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    Report Hacker but how to do so?

      Hi All,


      first at all sorry for my bad English. I don't  have so much practise and live in Germany.


      How to report Hacker and or Ban them?


      In my Online Vault I have that Video saved.

      And a screen shoot of the Players and their names.

      Showing he has 57 shots and 0 death.


      Found a tool "MW3sa Reporting tool.exe", but how to identify the correct Video?


      How to locate the file in "\Steam\SteamApps\common\call of duty modern warfare 3\main\demo"?


      Many thanks in advanced and have a nice weekend


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          Re: Report Hacker but how to do so?

          Don't bother. It's completely ineffective.

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              Re: Report Hacker but how to do so?

              Yep, what BigFeet said. We were told this person called BanCandy would be our savior, but that was a bunch of smoke and mirrors as she's done nothing for the PC people.


              Best to just do what I do. When you see a hacker, leave the lobby and accept the forfeit. Wait 30 seconds and start your search again. Rinse and repeat until you find a lobby that likely does not have a hacker in it.

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              Re: Report Hacker but how to do so?

              hi all i pay 60 euros for a game.


              i dont want play with hacker .


              activition doing sonthing for thisss.


              please i wanna play normal . do somnthing all pay 60 euros for play wiht hacker is not fare.




              sorry for may bad english .

              thx in advantaGE

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                Re: Report Hacker but how to do so?

                Yup, IW actually sponsors hackers and VAC is usless.

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                  Re: Report Hacker but how to do so?

                  Hii All,


                  thanks for reply.


                  Sad I hoped to find here some answers.

                  I like MW3 and many other too, but all would like it more if there would be a way to report Cheaters and Hackers.


                  A second time I found a Hacker/cheater I reported him by that tool "MW3sa Reporting tool.exe", but did not get any reply.


                  So still hoping many will try to report them, than only all together can make it.




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                    Re: Report Hacker but how to do so?

                    Hello all again,


                    please can someone give me a step by step explanation how to report Cheater/Hacker?

                    Where ever the diffents is ... between Hacker/Cheater ... it is the second time the same Player.


                    His stats at end of game was 7370 points, 104 kills, 1 assist and 1 death


                    Because again I stored the Videos in my Vault.

                    I have his Name and his Steam ID.


                    How to convert them to a Video or which I can upload to Youtube if I have too? Have no Account jet but ...

                    As I can see the files are stored in the demo folder from MW3.


                    Or should I add BanCandy to my friendslist?


                    Please tell me how and please only answer if you can help me and all other how want to report them.

                    many thanks ahead



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                        Re: Report Hacker but how to do so?

                        You can't report cheaters now. Actually it was never effective. Bancandy is a fraud and a liar, so they promoted her... that's the way it woks at IW. Seriously, there is nothing you can do. Find another game to play, and another company to support. I won't ever buy another Steam game. Try BF3. You can complain to the Better BUsiness Bureau, and thell the world what a POS company Activision and IW are. - http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200397862

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                            Re: Report Hacker but how to do so?

                            Just a quick note, Steam has nothing to do with the glaring faults of MW3. They are simply an outlet that sells the game (sort of like best buy or gamestop) The only thing steam contriubutes to MW3 is VAC, which I'm sure Valve made it perfectly clear to Activision that VAC would not work on a P2P matchmaking system.



                            Now if you're going to hate steam, at least hate it for the right reasons... I personally like Steam, mainly because I've never had any problems, and it keeps my games and video drivers up to date automatically.


                            My point, don't blame steam for the f***ups of Activision.   The only games on Steam that they have control or say over are Valve titles (Halflife 2, L4D, Counterstrike, etc) which are all amazingly well done (imo) and have good developer support.

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                          Re: Report Hacker but how to do so?

                          Hi and thanks for reply ....


                          @cheaterssuk your right I read here somewhere that BanCandy is not banning anymore ...

                          I just used here Name, if not here than anyone else ... but there must be a way to report them.


                          @-CrazyMoFo- your also right Steam is the Plattform only ...


                          I just want to know is ... how can I report them?

                          How can I convert the Videos stored in the Steam folder to an AVI or what  ever?


                          And again I want to do my part ... and report them ... like in real live if this way do not work I will try an other.


                          If I find a way to get these movies out of my Vault and maybe upload them to youtube you all would see MW3 would make more fun without these Cheater and Hacker.


                          that's all I want





                          oh and may I ask to please stay at the topic? how to report them?

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                              Re: Report Hacker but how to do so?

                              Well... you can't. There is not an avenue for that now. You can report them through Steam on their profile. You can upload the video to Youtube. I have a hacker on my youtube and it gets more hits than anything else:) The cheater came to my youtube and harassed me over it:) ...then he changed his name, so I changed with him. My disgust with Steam is actually disgust with VAC. I meant I won't depend on VAC to curb hacking, or buy a game that uses VAC, or that's the way I feel today. The game is flooded with wallers right now.

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