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      MW3 Server is not available since 1 hour, please try to reconect.


      We Need to Play !!

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          Re: MW3 SERVER ERROR

          It says go to www.callofduty.com/MW3/status to know what is the online server status and it says :  




          IS NOT TRUE !!!!!!!!!!

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            Re: MW3 SERVER ERROR



            The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Server is not available this time. Please try again later or visit http://CallOfDuty/mw3/status for updates.......


            I cant play multiplayer at the last 3-4 days.....I have this game for 1 year or maybe more and I had been playing normaly multiplayer but now every time I try to play this message appears to me.... My Wi-Fi  has not a problem or something else because I can play Spec Ops Survival or missions  but not chaos mode (because I haven't bought it) with other players and that means that I play ONLINE.....But why I cant play ONLINE at multiplayer by the time I CAN play online at spec ops? All my other friends can play multiplayer and that means that it wasn't a mistake of tha game that somebody fixed......I am not banned because no one and never had reported me because I don't hack but I cant play!Why?

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                Re: MW3 SERVER ERROR

                This issue has been persisting since MW3 came out.


                There has been a few tickets with this issue answered by steam support but still the issue is not resolved.


                Some people are still not able to connect to the MW3 servers while others can. I think this is very unfair that they would sell a game that doesn't want to connect to servers randomly.


                When i am able to connect, and i play for a bit, and i would decide to do something else, then when i reconnect it says servers are down


                I have tried everything:
                Turning off Antivirus and firewalls
                Turning on NAT settings
                Turning on uPnP settings
                lowering User Account Control settings

                changing download region
                reinstalling and updating steam
                changing router multiplexing to LLC -based and changing connection type to ADSL2+

                port forwarding
                Adding program to firewall
                changing the amount of pings setting in the steam setting section.

                I payed alot for this game. why would they let a problem like this persist so long? when will they offer a fix that actually works?

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