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    PS3 should get this weekend as a Double XP weekend along with Xbox - Bowling just CONFIRMED DOUBLE XP for PS3!!!

      It's bad enough that PS3 players don't get the maps as early as Xbox players because of the Microsoft contract with Activision, but Activision/Infinity Ward could lessen the pain by having this Double XP weekend include PS3 players, don't you think? It would be great for morale.


      I think both consoles should get a double XP weekend this weekend, and then again next month when the PS3 gets the first DLC collection of maps.



      Sure there are some players that are already at 15th prestige, but most players still have a long way to go. There will eventually be 20 Prestiges for MW3, and the greater majority of players would love the XP boost.


      It hasn't been said whether PS3 players are getting this weekend as a double XP weekend or not just yet, but Xbox has a definite confirmation, and I'm really hoping PS3 gets a confirmation soon.




      I think this would go a long way toward preventing a riot from the PS3 community.




      ****Robert Bowling just confirmed that ALL platforms are getting Double XP this weekend!! Sweet! Glad it's now confirmed. Here's the link to the tweet:

      https://twitter.com/fourzerotwo/status/182484152719917057 *******


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