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    Reduce radar emphasis!(if you hate campers, support this)

      The recent iterations of CoD have put such a huge emphasis on radar. In MW3 it's almost unbearable! You got UAVs going up, people group up and plant Portable Radars everywhere and people run with heartbeat sensors. That's a big no no. It's just frustrating and it FORCES me to run Assassin or do some heavy camping if I don't have it. Same goes for Black Ops with its motion sensors  and black birds.


      Reducing radar emphasis will tone down the Ghost/Assassin usage a lot. If any of you played Call of Duty 4/World at War, I hope you can relate to me. I hardly ever used Camoflage/UAV Jammer It ONLY protected from spy planes. In the world of 2012 with its pro perks, it could probably give no gamertags and red crosshair for the pro variant. That's not so bad, is it? Protection from spy planes or any form of radar killstreak? Not bad! This would encourage people to use something else other than the stealth perk.


      They should remove ALL forms of non killstreak player detection. Motion sensors and EVERYTHING. The only thing that can stay is UAV, Blackbird or Advanced UAV, and hopefully Recon Drone. Recon Drone doesn't matter because it bypasses Ghost/Assassin anyways. Step two: Remove the ability for stealth users to gain immunity from EMPs and Counter UAVs. Counter UAVs were critical when people spammed motion sensors or had a Blackbird up.


      Perhaps there should be a killstreak in Black Ops 2 where it disables enemy radar for one minute and jams the radio comm and blocks and notifications on flags/objectives so you can't know if they are being taken. If you keep strike packages, put that in the Assault maybe, I wouldn't want to see that being guaranteed every game.


      Having a UAV should be a godsend, not just a bigger motion sensor.

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          Re: Reduce radar emphasis!(if you hate campers, support this)

          I agree with you on some parts i think the spam of Detection streaks and equipment is out of hand, it forces you and everyone else to use stealth perks which in turns slows the game down their is a few solutions:


          1. Remove motion sensors from the game, having a pocket uav every time you spawn is stupid not only is it OP it makes the person who uses the device camp more as well.


          2. Reduce the spy plane spam - either remove support or make it higher to reach and dont have two types of spy planes you can select in one run through of streaks ie: uav & advanced uav only have one.


          3. An idea would be to reduce its effectiveness which i like as it punishes people who camp more than people moving which is have it so the person who calls in the spy plane gets a info from every sweep whilst team mates get info from evry second or third sweeps and naturally the more you call in the quicker it will be for everyone.

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