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    Elite renewal question

      Haters, dont read this.


      Serious question.


      Some one buys Elite now. So they get all the maps since January. And all the people that paid in February get those maps from January.


      When Elite 2.0 comes out (assuming November) the regualrs that paid back in Dec and Nov. will have to pay for Elite 2.0 ahead of the next maps for Black Ops 2.


      I am assuming that anyones whos elite account renews next year in February (and later) have to WAIT until they renew to get the 2.0 maps that start coming in January next year.


      Assuming the dates are the same agian.


      Right ?


      Only reason I am asking Is because that will become a major forum flood of complaints.

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          Re: Elite renewal question

          I was thinking about this a while ago, I'm really not sure how it'll work.


          I'm presuming regardless of when they sign up the new maps for the future title will only become available when they renew to elite 2.0. (Basically what you said)


          The fact that, regardless of when they sign up they can still download previously released maps and content.


          Elites content only entitles a premium member to 22 pieces which everyone will have by November, regardless of when they sign up.


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