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      Me the noob am just trying to figure out whats Fab7? Is it all the noob guns in general like akimbo machine pistols? And if your gonna troll, troll good

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          It's a term for weapons that supposedly need nerfed used by players who definitely need buffed. Not sure what the actual guns are, don't care.

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            Ok thanks dont need anything too specific. Your answer id good lol. A+

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              How do you even consider 7 guns to be overpowered?  I mean I don't know which ones they are either.  I know a couple of them..  But if you have 7 guns that are OP then you also have 7 guns that can compete well with each other.  I don't know.  In my opinion once they nerf the akimbo MP's, Type 95, and REALLY nerf fix the damage glitch, the game will be pretty well balanced.  I still think ACOG quickscoping with aim assist is nooby as hell, but I can live with them not fixing that. 

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                4. Re: Fab7

                Uhh ok D- answer for you. And how do ecpect to fix acog sniping?! Its not like they can take the acog attachment out of the game! You sir need to wake up and smell the MOAB's

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                  5. Re: Fab7

                  Like people said they are the guns people think need to be nerfed. In other words it's the weapons most commonly used that people cry about if used because they are not good enough to beat them when the opponents use them. I don't think any of the weapons need to be nerfed. Last I checked Certain guns are going to be better/more powerful than others. I believe a pistol cannot match an assault rifle. People who complain about weapons being to powerful or overused are the ones who aren't able to adjust their game to beat the opposition. Before you say well then I must use all the fab7. I use all types of weapons in this game and I am in the process of getting the challenges done on them. Sure I use the fab7 because they are part of the game and they are there to used.

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                    Acog is fine.  Acog with aim assist is nooby.  Aim assist in general is nooby and shouldn't be in the game.  Take out aim assist....which they won't do. 

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                      Yes of course.

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                        Here is the list, if I recall correctly:


                        MP7, PP90M1, P90 w/Rapid Fire, Type 95, Striker, and Akimbo FMG9.

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