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    My brother boosting on MW3

      For the past week my brothers been boosting and prestiging faster then me. Then he rubs it in my face saying he's a higher level and blah blah blah. I reported his dumbass for boosting but hes still almost 8th prestige I already heard about bancandy and I sent her a message i dont know if shes seen it.


      His name on PSN is fuzzy_demon


      hes such a stupid ass cheater...heres the link to the evidence.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhxkRIxlk_4


      I had to get on his account just to send the clipof him boosting to my youtube channel. please can someone at IW teach him a lesson?

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          Mad respect to you. All cheaters should earn a permaban, IMO.

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            You did good to let us know i reported him

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              Yes, your pride and honour before your family. Atta boy..?

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                Where do you draw the line at then? Should you not report your brother for molesting small children, since family comes first? Because any booster/glitcher/cheater is raping my childhood. Lol.....

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                  I don't care if he's my brother, he shouldn't be doing that to begin that. Only losers go and boost to prestige and the fact he's been teasin' me about being a higher prestige makes me want to report him for boosting even more. Hopefully after they teach him a lesson he'll learn not to be doin' that stupid stuff anymore.

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                    A bit of Cain and Able going on here...


                    Nice one Chikano. I would have reported his ass too.


                    Bancandy does work. Took about a week for my evidence to be reviewed and acted upon.

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                      I really don't care about boosters. I just don't get it. I play COD because I enjoy the gameplay. If ur brother wants to spend hours sitting in the corner of a map somewhere boosting himself to prestige level 8, then he prolly needs to get a life and find something better to do because legit or fake, nobody other than some 12-year old online is gonna be impressed by his prestige level in COD.

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                        Thank you dude, a lot of respect for you to do that. I absolutely despise boosters, especially in infected because moabs.. are easy in infected to begin with.. just put in some effort and control a part of the map. I got 25 or so moabs in infected so far, and i had not needed to boost any because you just use some brains and play smart... not be a lazy noob and boost. Infinity ward needs more moderators or reporting or some type of device to notice that one or two guys is dieing to the same guy 25 or so times in a row and should be picked up on that as a sign of boosting and be banned.

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                          i know its just call of duty but you dont snitch on family. blood is more important than anything in this world. i would never snitch on anyone in my imediate family for anything. your a disgrace and a terrible brother if you get to 15th prestige or 20th i hope he goes on your account and resets your stats. actually you should have just let him boost up to 15 and then reset his stats. then you wouldnt have been a snitch.

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