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    Special Ops, Solo ops

      Just wondering,


      Seeing as Im having a problem with my Internet at home, have been stuck playing solo ops.


      Whats the highest level you have got, playing on your own on any of the maps?




      I tried Bakaara  , and cant seem to get passed level 20, it just seems to go crazy.. 3 jug's with helis, and troops?!

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          Re: Special Ops, Solo ops

          I cannot do well on Bakaara to save my life!


          Village - level 30 (co-op), level 24 solo

          Overwatch (my fav) - level 28 coop, 24 solo (almost made it to 25, made a dumb mistake)

          Interchange - 24 solo

          Resistance - 24 solo

          Dome - 18 (I think) solo

          Others - not sure off the top of my head


          Trend - level 24 has 3 jugs and a couple of helis and dogs and a full troop coming after you.  I cannot get past level 24 on any map solo.


          If someone has advice, I would love to hear what you do.

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              Re: Special Ops, Solo ops

              My stats are near next to the exact same, with village being my Fav


              Village - 25,

              Interchange - 26,

              Underground - 23,

              Dome - 14,

              Seatown - 18


              Seems level 24-25 is the limit mark on most levels playing solo.


              But yes, any advise on how to improve would be good.


              Question, when playing with two players are you allowed 2 or 4 sentry guns? And are you allowed an Air support each?

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