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    MW3 Elite

        Everytime I think about Elite for MW3 one song comes to mind (and yes I am a PS3 user):

         "I've been cheated, been mistreated, when will I be loved." When you ask me why of course I will reply that damn XBOX deal, I

      think that it is wrong that you are giving the 4 multiplayer maps and two missions to the non-paid XBOX users before the paid foun-

      ders/premium members on PS3 have yet to get their third map drop. Now you may not owe it to the premium paid who waited to

      buy Elite after you changed the wording in your advertisment, but for the founders that have been faithful and true since day one de-

      serve a better explaination. I am a founder and remember standing in line @ midnight on Nov.7th,2011 waiting to get my copy of the

      hardened edition of MW3, did the salesman tell me of the XBOX deal at time of purchase, no did the advertisment on the hardened

      edition of MW3 specify an XBOX deal not hardly. So I say as a founder what good was it for me to be out late on a Wednesday night

      waiting to recieve my copy of MW3? What motivated me to do this? Two things: clan operations/ building and maintaining a clan, and

      the option to recieve the maps before non-paid elite persons. So again the song plays in my head; "I've been cheated, been mistreated,

      when will I be loved?" So remember when you treat people with respect you get respect, so make it right for at least us founders that

      stood in line waiting for our copy of MW3 hardened/ founders thinking we were there for a reason, and not just leaving us feeling like

      we have all been cheated, and mistreated.