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    Clan op results and live chat. Please read this ELITE_help.

      We took part in the Co Op Warrior clan op on the 31st March. We had 4 Premium members take part in it, we were all in the same lobby thoughout the op. Only two of the Premium guys had their scores counted towards it. Why has this happened, will it be sorted? It ain't fair on the two guys that stayed up till 5am U.K time and their scores not to be counted.


      I saw the post that jiggy fly put on here regarding chat support and how tech support answered it.

      It doesn't work anymore, I have tried 10 times this morning to use it with no luck.

      It used to always work and even give you expected time on connection to an agent. Not anymore.


      Dont respond by telling me to keep trying live chat please as IT DOES NOT work. Can't even post a question with a ref number like we used to.

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