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      Right guys, here we go. First off the rules.


      Everything is standard, game rules as in pub games, same scoring , and you use whatever you like, obvious ones like NO glitching/modding/hacking etc - you will be monitored and if caught thrown out. The ONLY weapon rule is NO AKIMBO MACHINE PISTOLS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!! If caught, instant disqualification. You can use single machine pistols, just akimbos are outlawed.


      Straight knockout, top vs bottom draw, so the projected draw is as follows>


      ALL rounds are best of 7>

      Domination/Demolition/HQ/Sabotage/CTF//Kill Confirmed/SnD (In that order)


      Games to be played Saturday 17th or Sunday 18th March (8-9PM START, UK TIME, AT THE EARLIEST)

      A] ALPHA vs HOTEL

      B] BETA vs GOLF


      D] DELTA vs ECHO


      Games to be played Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th March

      A] Winner of A vs Winner of B

      B] Winner of C vs Winner of D


      Final to be played Saturday 31st March

      Winner of A vs Winner of B


      The fixture times can/will change, thats just when it can start at the earliest as thats when im free to host, Nove can take over after my 4hour stint.


      Groups and codes (please add your own teamates individually asap) just helps getting people together as this is the tricky part.



      ZZzKazekiri  2807-9628-9660

      [Ai] Caekz 3040 6144 6714

      BEAS7BLOOD 3231-4545-6478

      SilverShadow 2303-1213-0030


      Deadeyes 5050-6533-5134

      Infinitlag: 2360-6263-0176

      Iammonster 3343-5080-8521



      Pinguino 2.0 2152-8578-0291

      Porkins  4942-6617-6192

      Father 2289-1561-5412

      Mojito 2912-7752-7967


      Fissuresofrequent 0953-2752-1396

      [Ai] SilentShot

      Tony Stark 1399-6481-8905

      [DMC] Mace> 0976-3542-4053


      Uberman 3141-2473-3354

      CHaserCraphics  4303-3338-9409

      TheEpic001 3149-3860-3588

      qChrispyp 1755-9113-1087


      TCC Wasp 0389-5564-9127

      [ExO]nivE> 4870-7644-5455

      FoxMcCloud 1460-6356-6964

      L3GIT  1205-2142-9879


      zZzJuggernaut65xXx 0937-1308-1093

      nKo DarkFox 2413-9767-5576

      [ExO] coolninja> 3026-0875-4145

      SGT.Robert  3123-5175-2077


      MaDMAx   2129-8493-4631 OR 2129-8493-9409

      LethalWii  0511-9979-4177

      McZombi  3776-2499-9102

      xiReVoLTx  1811-7012-0121


      Random951 1480-6504-1323

      16tacodude 2658-1363-1852


      The reserves I know are eager to play, and you guys will almost certainly get a game, im sorry about leaving you out BUT it was random and could have been anyone, even me or Nive. Im virtually certain you`ll get to play


      IF a team only has 2/3 players at game time, its their choice to play on with a man down or add a reserve, who then replaces your missing player, and they then become reserve, I know its tough, but its not fair for a reserve to win a game for you and then get kicked. You may also be able to add a reserve of your own if were down on numbers, make sure they know the rules though! Please! I wont hesitate to kick players out.


      Me and Nive as hosts have final say on rulings, we`ll be as fair as we can be. If you lose a player midgame due to connection or whatever, theyre welcome to rejoin asap by texting whoever the host is, me or Nive. BUT if you lose a guy who doesnt rejoin you continue a man light, reason being its happened before were a team are losing, a guy drops out and they want a rematch, thats not happening here, its all in, what happens happens and its tough luck. The missing player will be given time to rejoin after the game ends if he`s back online. If he`s not back, you continue with 3, you cant add reserves once the best of 7 series has begun.


      Remember to set up your private match classes before we start, and also remember the stats in these games wont affect your overall stats as it`ll be in a private lobby.


      Cheers all,



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