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    How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

      Let me start by saying this. I use the Assault package. I rarely ever use the Suport package. Despite this I think the Advanced UAV is too weak. I know they were trying to fix it from how OP it was in  Black Ops, but they dumbed it down too much. What they should have done is how it is know with the sweep and it showing what direction they are moving, but dont let people with Assassin be invisivle to it.

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          Re: How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

          Its a support killstreak.. Thats 12 kills.. There should have never been support.

          Also the Black Ops Blackbird was far from OP:



          Counter Spy Plane



          There you go.

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            Re: How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

            Whaaa!!! I can't red dot hunt because of all the assain users!!!11




            Stop needing to rely on a kill streak to find you players to kill. Use the two thinks in you head called eyes and look at the screen and not the little box where the radar is.

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              Re: How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

              lol you gotta be kidding right?


              They dumbed it down to much, cause now you can be stealthy? Stop crying, start using your eyes and ears.

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                  Re: How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

                  you call it being stealthy, I call it hiding.

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                      Re: How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

                      Complete immunity to tactical killstreaks, radar and being completely undetectable by sound is just a tad too much for my tastes.


                      In CoD4 when it all began, UAV-jammer competed with Juggernaut and Stopping-Power.
                      And rapid-fire, and overkill.
                      It only gave immunity to ONE killstreak, and you had to make a huge sacrifice unless you were a sniper, and even then it was a risk.


                      Assassin competes with Quick-Draw -- which in essence is much like stopping power, as it allows you to kill faster than the opposition -- but Assassin is more powerful than the perk people used a lot back in CoD4.


                      Immunity to counter-UAV?



                      Immunity to heartbeat sensor?
                      Ok... I guess.
                      Immunity to portable radar?




                      ONE perk can disable an entire TEAM's team-oriented killstreaks, their weapon attachment AND their tactical equipment?


                      I have team oriented class:


                      Mk14 Hologaphic sight + Heartbeat sensor
                      Sacrifices: I sacrifice kick or impact or rapid-fire, and already put myself at a disadvantage in combat for the advantage of foresight.


                      Tactical equipment: Portable radar
                      Sacrifices: I sacrifice my ability to take out sentry-guns, check rooms for enemies on the fly, kill enemies with exploding barrels and my ability to disable IMS, Claymores and Bouncing Betties, as well as sacrificing the ability to multikill stunned targets with C4 or even gunfire.

                      Portable radars are also countered by sitrep pros.


                      Perk 1: Recon Pro
                      Sacrifices: I sacrifice immunity to ego-killstreaks, the ability to switch to a secondary fast enough for it to matter and to reload fast enough to be able to survive going empty in a firefight.


                      Perk 2: Assassin Pro
                      Sacrifices: I cannot quickscope... and... that is it, isn't it?


                      Perk 3: Marksman Pro
                      Sacrifices: I sacrifice the ability to see through walls, and detect enemy campers on the opposite side of the map, and hear enemy footsteps. I sacrifice the ability to walk around safely, and even SPRINTING AROUND, and I am forced to crouch for most of the games.



                      UAV / Counter-UAV




                      Versus assassins using Predator, Reaper and AC130 in team tactical...

                      MY class is rendered completely and utterly useless.


                      ONE perk ruins EVERY SINGLE of my class components, apart from my stingers, perk 2 and frag.


                      My primary weapon is affected very negatively by losing one attachment.
                      My tactical equipment is rendred useless.
                      My perk 1 loses half it's effect
                      My perk 3 loses all it's effect
                      My killstreaks are useless.


                      Assassin is the ANTI-TEAM-PLAYER perk.
                      My team-oriented killstreaks were rendered useless,
                      My team-oriented tactical equipment was rendered useless.

                      Adapting to this fact that assassins render my team-oriented class useless, the class above has changed:


                      Heartbeat sensor --> Silencer
                      Changing detection for stealth


                      Portable radar --> Flash
                      Because they're more effective in Search and Destroy and Team Tactical, and actually work unlike the portable radar. (Recon)


                      I keep recon, because that is the only thing that works against assassins.


                      I change assassin for quickdraw, because when I cannot predict encounters like I originally intended to with the class, I have to be able to aim when an assassin appears in the bushes.


                      Marksman is utterly useless against assassins, so I change it to Sitrep-Pro and kill about four or five birds with one stone.


                      Killstreaks are now Ballistic Vests, Recon Drone and Stealth Bomber, like you assassins wanted me to use.


                      Assassin should just have been a 3 deathstreak.

                      CoD games are supposedly fast-paced.


                      Have you ever been in a game against a full team of assassins using silenced weapons?
                      Rainbow Six and combat simulators are faster paced.

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                    Re: How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

                    It should have been done just like in Black Ops.

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                        Re: How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

                        Yeh assasin is way to annoying but it helps against red dot hunters who have only this here on their class:

                        Slight of hand pro

                        hardline pro

                        steady aim pro

                        portable radar+claymores

                        streaks: UAV only (doesnt matter if assault or support)

                        weapons: PP90M1 (rapid fire extended mags)+FMG9 akimbo

                        those people are just there to hunt down people who doesnt have assasin on. And if they get killed its mainly cause they have their eyes on the radar while running around for the next red dot. And counter UAV's doesnt loose all the effect gainst assasin. If a counter is up you still loose the radar sweep from your own UAV. all what is left is the normal radar. In my opinion get a decent headset and use sitrep pro to find these guys. Cause i allmost never see some 1 using dead silence.

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                        Re: How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

                        So you are saying you should be able to get 12 kills, dying after every kill, and get a real time display black bird where all the enemy team INCLUDING people running Assassin show up anyway, but where you can run assasin pro and be immune to counter UAV?


                        You haven't thought this through have you? ;-)


                        All reconnoitre killstreaks and perks have too much of a presence in CoD and need to be toned down considerably across the board, NOT make them more powerful!


                        I seriously doubt the sanity of people on here at times.

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                          Re: How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

                          Assassin is fine as it is.


                          And it doesn't compete soley with quickdraw, it also competes with hardline and blast shield aswell. Both very good in there own game. Immune to flashes and stuns? Nice, Every 2 assist a kill? Nice. I get an average of 20 assits in a game of demolition, yeah stun trowing kinda guy. However that are 10 points i sacrifice when running assassin.


                          I only use assassin if the enemie team is spamming UAV's like nuts. Don't use UAV and i wont need assassin.

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                            Re: How the Advanced UAV should have been done.

                            It wasn't OP in blackops. If you let someone get on a 8 killstreak thats your problem, not the games. Not to mention a 4 killstreak completely shuts down the blackbird. The killstreak system was probably the best to come out of call of duty in terms of balance. I do hope 3arc keeps the earn your own killstreaks idea.


                            It really doesn't matter what killstreaks they come up with people will always complain about them when it's used against them.

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