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        I hope everyone has a good July 4th!  It's supposed to be pretty rainy and windy for me cause of Hurricane Arthur passing by, but I'm making stuffed peppers so it won't be much of a damper on my cooking plans.  You guys gonna have anything good!


        @Iron - Yeah, I was so happy that the Edge of Tomorrow ads never spoiled too much of the movie.  They only really showed the early parts of the movie when he was being taught how to fight.  I probably shouldn't be looking at all the Avengers set photos and rumors, but I just can't help myself when it comes to AoU, haha.  I just can't wait for this movie!


        Yeah, I would love to get a Ms M/Captain Marvel/Carol movie in the next phase.  It sounds like we might have to wait a little bit since we have Ant Man and Dr Strange making their debuts with rumors of Black Panther being not far behind em, but it would be great to have Carol headlining a movie.

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          Hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July.  I'm actually working tomorrow night to get that holiday time-and-a-half pay, but I'm going to the Twins game on Saturday, so that'll be cool.


          @Hawk: Well, it turns out the US lost, obviously.  I didn't get to see much of the game, but it seemed like they just weren't anywhere near as good as Belgium.  The goalie was the only reason we stayed in the game so long.  Oh well, it's not like we expect the US to be good at soccer anyway.  It was cool to at least get to the knockout round.


          So, I assume you've setup some good hotels on Boardwalk to make money off it?  Those ones are crazy expensive when people land on your space.  Yeah, the classes don't count for much, though they might make a district more likely to want to hire you as a sub (though I don't think it's too tough to get setup as a sub).  All you really need is a degree and to get someone to sign off on the form for you.  The classes might mean I slightly know what I'm doing more than others, but maybe not too much more! haha, wow I feel like I'm learning so much.  Clearly, you are a master of turning movies on and off.  I never really saw much of 3rd Rock from the Sun, actually.  It kinda seems like it flew under the radar of that era.  Everybody Loves Raymond was also pretty cool in that era, though it feels kinda old-fashioned now like it hasn't aged well or something. 


          You want Hawkeye stuff?!  I can't even describe how much that surprises me!  Yeah, I hear Walmart accidentally leaked it out.  Yeah, those would be two cool characters to put in the starter pack, though it also means people will have to buy the awesomeness of Rocket Raccoon separately!  That might be part of the plan, though.  I'm not totally sure on Cyclops either, but he really should be in there somewhere.  He's the leader, after all!  I could easily see Magneto missing the cut just because he's mostly known as a villain, though.  It's not like these games are made specifically for people who read the comics all the time and know that he's not a villain all the time, you know?  I would bet on Magneto as the main villain of the X-Men playset, like how Loki and MODOK are the villains in the Avengers one.  Jean seems like a no-brainer, though, the more that I think about it.  She'd bring some super cool stuff with her TP and TK, too. 


          @Iron: Hey, Iron's back!  Sounds like you had a fun trip! 


          That Original Sin does not sound cool at all.  I'm never a fan of when they just retcon in tons of stuff and try to change a character's backstory out of nowhere like that.  I haven't really been reading any new comics besides Widow, so I can't really comment on exactly what's going on with the event, though. 

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            I had a great fourth, headed out to the lake cabin and enjoyed 75 degree perfection, sat out at the end of the dock, swam in the lake, read a good book, barbequed NY steak for dinner, wow was awesome!!


            Hawk I know you can't help yourself with Avenger spoilers, you would probably watch screen shots of them setting up the outhouses on the Avengers set, lol. I am going to try and stay away from most of the Avengers stuff except for the teaser trailer outside of that I think I will not watch any of the later trailers since I am going no matter what. Really do hope they have a teaser from comic-con.


