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    Heads up warning... malicious shenigans that could get all your stats reset..

      Theres a "thing" doing the rounds in game that CAN lead to you finding that all your stats have been reset


      obviously i wont say what it is exactly or how, but word of warning if you are in alobby and anyone you dont know/trust ect tells you to view a video in their vault be very careful , if you do watch a video in someones vault MY ADVICE WOULD BE TO DASHBOARD STRAIGHT AFTERWARDS... and don't accept random game invites from people you dont know or trust.


      dont say you werent warned


      if anyone here does know what im on about please dont be an idiot and post a how toi or a link to any videos about this, it needs to be shut down asap

      and yes miss bancandy has been informed as have the devs directly