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    Clan Leadership Positions Available [PS3/Xbox]

      Tactical Carnage Wants You!


      About us: We were founded in January 2011 as a PC gaming community, and have recently started expanding into Console gaming. We accept players of all skill levels, but also support competitive teams.



      We need Department Directors (must be 18+), Recruitment Officers, Competitive Officers (K/D must be 1.75+), and Event Coordinators  for MW3 (PS3/XBox), BF3 (PS3/Xbox), Gears of War 3, and Halo:Reach.

      What we can offer:

      +High quality website & forum

      +Competitive teams <-Tryouts only.

      +Our own social networking site! (Social.TacticalCarnage.com)

      +Community for 15+ games over 3 platforms


      +Leadership opportunities

      +Product/Game reviews

      +Youtube channel


      +At least 16 years of age (18+ for Department Director)

      +Team Players

      +Working Headset/Mic

      +Willingness to maintain activity in the community

      If you’re interested in joining our leadership, contact me either on our website, by email, or on Skype.

      Visit us at www.TacticalCarnage.com

      -Miss V


      Skype: Miss.Vendetta