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    Community Playlist suggestion-Gun Game.

      Hi! I think for a Community Playlist, gun game could always be one! I had loads of fun with it in Black Ops! However, it was also a gambling game type and I feel it should still apply. My idea is that 1st, 2nd and 3rd places all receive XP prizes! For example, 1st place could win 10,000, 2nd place wins 7500 and 3rd wins 5000. Alongside that, you earn the XP from the actual kills. So if you don't get "In the Money", you lose not only the jackpot, but you gain zilch on XP! You go home a loser!This would make gun game intense! However, you would still gain XP from challenges and such.


      I have played Gun Game in private match but it just doesn't compare at all to the Black Ops version! There is a certain...intensity that is missing!



      Oh, and some minor tweaks: Knifing should be of lower value points, just like it was in Sticks and Stones. How about something low, like 10XP? There should be no reward for knifing, only a consequence for the enemy. Knifing in Gun Game should be tactical, not something to be spammed.



      Please discuss! If there is anything you want to critisize, let's hear it! Just as a heads up, I chose 10k XP for 1st place because you aren't guaranteed to get first place often.


      EDIT: some changes suggested by Fengferth


      1. No party joins. (similar to FFA/Merc TDM)

      2. No "Join in session".