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    One forum member= One voice

           For some reason some people here come and think that just because they claim to speak for a clan or a group that activision or infinity ward has to believe them. They think that just because they claim to be the voice or speaker for their friends that play the game, that their view or feelings are more important and have more weight than someone else. Well this simply is not true and never has and never will be. Video games are not like government offices where senators speak for their constituents.


            So basically what I am saying is that each forum member here only has the voice of one, the weight of one and the importance of one no matter how many they try to claim they speak for. So do not think that coming here and saying you speak for your friends on you friends list that it will give your post any greater importance. Do not think taht coming here and trying to claim you speak for a clan, or a community or a group and that it will make your words have any larger significance with infinity ward or activision it is not going to happen. So making claims about how many people you speak for here makes no difference in how imporant your view or feelings or thoughts about the game is towards the developers because they have no hard proof other than your words that it is true.


           Even if a person linked a clan page, or a community page, or a group page it would still not make their words have greater importance than anyone else here. Each member here has one voice, not many, so only has the importance and weight of one voice and not many.


           So if you and your clan or community or group of friends do not like something about the game, than they all need to create accounts and speak up saying so. It takes less than 10 minutes to create an account on the forums, so there is no reason they can not do so. If they are to lazy to do so than their view does not really count.


           My point being do not come here thinking that sayin you speak for a group will make your post or view seem any more important than someone elses; beacuse it will do no such thing.

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          Re: One forum member= One voice

          On behalf of my clan (MaStErFul Sk1ll5) I declare that all weapons get nerfed except for SMGs and Shotguns because it's not fair they can kill me from long range when I can't kill them. I would also like for Assassin and Blind-Eye to be removed because I can't chase their dots on my radar


          MOABs should be 15 kills instead of 25. Quickscoping isn't easy enough, make it easier. Also I'm tired of spawning so far away from the action, please place spawns closer to the enemy and nerf the effect of flashbangs, I don't like it when my screen goes white.


          If you don't meet our demands then I'm going to stop playing and my friends will stop playing. We play everyday and sometimes sneak a few hours in after bed time when our parents are asleep


          These the people you're talking about?

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            Re: One forum member= One voice

            Darn.  Guess my post is no good here! 


            Seriously, I'm glad you posted this.  I quite often get a little peeved by all those people claiming to represent me on issues and problems, putting words in my mouth and expressing views that I don't have.  I really haven't given anyone my proxy.


            Kinda like one person coming to a protest or one person signing a petition. 

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