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    Elite emblem Unlocks

      I have discovered that there are 17 emblems in MW3 that unlock via elite. So I called activision and they said that they don't know how to unlock them, "Are you kidding me" this is pathetic. Does it even make sense to have hidden unlocks, there is a market for telling us how, for example Trophies and achievements. But I think premium members and founders have a right to know because we paid more for MW3 so that we could have exclusive access to Elite and its features plus the DLC. We are supposed to have access to elite content that normal members don't get that should include emblem unlocks after all this content will spark an interest, suddenly every body will want to have them and all those 15 prestigers will have new reason to play on. If there are some gamers out there that know how to unlock them could you please tell me how , I got a feeling activision wont respond to this post, I have 3 other posts that have yet to be responded to by someone other than me....

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