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    Killers On Sight is recruiting Killers (XBOX-USA) Anyone interested

      ***update*** Were up to 10 Members....

      Welcome Gamers,




      I’m Mike, the Killers On Sight recruiter. Ko$ is a clan established in 2007 of gamers playing in Hardcore Team Death Match, Hardcore Kill Confirm, and some Hardcore Domination. On Playstation, Ko$ is over 50 members strong. On Xbox, we are working at building it the same way. We are currently recruiting gamers for our Xbox Division. I know, I know… why join an upstart clan on XBOX when you can join a clan with almost 100 members and/or a clan with a higher XP level. Simple, were not concerned with your prestige level, trick shots, or your elite status. We’re simply looking for good players. Who, when they get online, want other good players to run with themselves. We will also be competing in clan operations. So if you’re interested, Or if you have a small clan that you would like to combine with us, you can contact us by the following:




      Elite Clan Search:Killers On Sight










      We do have a few requirements or preferences:


      - You must be at least 16 years of age.


      - We prefer gamers who have a working microphone.


      - Absolutely no hacks, mods, or glitches of any kind.


      - Absolutely no cheating or boosting.


      - Act mature.




      Game modes we play:


      -Hardcore Team Deathmatch


      -Hardcore Kill Confirm


      -Hardcore Domination



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