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    CluTch Clan.INK Recruiting cross platform players

      We ARE looking for people with Elite premium/founder.500 xp would be appreciated.K/D of 1.5 and over.we are level 2 almost 3 just need 525 points.If u want any thing in the title(when we achieve it)just ask and ill put a new one up every week.Right now we only have 1 founder.Just leave your gt or SEN(PS3) id in the comments on the clan page or comments in this discussion.WE ARE DOING EXCEPTIONS UNTIL 15 PPL JOIN.WHICH MEANS DONT WORRY ABOUT K/D JUST PREMIUM/FOUNDER AND 500 XP (IF HAVE) THANKS  X_B3ST_L3GIT_X (EDIT) IM LOOKING FOR 3 CO LEADERS FOR ME TO INVT.WE ARE NOT THE ONES WHO STEAL BONUS XP FROM FOUNDERS(KICKING FOUNDERS ON 1ST CLAN JOIN.WE ARE JUST TRYING TO HAVE FUN LVL UP,CLAN BATTLE ETC.SO IF U WANNA JOIN LEAVE A COMMENT PLEASE.