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    Im looking for a clan! (PS3)

      I need a legit highly skilled clan to join. My ratio is 2.48, and a win loss of 1.74. If your clan is sponsored thats a bonus! So once again i would like to join a clan, i have a microphone and everything like that, and also if the clan has a youtube channel that will also be a bonus. Just message down below of clans,or message me on PS3 at Vorexum. (No Period). Happy recruiting.

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          Torqu3d Gaming is a brand new clan that just started recruiting. We are now in need of players, GFX designers and editors. We also need trick shooters and awesome feeds. We are a competative clan with alot to offer.



          We Offer:

          - gamebattles team

          - twitter

          - Website www.torquedgaming.enjin.com

          - Youtube www.youtube.com/torqu3dgaming

          - T-shirt shop

          - MW3 elite team

          - and much more




          - 1.5 k/d (some exceptions)

          - Must have mic

          - Must be active

          -Must upload to youtube( My channel xxcrazely23xx has 600 subs)



          If you are interested message crazely23 on PSN

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              We are getting shirts and caps like that and hoping to get high enough for sponsors. We have 2 guys working on our youtube videos to introduce all of members in 45 second montages. It would be great to have you maybe you could join my squad or have your own squad. Anyway join Awakened Legends man we would love to have you


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                If you meet the following criteria you can feel free to apply for gamers anonymous at www.gamers-anonymous.co.uk


                • You are 17+ years old
                • You are a mature and skilled player
                • You have a kill death ratio above 1.85
                • You have a working microphone
                • You are active (We play mostly 8-12pm GMT)
                • You are from the United Kingdom
                • You are a premium member on Elite.


                We do take some members that are not premium but you must be something special, we play team death match, kill confirmed, team defender and domination most of the time.

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                  Tactical Gaming is recruiting.  Check us out at www.tghq.org Tell them TG-Bombshell sent you.


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                    the F.Y.C. clan would like to have ya, we are a group of friends formed from black ops and are all late 20's or older....We play every night from 8 to 2 am mostly. We all get along and have fun doing it, we help eachother get titles, emblems and such too. If your intersted send me a private message or put one on here. I will get back with you if you wanna roll with us. thanks.

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                      we would love to have you we have 9 members 3 or 4 of them over a 2 kd we are making montages and livestreaming our matches and clan operations if you want to check us out look up shook ones and if you want to join just hit me up on here or msg me at XxTIP_HARRISxX

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                        Ive never heard of you ..Im not impressed by your K.D most likely your a hacker ..in a regular gam i would crush you ...think about that