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    Cannot CONNNECTT!!

      Everytime I try to connect to online whether it be mw3 or blackops it says the servers arent available. This started yesterday and I don't understand what's going on I mean I've always been able to play so can somebody help me? Probably a router problem, it's on the ps3 btw.

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          Hello Dj_Tiesto,


          What region are you located in?

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            same problem and with a bunch of my clan mates, we live in Toronto. Started happening yesterday, unable to join MW3 servers and black ops servers

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              im pretty sure its not a router problem because its affected a number of people FROM Toronto, pls help

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                any insight into the problem Elite_Help??? I would love to play the game i payed $113 dollars for...

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                  i live in Scarborough but im expiriencing same problem...can someone please help me??

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                    I live in Toronto, and I too I have the same problem..

                    It started yesterday sometime after 3pm..


                    I've spoken with activision and they think it's a rogers problem, seems like everyone outside of Ontario is playing just fine.. They said they've had a lot of calls from Rogers Customers in Ontario who can't connect to Black Ops and MW3 servers.


                    Rogers says everything is fine... ofcourse...
                    I think it has to do with a certain type of router and rogers, maybe they are doing something to the ports we need to access the COD servers.


                    I have a friend who lives about a 5 minute walk from me, he's with Rogers and is playing online right now.. I'm waiting for him to tell me what router/modem he has.


                    Out of curiosity, what router/modem are you guys using?!?





                    I just phone Rogers, they said their team is looking into it, but they haven't found anything and they say the problem is on Activisions side.. 


                    UPDATE 2:


                    Rogers and Activision are working together to resolve the issue...


                    I just wanna play too!!!!

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                        I just wanna play and of course in customer services somehow the customer is always wrong to the companies...

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                          Same issue in Toronto (East York)


                          Providor: Rogers:

                          Router: Cisco Linksys E2500 (connected via cat 5, not wirelessly)

                          Modem: Motorola Surfboard Model SB5100




                          from Rogers online chat support:


                          "We have received some responses from customer's indicating they are having trouble connecting with Activision's game servers, however, we are not trained to support online gaming issues.  If you are able to connect to the Playstation Network and are able to play other online games, as well as access the internet, this would indicate that it is an issue with their specific game servers.  If you have a specific error message which we can provide for escalation, this can help us to determine the cause of the issue"

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                          Does this have to do with the XBL outage that occurred last Friday? They could be applying important updates to the PSN servers to prevent what happened on XBL. It may be related because that's why they extended the double xp weekend after all. Just a thought.

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                            So it's obviously not the type of router..
                            I have a SMC Networks router and Arris Modem.


                            Not sure if regions play any role..?


                            All I know is this is getting really annoying now and it's been like this for 24 hours..


                            Have you guys called Activision and Rogers??


                            If not.. CALL.. maybe the more calls they get the faster their team will work to get rid of the callers.. lol

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                                I am on with activision chat support right now. They know it is an issue with Rogers and are appearantly working on it. I have just asked them "So I should just go back to playing BF3?"... waiting on their answer for that one!

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                                    Yeah they keep tossing the blame around...


                                    Rogers told me that they are 100% sure that the issue is on Activision's side...



                                    I think as compensation for all the BS in the last 24hours we should all get map pack codes.. lol

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                                  Same, Im in scarborough, Ontario. Rogers is my ISP. Cant connect for 2 days.

                                  Black Ops works fine

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                                    I am glad I found this forum.


                                    I live in Ajax with Rogers Extreme and for the past 2 days I have not been able to get online. I have tried wireless and wired. I can get on BF3, CoD4, W@W, MW2 but not Black Ops or MW3. My equipment is the Cisco DPC 3825 in Bridge mode with a Netgear WNR2000v3 router. Up until yesterday this setup was working fine. All my connection tests are fine, both on PC and PS3.. I hope Rogers fixes this because I know it's them, NOT Activision.

