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    Black Ops 2 official announced.


      Go check the main callofduty.com page.  World Reveal will be happening on May 1st during the basketball playoffs on TNT.  Literally just went up, I might have been the first to see it =)

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          Woodysgamertag said that BO2 is going 2b futher in the future then Mw3 like idk i think he said something like 15 yrs in the future.....soooo i hope the game does well, im buying it.lol

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              Ok, two things, One: This is old news man, I bet everyone reading this thread has seen the page, and Two, gods_hitman-01 could be correct (Besides the bad grammar).


              The sequel to black ops has been speculated to take place in the future, rather than in the past, though, black ops did very well, and a direct sequel is VERY possible, another reason I believe this, is because the Cold War is a very unexplored war, and would give the developers a lot of freedom. You guys should also know that Treyarch enjoys doing history games by now as well.


              BUT... The loading screen is seems very Holographic, and not very old, so I think its open for Opinion on this one guys!


              What do you think...