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    No GimmicKs I PS3 I Recruiting Highly Skilled Elite Premium I Founders

      I have a clan that is ranked 66 in the current GB season, our clan KD is 2.19, we have 11 members but growing as we are looking for quality members, and are Level 6 almost 7.  We started the clan 1 week ago today but we have played together since 2007.  We generally play SnD and are all ranked top 5k on the leaderboards.  The last clan ops we got a silver medal with only 2 players playing, we ranked top 17%, that is only 2% away from gold with only 2 guys playing. The co leader of our clan was #1 in COD4 and many other members were top 50 on COD4. 


      What we are looking for:  High quality players, preferably good at SnD that play with Headphones.  We really would like players to have the minimum of being Premium Elite, having Founder XP available is a bonus.  We plan on being level 10 within the next 14-30 days. We have ranked up 6 levels in 7 days so far.   My members were on other prestigous clans such as D$ and IcN before coming to ~nG No GimmicKs.   You can apply here: www.NoGimmicKs.enjin.com  and post your gamertag here as well so I can look up your elite stats.  Thanks