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    How To Stop "Support Pwnage" Hackers


      Block and i join in on a KC match with some dude named.....EsD Spartan502 in blue and yellow colors.




      EsD Spartan502 calls in his chopper, then the ah6 and then the p-low.


      which is all fine except for the fact that he had died multiple times and still was able to get those 3 kill streaks without having to get kills in a row.


      after the match Block apologized for 4H being on his team and we called him out on it and said that every time we killed him we would dunk our nuts in his mouth.


      the match starts and hes on the opposite team, Block and I are salivating.


      I know that hes running this hack to get Assualt killstreaks using a support set up so i ran with my Big Boy support class with streaks of CUAV, stealth bomber & EMP and the M60-RDS/Xmags 2ndary was the stinger and perks are scav, hard and stalker all pro.


      first death of the game was EsD Spartan502 and it was by me, i mowed his ass down coming out of the toob of death.


      EsD Spartan502 kept dying after getting 1 or 2 kills, he basically traded kill for death every time.


      so at 6 EsD Spartan502 calls in a chopper


      i take out my stinger and take it down.


      at 8 EsD Spartan502 calls in his ah6


      EsD Spartan502 gets a couple kills with it and calls in his p-low.


      meanwhile i knew EsD Spartan502 was going to do this so i saved my EMP just for him, which i used to take out both an enemy UAV his Ah6 and his p-low.


      this happened twice in the game and he finshed up 29-27 and i finished the game 38-12 and block was 26-16


      so to sum it all up, use the support class if you encounter this type of hacker and just rack up kills to get an EMP and wait till the best time to use it.


      Block has it recorded, and it was a freaking fun ass game, lol.


      fixed up some grammar, i wrote this when i was tired, big whoop wanna fight about it?