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    Deranking (and other shenanigans including knockback lobbies ) and what to do if it happens.

      Seeing as Iw/sh still haven't fixed this yet ,although again they could have easily stopped it in it's tracks if they wanted too..


      Figured as no one "offical" has i'll post a quick what to do thingymabob as people seem to like screwing over other people and all the "known" infections now are spread like this .


      Don't be an idiot, alot of people are getting caught out as they wrongly assume they are entering a prestige lobby , honestly i have no sympathy for you people but even so theres a few other infections out there people are wanting to try out and ending up being deranked as a result so..But and lets be clear about this community members who might need to have an "L" and "R" stuck to their shoes.. just watching a video will not get you deranked there is steps after that, so if you got deranked and come on the forums expecting sympathy as your little brother accidentally watched a video and suddenly you got deranked ..we're likely to call you out.


      Follow these simple rules to stay safe.. (unless you're an idiot who wanted to prestige faster then again its called karma


      • Don't accept invites from people you dont know (or candy from strangers)
      • Don't watch videos in the vaults of the random people (for uk players this def includes videos labelled Tulisa's sextape video)
      • Cons and scams and shenaigans work because the recipient assumes they are getting something for free don't be a patsy (again if you thought you were getting a free rank boost and/or paid for it again thats called karma and a lesson in darwinism
      • There are numerous infections currently circulating via the video vaults, I obviously wont name the videos or what they do but as a rough rule of thumb if you get asked to watch a video that is entitled with a 4 letter word starting with "f" dashboard


      If you end up getting deranked or anything else and assuming it wasnt due to your own stupidity of wanting a free prestige boost heres what to do please note the first few steps will only work if you try then AS SOON as you are deranked.

      • As soon as you notice you have been deranked dashboard ...DO NOT join a game or lobby
      • After you dashboard turn off your xbox and restart it.
      • As loong as you didnt join another lobby or game you should still have everything intact if you havent follow the next steps
      • Contact Actvisions awesome sauce customer service team either via email ,twitter or phone (i'll post the contact details at the end of the post)
      • Make sure you include all the needed infomation, who deranked you , when and how (idiots might want to leave out the bit where you thought you were getting a prestige boost) also pm bancandy on here with the details.
      • Wait, and by wait i mean anything from 24hrs to a week to have your stats reset back to their previous levels.


      If you end up in a knockback lobby, back out dashboard whatever but power down and restart your xbox to lose the infection and help stop it spreading



      Activision customer support contact infomation :-

      @ATVIAssist     https://twitter.com/ATVIAssist  on twitter

      Use the web at http://support.Activision.com   or http://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/activision.cfg/php/enduser/atvi_contact.p hp

      Us players can call 1-800-225-6588

      UK and international players can call +44 845-5280-269

      Ireland players can call 01-9036-586



      *disclaimer this is not an official post, the author makes no claims to be affliated with anything official, as such feels the fair usage of the word idiot is a valid description of people stupid enough to get deranked as they thought they were getting a prestige boost.