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                                        hostagetaker22 you should call Rogers and Activision.. See if there are any updates..
                                        I'm getting impatient.. and I feel like I can't call anymore because I've already called each place like 4x... Let me know if you do call and get any news. 

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                                            Hey Yananger,


                                            I spoke with Rogers and they said they are working with Activision to resolve the issue. I then called my friend whom has a relative who is a network engineer with Rogers. According to that individual the problem is with a upgrade Rogers completed yesterday around 1pm. They don't know the specific problem but rolling back the upgrade can take time.


                                            Anyways, I wanted to test the Rogers theory. I decided to teather my Wind Mobile Blackberry to my Laptop and share that connection with my PS3.. BOOM! Connected, however, because Wind blocks certain ports I am stuck on NAT type 3 and can't find any games.. I then decided to make sure and teathered to my girl's Virgin Mobile iPhone and BOOM! Connected and playing a match... So to me, for now, this appears to be a straight up Rogers issue. I will be calling on Friday if it's not resolved to cancel my 11 year subscription I have had with them..

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                                                Thanks for the update!!


                                                It's funny because the guy that I spoke with told me that it's absolutely not a Rogers issue..
                                                And gave me like a million believable reasons as to why it's not Rogers.


                                                But yeah, if they don't resolve this by Friday I'm switching to another ISP as well..


                                                Let me know if you find out any details on when we can expect to be online again!!

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                                            Found this in another discussion...




                                            Hi Guys,


                                            It's Jason Koblovsky from the *.  Those of you on Rogers gaming should know how I am in Canada.  Anyways, I've been looking into this and following this situation for not only myself but our members.


                                            The problems are occurring on 3rd party DSL providers as well.  It's not just a Rogers problem, plus our organization currently has the CRTC breathing down Rogers neck due to the throttling issues, and any changes made to Rogers network will most likely be brought up and tested by the CRTC. Rogers is facing a lot of heat from our regulator right now.  I can't see them screwing things up especially on the gaming front especially after our involvement. 


                                            I think with the information I have it's unlikely this is just a Rogers problem.  Reports on twitter seem to suggest a much broader issue here.  Complaints on not connecting to the COD servers have risen since the XBOX hack on the weekend, and some have come from the EU and Australia.


                                            While it is possible this could be an issue with Rogers, it seems highly unlikely at present.  We will be keeping our eye on the situation.  I've called Activision this afternoon, who stated this problem is widespread across all Call of Duty games, and are working on it.  I'll contact Rogers as well and see what they have to say.  For the mean time, this is what I think has been going on:



                                            I'll continue to update the situation here:




                                            Jason Koblovsky



                                            Another post from Jason Koblovsky:




                                            As far as I'm aware of it's just with the PSN.  I've thrown an e-mail off to Kenneth Engelhart, Rogers senior vice-president of regulatory affairs for a follow up on this situation.  I'm also trying to get more info from Activision on exactly what's going on.  This seems to only affect COD games though.  If it was a problem on Rogers end, wouldn't other games be affected?  I'm able to connect with other games fine, and yes I'm still with Rogers.


                                            But I'm not saying that it can't be a Rogers problem.  The CRTC demanded some changes to Rogers network traffic management, so it is a possibility.  But I do have friends that have been expereincing not being able to connect to COD servers from 3rd party ISPs who don't deploy traffic management.  Not exactly too sure what's up here.  Trying to get to the bottom of it now.




                                            Yeah, I just got off the phone with Activision.  For some reason the problem seems to be on Rogers end.  Some traffic isn't getting through from Rogers.  Rogers I know did some changes to their networks to comply with a CRTC order.  I will throw up a few more follow up e-mails.  Activision did state and confirmed that they are currently working with Rogers to correct this issue.  The best thing to do right now is call into Rogers and complain. Please note the time, date, and person you spoke with on Rogers with this and what they said.

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                                              I couldnt go on mw3 online ps3 also starting yesterday.

