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    West Coast Night Owls Looking For New Allies

      Queen and I play between 10pm and 4am pac time, so if your time slots match up feel free to drop your AC along with a little bit about yourself including but not limited to your KD, W/L, favorite types of matches and your style of play.


      Queen and I have played and won over 1 thousand matches with a W/L ratio of 16.65 & 16.5.


      Our win streaks currently sit at 211(current) and 311.


      Queens KD is 3 with a 40 kill streak while i am at a 3.01 with a 34 kill streak.


      we love games with no kill cap, TDM/SnD are last resort games.  we usually hit KC first, then to demo, then dom, then TDM.


      Queen is a smash mouth rusher always on the prowl.


      I start out with the Shield, since i am #1 in the world , then switch off to the ass class which consists of the chopper, ah6 and pavelow...and the smashing of mouths begins.


      the ass class is short for assualt and i have 3 different ass classes with similar perks 1887 being the first, then the p90 for the sprayers and then the m60 when things get heavy.


      when an enemy gets a chopper, which is extremely rare/ or from a care package, i'll switch up to my sup class which is the m60-rds/xmags with stinger.


      we wont quit a game unless the other team is using hacks like pred missiles and/or shooting through walls hackin in the most obvious ways.


      Queen uses Hardline pro and im an Ass pro kinda guy.


      4H = The 4 Horsemen.


      4H = Smashmouth, we've been like this since W@W through MWR through BO and now to MW3.


      hope that helps out pops.

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