got to see were fun too, like the giant Cap shield table and the sandbag couch.  I hope we'll get some Hawkeye themed stuff!  I'm sure they could do plenty of target and arrow themed stuff for him.  Oh, was it?  I haven't heard, but not surprised.  Good choice of Starlord and Gamora too.  I'm a little surprised they didn't put White Tiger into the Spidey set since it's based on the Ultimate cartoon and she'd give it at least one female option.  I'm not sure about Cyclops since he's missed the cut of a number of games lately.  I think Magneto is for sure in cause he's so popular and has been playable in pretty much every Marvel universe game that we've had since MUA1.  Jean is also crazy popular so I'm sure she'll make the cut.  Not sure about Rogue, but here's hoping she gets in!

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                      Hawk the visit is over and we did lots of fun things, nice two weeks there. Emily was great and would certainly love to see her in the Marvel universe she nailed her role completely, she could be Ms. Marvel for sure!!!


                      Are you guys reading original sin? I'm sorry but the guy with the eyeball head who then blows up one of the Watcher's eyeball's all over the heroes was pretty silly. With IM it turns out that in the past he and Banner were friends and rivals when young scientists and that they have an argument and then a drunk Tony removes the inhibitors Bruce had put on the test gamma bomb so in a way Tony is responsible for Banner becoming the Hulk, making Tony a big, giant jerk. Oh well I liked the way the Mandrin ring thing ended that was pretty cool. What do you guys think of Original Sin?

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                        Damn, the two weeks flew by.  Good to hear you got to have time with your girls.  Yup, I could definitely see her as a great Ms M after Edge of Tomorrow!  Charlize Theron would be a good option too, though in my dream world I'd want her for Bobbi, haha.  Do you think we'll get some early footage of Age of Ultron at SDCC this year?  I doubt they've started on any CGI, but they're more than halfway done with filming at this point.  I imagine there must be something to tease us with.


                        I haven't been reading Original Sin, didn't really catch my fancy.  I've seen a couple scans of Bucky and Fury, but haven't been following it.  That and Axis seem like kinda thrown together events.  Picking a group of somewhat unrelated characters and throwing em together into a story.  I guess they can't do any real big universe wide event, ala Infinity, since Hickman is in the middle of a big arc with New Avengers and Avengers right now.

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                          I was not clear as I have not read the special Original sin comics only the comics I normally read which are labeled original sin and have the whole watcher memory leak thing going on. So just reading the my normal comics but all are influenced by it.


                          Yeah the vacation did fly by, lol, but a great time so it was all good.


                          I hope we get a teaser trailer that would be sweet and very cool to get people geeked out about the movie but I am going to be very careful about watching the trailers as they sometimes give too much away. I have said it before that Hulk catching IM was a big spoiler and I wish I would have never seen it before the film.


                          I really hope Ms. Marvel is going to come out in the next couple of years I would love that and with Marvel's huge success if they can deliver a good movie it will do well.