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    Replacment for Ballistic Knife + New weapon!

      Ballistic Knife is fun, but I think it's time for a little change up! Remember how IW "modernized" the Model 1887? Just something like that. How about a blow dart thingy? On the plus side, give it something like faster projectile speed, but no increased melee speed. I think that could be interesting! While I enjoy the B-Knife, I feel the melee attack gets used far more than the actual projectile. Oh, and since it's just a blow dart, IT WILL NOT APPEAR ON RADAR!


      And for a new weapon, I propose the FLAMETHROWER as a primary weapon! It should act justy like the WaW one! Infinite ammo, but easily overheats. I think this would breathe new life into the game.



      Thank you for hearing me out.

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          Re: Replacment for Ballistic Knife + New weapon!

          A blow dart? lol.  As long as it's poison tipped or something. 


          And the Ballistic Knife should return.  However, in a real life scenerio, you don't backhand the B.Knife, nor are you able to reload it quickly.  Instead, the way it's held should be corrected, and you cannot reload the B.Knife--you simply have two of them.  Fire them both, and you're out.


          In regards to melee weapons, could you imagine if a Katana can be your secondary?  lol


          And in regards to the flamethrower, I think it should be a launcher.  No, I'm NOT talking about the rifle mounted version.  I'm talking M2 Tank on your back style.  Of course, if you use my idea, it will be a proficiency, so you cannot combine a flamethrower with other launchers. 


          The Treyarch devs like fire, so I won't be surprised if it made it.

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              Re: Replacment for Ballistic Knife + New weapon!

              I was thinking "poison tipped" but I guess my brain applied Occam's Razor. I watched a video on the ballistic knife and then played Black Ops and was all "Huh?" Good point.


              Actually, a katana or variations of melee weapons would make cool secondaries! Or even a mace! Brain batter anybody?


              I thought the FLametrhwoer should bep rimary just because it would make it the "unique" weapon of the game, similar to the Riot Shield. I wouldn't mind it being classified as a laumncher.

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