            It is interesting that so many people become soccer fans when America does fairly well in the world cup, maybe it is patriotic fever or something, but I am not one of them. Never played the game as a kid, played football, baseball and basketball until HS then football and basketball in HS. So never grew up loving or watching the game. My three best friends all played youth soccer and still love the game although they all played HS basketball or football and not soccer. They always try to get me excited about the World Cup but generally I cannot watch a game longer than a few minutes. Don't mind watching the highlights of goals scored or great saves, but I have never in my life watched an entire soccer match. I get that it is the most popular sport in the rest of the world, but it is what the sixth or seventh most popular sport in America. Golf gets better ratings than professional soccer in America, outside of the World Cup if America is doing well. I did find it funny that some of the soccer commentators were saying American soccer is gaining more respect around the world and that cracks me up. The average American could care less if the world respects us in soccer. I am sure in Europe, South America, and many other places young athletes grow up dreaming about being soccer players but in America the best athletes dream of playing in the NFL, NBA or MLB roughly in that order. The majority of America's best athletes play in the those three major sports so American soccer is hardly getting our best athletes to play the sport. I am not saying that there are not other great athletes in America playing other sports in America there most certainly are, but it is clear that our very best go where the big money is. It also seems like every time America does better in the World Cup or Olympics that it is the dawn of Soccer becoming one of the major sports in America and time and time again that is never the case. However there are fans in America who are incredibly passionate about soccer and more power to them. I just have never found it to my liking.


            Since I read most of the Avenger comics, IM and Hulk I am getting a does of Original Sin and Rogue I agree I don't like this change were now Tony is responsible for Bruce becoming the Hulk, what a bunch of crap. There are some guys at Marvel that consistently want to make him an *******. Whether it is this or the time thing that is going on now, where again Tony is responsible, or the Illuminati, Tony becomes the bad guy, please, lol.

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              Hey guys.  I feel like the guy in the room that just listens to everyone and doesn't say much!  Things are busy as usual.  I didn't change jobs, but I did get a new position at work, so that's good news!

              I'm a little late to the party but I finally saw Days of Future Past yesterday.  It was pretty awesome.  I'd say it's probably my favorite X-men movie, tied with X2.

              We had our usual 4th of July block party at my brother-in-laws neighborhood and watched the city fireworks show after lighting some of our own. 

              I'll try and join in the conversation more often!

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                @Rogue - It was interesting.  For most of the match Belgium was in control and whenever US got the ball the offense fizzled before they could get a decent chance.  Then when it got to the overtime US went super offensive and it gave Belgium some "odd man rushes", to use a hockey term, which is what they scored on.  Ah, well, it was a good run for the US!  I'm all in for the Dutch now!  I was actually sending messages to my Dutch friend during the Costa Rica-Netherlands game and it was a lot of fun sharing the agony of all the close calls then hearing her describe the fireworks and running through the streets in the rain past midnight screaming her throat raw.  The shootout was such great theater too, with the Dutch bringing in a different goalie just to take the penalty kick and him talking a little smack to the CR players between the kicks.  Hopefully they can get past Argentina to get to the finals!


                Of course, I put up only the best red and plastic hotels!  haha, that's kinda unnervingly easy to become a sub!  Don't they know how hard working a TV is!  Goodluck on getting work as a sub though!  I'm guessing you would quit one of your jobs to open up time to do the subbing?  It was never a huge hit, no, but it still got six seasons, which aint bad.  I think I watched it when it came on after school.  I was never really into Raymond, myself.  I'm not really into the squabbling family stuff, I guess.  I got a soft spot for more non-traditional family dynamics, like 3rd Rock where they aren't technically related or Futurama.


                I know, I thought I'd change it from demanding Thing stuff.  Yeah, I'm surprised how little Cyclops has gotten into console games, though we did get him in Lego Marvel.  Magneto has still gotten into a lot of games though.  I think Davey Jones from the Pirate movies was a playable character and he's a bad guy.  Not sure if it'll be different in 2.0, but I'd still put Magneto up there as someone with a high chance of getting in.  Yup!  I would be kinda surprised at this point if Jean wasn't in the game.  The X-Men have a lot of cool people to pick from, but I think she's almost a lock.


                @Iron - Whether the port-a-potties are blue or green is groundbreaking stuff!  It could give away the entire movie!


                Haha, honestly, who cares?  That's like going up to people coming out of the The Winter Soldier and saying "You know Cap will never be as popular as Batman, Wolverine, or Spidey cause Batman, Wolverine, and Spidey have this and that."  Who cares?  People are having fun watching the World Cup, no need to analyze it.


                @Jad - Congrats on the new position!  Good to hear you had a fun 4th too.  Which movie do you think you'll see next?  Guardians, I'm guessing?

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                  Hawk I analyze everything, lol.


                  What if the porta potties are purple, hmm, what would that mean?


