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    Black ops 2   suggestions for Development

      I realy liked black ops and I don't want you guys to make the same mistakes MW3 team made. 1. Update the stability of the game in multiplayer,don't allow the lagcompensater to give an advantage to any one not even the host. 2. Make sure the randomisation engine is accurate not redundant.3. Make sure all game modes are playable and selectable in all playlists and that all game modes have challenges plus expand on the challenges, EXAMPLE: in MW3 demolition is not playable as a HARDCORE game mode and domination does not have challenges plus experience points earned are so low its not worth doing them. 4.Keep all character and emblem customization just improve and expand this is your mil-ticket.5. As far as guns keep the money system but drop level unlock, I meen comon when a soldier prestiges he does not forget how to use a gun, just reset the stats so we keep earning xp.6.Hardcore should be focused on skill so I support no launchers or under-barrels in hardcore.7. Mele: if somone is shooting at you and you run into there line of fire and press the knife button you should die your only chance of surviving should be to shoot back.  Please consider these suggestions thank you.

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          Re: Black ops 2   suggestions for Development

          man I think the new call of duty also should have the zombie mode, I thought the new black ops have a way to make the MW3 and I think this place is also very business of killing 24 players and have moab could have that too in the new black ops, but in a way that does not copy the MW3

          thanks for reading, will be one of the best games of the call of duty.

          I think they should also take this business of drop shot

          place and also ways to see the player as in real life type Subri stairs could show the soldier's hands

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            Re: Black ops 2   suggestions for Development

            Some good ideas man, i totally agrre with the melee stuff, it will do the difference, a lot of times , je, well, moreover, im really up to see a huge and fresh customization system, for guns, emblems, titles, and of course, your character, what i would like to see is something that everyone could nottice, even you in the first person view, that way if you have a real good feature on your set, unlocked via some hard challenge, every one could see that you earned it , and it really helps your character with its appearance,  i think it would be cool. Furthermore, i belive, if they are keeping the support package, that you should not be able to earn deadly kill streaks, it is too easy even if the ponits are high, to get a very powerfull kill streak such as the stealth bomber, wich i think should be an assault kill streak only, because, most of the matchs i play i MW3, there are always two or three stealth bombers at least, wether for the enemy team or my team, i think it is overused. However i always manage to get my kills so this are just some advices that i belive will make the next game mor enjoyable, (even more ) ;D , so i hope you read this Treyarch, and very good idea cb765, what do you think abuot my ideas?

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              Re: Black ops 2   suggestions for Development

              they need less stealth things like motion sensors/portable radars and heartbeat sensors so i dont have to use ghost/assassin jus to move around the map. they need perks that help mainly rushers like stalker and recon, mayb a perk that lets you reload while running. they hav enough stealth perks in mw3 like blind eye, assassin, and dead silence.

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                Re: Black ops 2   suggestions for Development

                Lag compensation will never be fixed unless they get Dedicated Servers which Treyarch won't get because it's not cost effective to them over time. Anyways, the problems I hate the most is when I **** the host team, they quit, and instead of a Win, I get a Lost. I really hate that crap!


                Now, 'bout the stealth issues, well, a well balanced Perk system could fix that easily.


                First of all, Ghost/Assassin or whateva', should only keep that player hidden during a UAV. However, a turret or sentry gun should kill them out right. In other words, split the stealh between 2 or 3 perks.


                Covert/Ghost/Assassin - Undetectable By UAV.


                Covert/Ghost/Assassin Pro - Undetectable By UAV, Air Support. No Name Or CrossHairs When Targeted.


                Engineer/Hacker/Sit Rep - Detect Enemy Equipment.


                Engineer/Hacker/Sit Rep Pro - Hack Enemy Equipment. Undetectable By Sentry Turrets And Motion Sensors/Port. Radar.


                So, Even if you have Ghost/Covert on you can still die via a Sentry Gun or Turret Gun and such. Let me know what you think?

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                    Re: Black ops 2   suggestions for Development

                    you guy's want to change something that's alway's been on the game's, your cry baby noob's. ghost/covert/Assassin and dead silence Has been in every Call Of Duty you just want easy kill's cause your not good.  Their's my point of cod getting noobish / wimpie , if you got skill you would'nt be care about those's perk but what the new one's will do to ruin  the game.

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                    Re: Black ops 2   suggestions for Development

                    I think that the AC130 should be in black ops 2. Also i dont think players should get 10000000 health for the first 5 seconds of spawn. Thats gay. Killstreaks like the AC130 should be as good like they were in MW2

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