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    4/6/12 update for 360?

      Anybody have any info on the update today?

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          I believe i've got the latest update,but I haven't had time to look because of other issues.As of right now,when I was at 50mbps through my ISP the game was unplayable.I've now switched to 30mbps,but haven't had a chance to play.I'm not sure if my connection was too fast,and the in game settings were dumbing me down,or if it was the update.I've also limited how much bandwith the Xbox can get via the router settings.If it is indeed the update,i'm going to download it again and see if that helps.As of right now though the game is unplayable for me.

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            Not had an update to day and ive turned the xbox off and on a few times cant get clips to render!