                  Jadryx, who is this person, is he alive, lol, great to hear from you. Glad you got promoted and it sounds like you are having a good summer.

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                    @Jad: Hey, you should really join that interesting conversation about porta potties, of course!  Who doesn't wanna talk about that?  But, congratulations on the new job, even if it's not the one with a different company you were hoping for. Days of Future Past really was pretty cool.  I'd agree that it was my favorite X-Men movie, and it really sets us up for some cool movies in the future.  Now, it's time for you to get ready for Guardians of the Galaxy, though!  It's less than a month away!


                    @Hawk: Bandwagon hopper! haha, I'm not really watching too much of the World Cup right now.  It's okay and can be fun for a bit here and there, but I keep ending up playing Tales of Vesperia instead of watching soccer right now.  I know, you're shocked.  I still don't get why soccer matches are such a big deal in so many countries that they'd have fireworks and crazy screaming in the streets, though.  Then again, I don't get why people riot when their teams when NBA or NFL titles, either.   But I guess sports and logic really don't mix.   My brother's totally supporting the Dutch, though, so you got another supporter for them, at least. 


                    Somehow, I don't think the red and plastic ones would meet building codes today, but Monopoly still sticks with them.  Yeah, it's not really that tough to become a sub, it seems.  I actually just got an email back from a district saying they'll sign off on my form and setup an orientation for me in August, so I'm pretty much setup with that district now.  My college job ends at the end of the summer, since I'm moving away from the campus and they're kinda supposed to have student workers anyway, so I definitely need to find something to do instead, since Target doesn't exactly pay the bills on its own.  Six seasons is pretty good, even if it wasn't as popular as Friends or anything, since not much really is that popular.  I used to really like Raymond, but it really doesn't feel like it holds up as well as Friends does, honestly.  I think part of it is more that it was one of those shows where nothing changed over the course of the show.  It's not like Friends or How I Met Your Mother as sitcoms that have actual character development over the course of the show.  I don't exactly know where 3rd Rock fits into all that, of course, since I never really watched it. 


                    Yeah, you'd think Cyclops would be in lots of stuff as the leader.  I guess his powers are considered simple or boring by some people.  He's in Marvel Heroes, though!  He's honestly pretty boring in it, though, so that doesn't exactly make a good case for him.  I'm not so sure being a villain keeps Magneto from being playable in the game, but I kinda expect he might be the main villain of the story mode for the X-Men one, so I don't think they'll have him fighting himself.  That's the only reason I wouldn't call him a lock for it.  It'd be cool to have Apocalypse or someone as the villain instead, but I'm expecting it to be Magneto and the Brotherhood. 

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                      @Iron - Obviously, it'd be a sign that they're killing those other guys Iron Man, Cap, and Thor to let the real star of the Avengers, Hawkeye, take the center stage, haha.


                      @Rogue - A Tales game!  Since when do you ever play those!  Haha, I don't think it's any different than how American cities react when their team wins a championship.  The Dutch may not have won the World Cup, but given it only comes around every four years and it's so hard to win, I think it's understandable to get excited.  Of course, when I get into a game I make all the baby angels cry with the curses I let loose and it doesn't even have to be a playoff game, haha.  I'd love to go to a big viewing party some time for like an important Flyers game sometime and get to go through the highs and lows with fellow fans.  The way the Flyers defense looks they aint gonna be winning anything for a few years though, haha.  I'm expected to see what happens with all the young defensemen they've stocked up on the last few years though.


                      The Monopoly hotels are better than the building codes!  Have ya ever stepped on one?  Those suckers hurt!  Oh, awesome!  That was didn't take long.  How long is the orientation?  Ah, that makes sense.  Does subbing pay very well?  I imagine it should pay a little better than the student job, at least.  Yeah, and with it's premise I feel like it's not a show that you really wanna stretch to ten seasons.  Especially since Gordon Joseph-Levitt was only around part time by the time they got to the sixth season since he went off to college.  I haven't really seen enough Raymond to say one way or another, but I think one of the best decisions Friends made was to make Monica and Chandler the central couple instead of Ross and Rachel.  Though that might just be me never seeing the Rachel and Ross appeal, haha.


                      That's true, Magneto is usually the villain in a lot of X-Men stuff.  I wonder if they would do the Brotherhood but with Mystique as the leader?  Throw in Sabretooth, Toad, and Blob.  Could be doable.

