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    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

      Avengers: EMH returns for season two this Sunday, so who else is excited!


      And just in case ya needed more reasons to watch, this screen shot was posted to the official Facebook page which shows more than a few exciting cameos!  It's features major spoilers so don't click if ya don't wanna know.

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          I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Actually, that was one too many !'s.  Oh well.  But, it's gonna be awesome.   I'm gonna try not to look at the screenshot, though, since I don't want too much to get spoiled or anything.

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            I was thinking you could've used a few more exclamation points just to get your point across.  It's kinda muddled as is, I'm not sure how excited you are. Some of the cameos are pretty expected given what happens in season one, but there's a few surprises there and one in particular you'd be pretty hyped up for.


            Will you get to watch the new episode on Sunday?  I know you don't get Disney XD.

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              Yeah, it might not be too clear.  Some people might think I'm super excited and some might think I'm ultra excited.  And that's a pretty big difference right there.  So I checked the link... and I definitely know which one you're talking about! Though I'm actually  a little less excited about that character than I am for some of the more traditional Avengers in the picture.


              I might not get to watch it right away, but I should at some point.  My mom has the channel, and she set it to record on a DVD, so I can watch it that way if it doesn't go up online (which it probably will anyways).

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                Yeah, you don't want anyone to get confused over your excitement level.  Very serious business. Yeah, there's a few of them there!  Not too unexpected, but awesome anyway!  It looks like Cap is gonna give some big speech too, which is a great continuation of his growing leadership role we saw throughout season one.  I think we'll see him surpass Tony as the man in charge.


                Figured that, which is too bad.  Hopefully they'll pop up on youtube fast so you won't have to suffer an even longer wait.  I remember they went up pretty quick during season one.

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                  Yeah, I figure Cap should probably take over as leader by the end of the season.  Course, the only question is how his being replaced by a Skrull plays into that.  I wonder how long it'll be until the real Cap even shows up in the season, actually...


                  Yeah, they usually went up the same day in season 1.  Hopefully, the same thing happens this season, too.

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                    I don't think he'll be gone for too long.  We'll probably see clips of him trying to get back to the Avengers now and then, kinda like how Panther popped up occasionally before officially joining the team.  They can't keep him away for too long, it's Cap!  I'm more curious when Mockingbird will show up again since she's gonna get involved with the Skrull Invasion, I'm sure, though she ain't in that pic.  But neither is Iron Man or Wasp and I'm sure they'd be involved.

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                      Season two is here!


                      Honestly, I found the new episode a bit underwhelming.  It wasn't bad, but it felt very rushed.  They were trying to cram a lot of information to remind people what happened at the end of season one and cram a lot of information to set up season two with the Skrull and Kree as well as to bring in six "new" characters that previously had only had cameos/references but are supposed to have thes relationships with the Avengers.  It felt like too much to me  The Jan and Sue friendship came off pretty good, but the Hulk and Thing rivalry wasn't set up that well and went no where. 


                      I loved all the Avengers playing poker together though and thought it was aboslutely fitting that Clint, the circus kid and professed cheater, was cleaning up, haha.  The cluelessness of Skrull-Cap was pretty obvious I would think the other Avengers would catch it, but I loved Clint backing up Cap when Johnny got offended at Skrull-Cap not knowing.  Great ta see a bit of friendship between them after Cap backed Clint when he wanted to go after Widow against orders from Fury and IM.  It's too bad Hulk and Thing had to break out into a spontaneous fight for no reason as I thought it sidetracked the scene from what I wanted to see with the team taking a break from saving the world for a minute.


                      It had a great twist in the ending!  I won't spoil it, but I got a lot of questions and can't wait ta see where they go with it!

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                        Oh, so you're trying to make it not sound that good, since I can't watch it for a few days.  How nice of you, Hawk.  haha, but it might be tough for it to live up to the huge expectations we've had for it all these months.

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                          I wouldn't rule that out, I've had a year to obsess over the awesome of season one and the second half of the season in particular was so strong that it would be hard to live up to that.  But I also think it could've been a better polished episode than what we got.  I really wanna watch it again though, but no one has it up on Youtube yet.


                          I did find blurbs about the first five episodes of season two!


                          Episode #2-01: The Private War of Dr. Doom
                          Original Airdate: April 1st, 2012
                          he Avengers and Fantastic Four are attacked by the forces of Doctor Doom, who have come to capture Wasp and the Invisible Woman. As the two teams fight to save New York from Doombots and rescue their teammates, they soon realize that there is more to Doom's attack than meets the eye.

                            Episode #2-02: Alone Against A.I.M.
                          Original Airdate: April 8th, 2012
                          Caught without his armor, Tony Stark faces A.I.M.'s latest creation, Technovore, a power-hungry monster. While Tony fights for his life, A.I.M. moves to steal the Iron Man armor itself, only to come face-to-face with Captain America, Black Panther and War Machine.

                            Episode #2-03: Acts of Veangeance
                          Original Airdate: April 15th, 2012
                          The Avengers hunt down the Masters of Evil only to find that the Enchantress is trying to take them down first. The Enchantress wants revenge on Zemo and his team for betraying her, and the Avengers find themselves caught in the middle.

                            Episode #2-04: Welcome to the Kree Empire
                          Original Airdate: April 22nd, 2012
                          An envoy from the alien warrior race, the Kree, visits Earth to determine if humanity is fit to join the ever-expanding galactic empire or be crushed in its path.

                            Episode #2-05: The Man in the Ant Hill
                          Original Airdate: April 29th, 2012
                          When Hank Pym's Ant-Man suit is stolen, he takes it upon himself to find the thief. Desperate to find his suit before it can put anyone in danger, Hank is pulled into a criminal underworld and caught in Crossfire's crosshairs.

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