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    How do i open my routers NAT?

      Mine is strict and im ALWAYS losing connection and its pissing me off. I have the Belkin play n600 router. HELP!

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          actually i would like to know this too, it seems that i'm dropping connection from games too, and its always from my end, i cant even open my ports, ive tried

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            First of all you need to be nice to it and listen to it's crap, then get it horribly drunk.

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              First DMZ Your router, Will make Wii main priority over other internet activity..  Then you need to Port Forward your Router.. 

              here are the numbers for MW3   Before I port forwared mine  my NAT type was MOD. now is OPEN...  I never drop while connecting to a match..


              80, 443, 28910, 29900, 29901, 3074  it is for both UDP and TCB..

              Here is a link to help if needed


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                Make sure your Wii is on so that it connects wirelessly to the router.


                Log in to your router (usually or something like that). Not sure about other brands, but Cisco put the DMZ under the Application and Gaming tab. Enter your Wii's MAC address (the best option). You can find this on the back of your Wii (I think), in your router via DHCP reservation in Cisco routers, or somewhere else in other brands of routers that shows current connections.


                Instead of using the MAC address, you could also enter your Wii's IP address if you make it static under DHCP reservation (not the best option). You could also NOT put your Wii in the DMZ and simply forward the appropriate ports via the Port Forwarding tab (a better option).


                Some routers - for whatever weird programming reason - need you to put your device (the Wii) in the DMZ and STILL use port forwarding. This isn't the norm, nor should it be, since the DMZ is supposed to open all ports to the particular MAC or IP address.

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                  I got an open nat when connected wirelessly to my router.  Finally.  But if I connect with an ethernet cable it goes back to moderate.  I'm going to look all this stuff up in the morning but I thought I would ask in case anyone may know and I'll have an answer when I wake up.


                  Even though it's connected via ethernet cable do I still need to go forward the ports for that connection?  Or does it need to be in DMZ mode?  I was under the impression that port forwarding was only for wireless, and I will find out tomorrow, but does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to get an open NAT with a wired connection? 

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                      You will need to port forward even with it setup with an ethernet cable. I am hard wired and needed to do so. The way I understand it though is if you are a moderate NAT that is actually the best for this game. Mine is open and I get host over 90% of the time which is not a good thing. You may want to reconsider changing yours to open. If I don't port forward then I'm strict. I've tried tweaking my settings but can't seem to find a moderate setting. So I just leave mine open and like I said I pull host over 90%. With the whole lag compensation thing it really effects the hosts lag. Just some thoughts for ya.

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                          Open is best for me.  Even with an open NAT i will never be host of a game with my current internet connection.  And yes I know what never means and it is used correctly in the previous sentence.  I will never be host of a match as things are now, and having it open actually improves things for me.  Not much mind you, but it's noticeable.  Things are a little less laggy.


                          Anyway, so I have the wireless connection port forwarded and now I need to do the wired part. I need to move.  I've spent so much time tweaking my current connection because we can't get cable out here....just a few more tweaks and it will be at it's best.

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                            When I set up my Wii using the ethernet adapter, I found out three things.


                            #1. The USB-to-LAN adapter works best for me in Black Ops.

                            #2. The adapter doesn't work so well for me in MW3 because:

                                  a. I am killed by one-shot kills nearly every time I encounter the enemy.

                                  b. I pull host about 90% of the time.

                            #3. The adapter does help out with framerate issues on all maps; but, see #2.


                            Somewhere in these forums, I read that the lag compensation favors better connections in Black Ops and favors slower connections in MW3. Over wireless, I couldn't really tell. Using the LAN adapter, I can definitely tell. I do much better when I connect wirelessly in MW3 and do much better when I connect via LAN in Blops.

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                                This tells me I need to get the lan connection working with an open NAT.  I can improve but still never host.  Yay crappy internet!!!.....not really.  It's pretty bad.  I think most people would rather host 90% of the time over this connection.  Or maybe not.  I'm never host so I don't know how bad it is.