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    List of MW3 hackers for the Wii

      Is there any web site that list all known hackers?  I am getting sick of getting into matches and seeing the same known hackers ruining the game.  The best way to deal with these jerks is to leave the game and they won't have any one to play against.  Some are now joking about their hacks in the lobby before the game starts.  If all honest players report hackers and leave the games then they can play against other hackers, and they won't be that good. One way I find to check is to look at the leader lobby, if their name doesn't match in the lobby...they are hacking.  If they have a K-D ratio higher than 1.2 then I really suspect that they are hacking, especially if they are at a high prestige. Yes there are good players out there, but seriously a K-D ratio higher than 1.2 is very suspicious.


      Just to clarify...I am talking Hard Core.  I don't play in the regular where it takes several hits to kill.