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    To do list for Development...

      First of all I am upset that I could not vote for what I think is the greatest game mode of all time "Demolition" in your survey.I have noticed flaws that need to be addressed. I play on PS3 , I only play hardcore because there are too many cheaters playing this game and the majority of them play core. If you don't believe me just attemp an enlistment and the cheaters will show there true colors.1. hardcore domination, team killing equipment and killstreak awards: the flaw is I can kill my own equipment and get points plus it counts toward challenges for blindeye, one should not be able to kill teammates or there equipment no matter what game mode or playlist one is playing. 2. Leaving a match, cheaters have learned how to manipulate this to there advantage the flaw is: when some one leaves a match the game has to re-load and during this time one team is able to run the map and kill all players still frozen in time by the time you re-spawn and the match re-loads your on the other side of the map and the other team is winning, I think there should be a window of oportunity to leave a match and after that expires no one can leave the match. 3. When I play I use my whole arsenal and I have been noticing that whether my shot leaves the gun or not if the person I am shooting at kills me first the game cancels out my shot when under the circumstances we should have killed eachother.4. Now lets talk about Elite mistakes, 1 not asking founders and premium members what we wanted in the elite playlist. 2.forcing PS3 members to wait a month between drops when xboxlive only waited 2 weeks . And now I call on all founders and premium members if I left anything out or missed anything to post on this topic or reply to this post speak your mind share your ideas we need to come together to make this game better for everyone and crack down on cheaters.

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