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    The most overpowered things in the game!! - needs URGENT attention!!!

      Bullets!! OMG it seems like every game I play there is some n00b shooting bullets at me from a gun.  I don't know what the devs were thinking putting these things in the game.  It seems no matter how I play, or what class set-up I have, there's almost nothing I can do to stop these scrubs killing me with their overpowered bullets.  Where is the balance? 


      Just yesterday I was walking across the map and next thing I knew I was dead - I watch the kill cam in horror to see that someone had killed me from the OTHER SIDE of the map with just one of these ridiculous things fired from his L118A.  And on top of that I was playing Dom on Dome and ran into that little building where B flag is so I could cap it like the beast that I am, and some guy had this super-soaker thing that was spitting these bullet things at a ferocious rate.  Of course I tried to run away, but these bullets just move ridiculously fast and I couldn't out run them, even with extreme conditioning on!!! How is this fair????  IW/Sledgehammer, you have to fix this IMMEDIATELY!!! or I will not buy another Call of Duty game until the next one comes out... I mean it!!!!


      The other thing that I demand you nerf is overpowered players.  I am sick and tired of being in a game against players who are just better than me.  It's very hard to come up with excuses for my failure all the time and this is causing me a great deal of upset.  I insist that you personally go round to all the good players houses and inject them with sedatives and psychotrophics before they can be allowed play against me.  It's not fair that your game, with its bullets and overpowered players keeps me from being the beast and legend that I was born to be.  How am I ever going to get my MOAB with all these people shooting at me!!!


      Fix it... FIX IT NOW DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!