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    MW3 disconnects me from XboxLive ... frequently

      I'd turn my Xbox on, and get into an online game via wireless connection. Sometimes it'll disconnect me mid-game (then about 15secs later disconnect me from xbox live), but mostly I'll get disconnected if I back out of the lobby to start a new search.


      I've had a couple of different error msg's show - 'communications lost with MW3... , or just simple ' disconnected from XboxLive'. (I've had a few others but I can't remember them off-hand)


      This 1st happened to me occassionally about a month ago, mostly on the Elite playlist. But now it's happening again on all playlists. It occurs every single time I play the game. Always when I leave the lobby (or eveybody leaves and tries a new auto search), 1 in 10, i'll get disconnected mid game (always the 1st game). When I reconnect, sometimes I can play the game without many problems, the other times the issue will repeat every game/lobby. It's 50-50.


      It seems to be a conflict problem with my router. When Xbox Live drops, my PC connection will drop as well (every time).

      I have tried both port-forwarding all ports - Xbox and MW3, and removing them but it still happens.


      This is only happening when I'm playin' MW3 by the way. I'm having no probs with other games online.



      Is anyone else having a similar issue and can help with a possible solution/fix?