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    Awakened Legends leveel 12 (GOLD CLAN TAGS & DOUBLE XP) Join TODAY ! WE WANT YOU !

      Awakened Legends - An Amazing, Mature, Strong, Successful Clan. And We Want YOU.



      Alright Everyone, Here's your chance to join this amazing Playstation 3, Call of Duty Clan. I'll give you some quick reasons on why to join, We have a lot to offer you, if you offer your dedication to us.



      Reasons To Join Awakened Legends Today!

      • Mature Players - but we love to have fun.
      • Strong Players - We have everything from snipers, objective players, and slayers who are all highly talented and can help you become a better player.
      • We've Got A Website! News, Forums, Chat and Much More. Awakenedlegendz.Enjin.Com Allows you an easy way to interact with our clan members, whenever you can't play!
      • We're joining into some MLG Game-Battles! If you like to compete, here's your chance!
      • If you're not! You're in luck! We have plenty of clan members here to just have fun and play with a group, so don't hesitate to join!
      • Youtube, Facebook, Twitter! All of these have just been introduced and can give updates to the clan, and post videos about what we're doing, and show off you're great games! Plans for youtube include - Commentaries, Montages, Live Team Coms, and Crazy Clips!
      • We practice together, helping each other get better by competing with each other, all gametypes, all the time!
      • We love to mix it up with what gametypes we play and what we use, and are open to trying out new things!
      • Requirements

                Active on website

                1.4 or higher KD

                Good Listening skills and memorize Tactical Plays

                No Cheating





      Are you convinced yet!? Join awakenedlegendz.Enjin.Com, add iTaco_Bassist, Awakened_Leader,Submit an Application, and prepare to join the most amazing clan you'll ever see!