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                                                I'm living Barrie, Ontario, and since 13:30 yesterday (the 27 mars 2012) doesnt work anymore. But black ops and also Mw2 work fine. I call rogers, chat with activison, and also write on the facebook page of activison assist, Roger is throwing the ball to activison and activison throw it back to rogers ...


                                                BTW I never have problem with the connection, only since yesterday...

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                                                  please post when mw3 is working...tnx....

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                                                    hope this gets fixed soon, stop pointing  the blame at eachother and resolve the damn problem

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                                                      I also live in Barrie Black ops hasnt been working for a couple days now. Cod 4 works fine. Activison told me its a problem with rogers. I called rogers they said they are aware of the problem and basically have no more information to give me. They advised me to call activison for port numbers and blah blah.

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                                                        Same issue...Can't connect for the last day with BLOPS or MW3. My friends can connect outside of Toronto just fine.


                                                        Bummer man

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                                                            not just only COD server, nzbmatrix.com doesnt work for me as well... can you guys access it?

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                                                                At first I was unable to connect to cod now I cant even connect to Assassin's creed Revelaions WTF

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                                                                    This is interesting. I don't have this game so I can't test, but so far for me this are the game that work:




                                                                    Burnout Paradise

                                                                    Uncharted 2 and 3

                                                                    CoD 4

                                                                    CoD W@W

                                                                    Killzone 3






                                                                    Games NOT working:


                                                                    CoD BLOPS


                                                                    I should also note that I have been having PSN related problems today regarding getting into the store and on some connection tests... It keeps telling me "under maintenance" when I go to store and when I do a connection test is SOMETIMES tells me "FAILED" on the PSN checking status..


                                                                    I reached out to some of my PSN friends and found out a few things...


                                                                    1) Friend in Oshawa has Bell and can play just fine

                                                                    2)Friend lives in DT Toronto and has TekSavvy Cable and he can play

                                                                    3) My Brother-In-Law has Rogers, lives in Whitby and can play fine.

                                                                    4) 3 neighbourhood kids have Rogers and PS3 and they CAN'T play MW3 either...


                                                                    This tells me, it is a straight up regional Rogers issue.. I hope they get it fixed soon.

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                                                                I am so glad I am not the only one that couldn't connect to the server. Damn Rogers!!!
                                                                Thanks for the update everyone.

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                                                                    3 days now and still no luck! I don't really care who's fault this is Activision or Rogers bottom line is we can't play a game which i have religiously purchased since the COD franchise came out.  Well Im at the point where im so frustrated that I'm going to cancell Rogers, cause lets face it they are a horrible service overall, and I doubt i'll purchase another COD game after this dissapointment, or any other Activision product.  Lets face it they want our money, but when it comes to customer support thats where the relationship fails...... 3 days now! lets face it this is simply embarassing!

                                                                    NOT ONLY AM I SIGNIFICANTLY UPSET, BUT VERY DISSAPOINTED!  Activision and Rogers both, get your @%$& together and fix this issue!

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                                                                        OH LOOK! A new patch and they have not listed whats in it. Customer supoort chat does not know either. YAY I have a new map... can't play with my friends as I use rogers and am in Toronto but YAY A NEW MAP AND A NEW PATCH THAT I PRE PAID FOR BUT CANNOT USE!... Add me if you want to play some BF3 guys, the clan is on and playing and THEIR update worked. Had an issue initially but I contacted EA support, they fixed it and even compnesated me with a short cut bundle and Maximum Veteran Status. I was only down for 2 hrs with them...


                                                                        What are YOU going to do for us Activision?

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                                                                      i rather play Uncharted 3...bye MW3....thanks for the good times that we had......

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                                                                        Serous new maps and clan ops are out now and i can't sign in my clan members are on but it won't let me sign in what a bunch of bs!!!

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                                                                          I don't know if anyone has tried to go on or not but I was able to log on and play.

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                                                                            Only took 3 days to fix the problem