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    WTF??? Complaining ALREADY???

      I mean really.  "BO2 is going to be like Halo." BO2 is going to be this and that.  The game was just revealed and people are ALREADY complaining about it. WHY?  Because it set in a near future, ~2025.  That's not that far away and they have already started making stuff that the millitary will be using in the next 5-10 years, like the "Quadrotor" helicopter.  My opinion is that it isn't going to be like Halo or any other "SCI FI shooter." It is still going to be a COD game, even if the weapons are futuristic.


      Another thing...If you are going to complain about a game that isn't even near release date then DON'T BUY IT.  Just saying.  Personally I like the way they are headed...a fresh start because that is what this series REALLY needs, and I think 3arc can pull it off.


      I will be getting Call Of Duty Black Ops II Limited Edition w/ ELITE on November 13th.  And I will be getting Halo 4 that comes out on November 6th and Forza Horizon in the Fall.