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                        So, I pre-ordered Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes yesterday at Gamestop for the Wii U!  They actually did some thing where they take $5 from the price of the starter pack and used it as a deposit to reserve the Hawkeye figure for me so I'll be guaranteed to get the Hawkeye figure as my free figure.  They said they'll just refund the $5 and put it back toward the starter pack then, so all it does is make sure I get the figure I wanted.  Because I'm sure everyone was gonna try to get the Hawkeye one, right?  No one would pick Captain America or anything over him!


                        @Hawk: Yeah, I never play those!  Especially not Vesperia, my favorite game of all-time!  It's a little different playing it now when I actually have lots of work and stuff, though, since I don't just burn through it in a week or two now.  I don't know, I don't think you'd see that much excitement from a US city when their team wins the World Series or the Super Bowl.  At least, it wouldn't be as widespread.  It'd only be a small number of crazed fans.  And it especially wouldn't happen for winning in the quarter finals.  Though I guess I live close to an area where people rioted and burned cars because our hockey team won the semi-finals in the NCAA Tournament.  But they were then mocked mercilessly by everyone in the state for it because it made no sense at all.  I think I've gone off track, though.  Point is, I don't get why people riot and scream when they win.  Then again, my teams don't win.  I'm a Minnesotan, after all.


                        But those hotels are dangerous because you can step on them!  I think it's just like a four hour session for orientation.  It pays pretty decent money, actually.  You get like $13-14/hr, and you usually get paid for 8 hours even though you're only there for 6-7 on a full school day.  That's pretty good, the way jobs pay right now in this area and this job market.  Even all the full-time jobs I tried to get right after graduation paid like $11-12, and those went to people with lots of experience.  The difference is that subbing is only part of the year and all that, I guess, but you can always fill in anything extra with a retail job or maybe a serving job at a restaurant, so it's not a bad way to make some money after college.  What was 3rd Rock about anyway?  I never did watch it, after all.  Yeah, I totally agree that Monica and Chandler worked so much better as the kinda central characters later on.  That's partly because I've always thought they were hilarious, though.  Joey and Phoebe were awesome, too, but they fit so well being more of side characters. 


                        Yeah, that's why I'm thinking Magneto would be the main villain and end up not playable.  A Mystique Brotherhood might work, but I'm just not expecting it.  I'd like a story where they fight Apocalypse or Sinister, but I doubt they'll do something like that. 

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                          @Rogue - That's awesome!  It's really great that you can reserve the Hawkeye figure to make sure ya get and not have go from store to store trying to find him.  Did you pay for the entire thing Starter Pack already or just put a couple bucks down on it?  That reminds me I have no idea who I would get for a free character, assuming the Collector's Edition gets the same pre-order bonus.  I guess I'll have to wait and see who else will be available at launch, otherwise I might go with Rocket or Iron Fist.  Leaning a little toward Rocket cause I think the Guardians story would interest more than the Spidey stuff.


                          Somehow I feel like you'll still find a way to beat it in two weeks.  Maybe those cars were actually aliens in disguise and they just saved the whole world by burning them!  But instead of being hailed as the heroes these great people are, you mock them!  Shame on you, Rogue, shame on you.  I, for one, won't let their great heroism and sacrifice go unnoticed.  I will create a pile of burning tires to honor them.


                          Sometimes you have to break a few feet to have the best plastic hotels Monopoly money can buy!  You really think they can teach you everything there is to know about turning TV's off and on in just four hours?  It should at least be double that.  Oh, that's good to hear!  Hopefully ya can get some steady work subbing.  It's about four alien explorers that have come to Earth to observe the culture.  There's the leader who gets a job as a physics professor, the oldest of the group is the intelligence officer who ironically ends up with the youngest Earth body ( a 15 year old boy, posing as the leader's son), the hardass military officer who ends up in the body of a beautiful woman (posing as the leader's sister), and a dimwitted guy who has a radio in his head (posing as the leader's brother) that sends reports back to their ruler.  So, sometimes an episode will be the aliens not understanding context or experiencing something for the first time and very occasionally there will be an episode where they have to deal with other aliens.  The entire show is on youtube now which makes it pretty easy watch.  yeah, Joey and Phoebe were great, especially when they end up teamed together like when she was trying to teach Joey French for a role.