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      The question we need to ask developers is , why do free elite members get access to operations? We get access because we are paying. So,do you think they should be able to participate or should they get a trial period? Personaly I don't think they should get access unless they are paying because this will lead to more cheaters interfearing with the ops outcome. We did our part as loyal activision and Call of duty fans when we paid for an Elite subscription we then got access to features and DLC. Giving free members free access is a slap in our faces, we loyal paid customers/callofduty fans deserve better.


          they dont have acces to operations


            Take a deep breath boys!  The fact of the matter is this:  Yes, free members can play in the clan ops, but their score does not count toward your total.  I have confirmed this by looking at the scoreboards in my clan op stats.  I for one am not going to tell some of my friends I am not going to play with them because thery either cannot afford, or refuse to buy premium elite.  I like the fact that my non-premium friends can help me out when none of my premium friends are able to be online for tournements.  So calm down, and enjoy the fact that you can see how all of your friends can play for your clan, whether their score counts or not.  That is all.       Blue Skies  ~Cheeky~